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Chapter 5: "Family Support"

A pencil runs across a piece of paper in a flowing fashion. Drawing lines on paper as Sarah MacLachlan plays in the background. Julie needed to take her mind off of being alone for Christmas, so she began to pour herself into her work. Her cell phone rings as she draws, and she places her pencil down to answer it.

"Merry Christmas!" she responds, pretending to be cheery.


"No, Mother. Mareth hasn't called yet," she replies, then pauses and sighs. "I don't know when he's gonna be home."


Julie picks her pencil back up and begins to draw again, "I know Mom, but he makes really good money and this is one of his big..."


Julie fall silent for a moment as her mother speaks. "No, I don't think there's someone else. I just... I want to be able to plan my life and I don't feel I can do that with him just up and leaving in the middle of the night. "


She begins to listen to her mother. "Yes, I know he loves me. I'm just so tired of him leaving without notice and sometimes not coming home for months on end, and having these injuries he won't talk about. Some of them look like gunshots, Mom." Her mother begins to speak again.


"I just... I don't know what to think anymore. He's hiding something, I know it."


Julie pauses.


"No, I'm going to call him now. I need some answers."


She hangs up with her Mother and begins to dial Mareth.


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