Day #353

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What a day.  What a day.

I've decided I want to relocate.  Summersville is okay.  The bridge has been a decent enough position to hold so far.  The turrets have done their jobs:  scorched, super mutants, mongrels, mole rats; they've dealt with it all.

But I don't want to deal with any of them, to be honest.  I want to get away from these monstrosities.  I want to build... higher.  I've been thinking about the monorail track a lot since I hit Garrahan Mining Headquarters.  Being up that high... boy, would it limit my exposure.  It would also completely eliminate any ability to escape but I think I'm okay with that.

I walked down to Garrahan today and decided to just walk to the track east to see if there was a decent enough position to build a camp at.  

I wasn't prepared for what I was about to encounter at Spruce Knob.

I've heard the scorched beasts before.  Hell, I've helped kill them before.  But I've never gone mano y mano with one before.  When I made it to spruce knob and asended the gantry there were TWO scorched beasts and I just laid low.  They did eventually lose interest but I noticed that there were some resources on the ground level and dumped some extractors on them.

That brought at least one of the scorched beasts back...

12 missiles, 400+ energy cells, and nearly every cartridge of .308 Winchester later and I brought that son of bitch down.  I owe it all to my T-45d power armor.  Without it I would have been toast almost immediately.

But this victory brings me a little hope for Appalachia.  Maybe Taggerdy wasn't nuts.  Maybe some good ol' American know-how and, more importantly, some American tech can rid Applachia of these fuckers.  I stood toe to toe with one today and came out victorious.  Maybe we can win.  Maybe the Brotherhood of Steel wasn't fucking nuts, even if their organization was fucking nuts.

Unlike Taggerdy I fully intend to uphold my Oath of Allegiance and I won't let some random ass officer from across the country tell me what to do.  In the Army we mad eup General Order #4 but it holds more true today than ever:

I will guard my post from flank to flank and won't take no shit from any rank.

Fuck this Maxson cocksucker and fuck Taggerdy for following his lead.  The Brotherhood of Steel?  Sounds like some sad-sack LARPers to me.  And they're all fucking dead too.

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