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Chapter 4: Indifference

A man sits in the corner of a barren, semi-lit room. His hands shaking while trying to light a cigarette. Light reflected off of his glasses and balding forehead.


"I knew it, man. I fuckin' knew it. First they poison us all, then they subjugate the living. Next thing you know, we're all slaves and bending to the 'Master's' will. You know what I mean, man?"


He looks over at a doll with a cartoonish smile painted on his face, eyes fixated on a point on the ceiling. The man snerks and takes another drag from his cigarette.


"Not like you give a shit."


He looks away and takes a long drag from the cigarette, holding it in for a moment. As he does, he takes a look around the apartment. He exhales as his eyes gazed upon the barren cupboards in the kitchenette giving no sign of food or supplies. "I've survived longer than all of them, man. Everyone thought I was crazy for stocking up on food, saving here and there, and keeping a gun in the house, man. They all thought I was nuts. I sure showed them! I showed them all! They were all like, 'Look need to lay off of all those barbs and the LSD, man... shit's making you more paranoid than you already are'. Them drugs didn't do anything to me, man. I knew this shit was coming. Saw that shit a MILE. AWAY."


Marcus took a deep breath, then took another drag from his cigarette. "No one thought Marcus LePage would beat them out, man. I did, though. I beat EVERYONE." Marcus began to cackle maniacally, then suddenly stopped.


"But there's others out there, man. Still other people trying to take what WE got." He looks back over to the doll. He begins to point down at the floor. "This is MY domain, man. No one's taking what I've got. Nobody."


Marcus takes one last drag from his cigarette and puts it out in an ashtray. He looks back over to the doll as he exhales.


"Not like you give a shit."


Marcus turns his head and looks out the window as he lights another cigarette.


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