Day #351

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Got some pretty serious time in my T-45d power armor today.  The equipment in Black Water Mine briefly came back to life and I was joined by a few other wastelanders there just to get a few chunks of uranium for whatever.  I don't even know what I'll do with my share to be honest.  Only thing I can think of are some tritium sights for a few of my guns but that's it.

Ran into a goddam wendigo too.  Where did these things come from?  And I helped take down a sheepsquatch too.  It's like the wasteland never stops creating random horrors.

I also got a first look at the blown up dam today.  I guess it was blown well after the bombs fell?  Who the fuck would do that?  I came across a few notes and holotapes on site but nothing specifically named, or even implicated, a guilty party.  I just sat there taking in the wreckage of what used to be Charleston.  The notes said Charleston was actually doing fairly well after war and then to get wiped out by some dinguses blowing a dam?

Fuck me.

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