Day #347

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I've made a lot of progress over the past few days and have been way too busy and exhausted to get an entry in but after a day of some recuperation I have some great news:  I've finally pieced together an entire set of T-45d and, boy; it feels great.

The timing was excellent as well as mere minutes after completing my repairs nearby Whitesprings was nuked again and I was determined to finally get in there and collect some of the freshly irradiated materials.

And if that wasn't enough I finally got enough materials together to make that damn excavator power armor down in the Garrahan R&D lab.  Two sets of power armor in a single day?  Damn.

Just a short one today.  Vexillarian Odin and Carian Snow are off to Watoga to scavenge some more Brotherhood of Steel tech.  Turrets are going off, better take a looksee.

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