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Chapter 1: OPORD

Somewhere in Pennsylvania.... Christmas day, T minus four hours to insert.


"Alright, you all... have a seat. There's a lot to cover, so let's get to it," Cavadus barked out as he entered a GP-Large Tent that had been set up in the middle of a field. Chairs were sitting among some wood stoves and tables. Cavadus made his way up to the front of the tent, passing the body-filled chairs and and tables.


"Got word from the Legate, and needless to say... he's got something for us to do. I apologize for calling you all in on Christmas, but there's work to be done."


Lightfoot sat there holding a lighter up to a cigar, but thought better than to light it just before the briefing. He sat his lighter down and put his cigar away.


"Intel is scarce, so I'll give you what I have. Appears the Goobermint has screwed the pooch on this little project, and so someone has to go in and clean it up. There was a NBC attack in the Metro area of New York City on Black Friday, of all days... imagine that. Most of the affected have either have bought the farm or went batshit insane. Either way, we're going in to secure some key points, normalize basic services, and essentially REBOOT civilization in the city that, up until recently, never slept.


Lightfoot raised his hand. "So, you're telling me that we're going in to normalize an already fucked up city, for some fucked up people, who probably won't fuckin' appreciate what we're doing anyway... am I right?"


"We're going in to make the fucked up city, less fucked up... if that's possible. We're going to reestablish communications, provide first-aid to those we find and set up a med station so people can be treated. If we're going to normalize an entire city, we're going to need more than nine people."


"Roger that, sir." Lightfoot


"We're going to have to set up comms and get a network going out of NYC." Cavadus continued. "Lightfoot, I want you to take a team and get a net set up. If you can, see if you can get some cell towers going. I'm sure that whoever is still here will want to call out."


"Check." Lightfoot responded. "I'll take Tsarg and we'll make it happen. If anyone else wants to tag along, I won't say no."


"I'm in" Jungels piped up. Lightfoot looked up and nodded his head. "Rog, sir. Anyone else? "


"Ehh, what the hell. I'm in." Payton spoke up."


Lightfoot nodded. "Gotcha, Sir. I'm gonna babysit two bosses and a minion. Out-fucking-standing, sir."


"Don't worry about all that, Lightfoot. Jungels and I can find something to get into. You and Tsarg get us a communications grid up and going, and we'll work on something equally important."


"Roger that." Lightfoot quipped, still half writing and typing on his cell phone to do some research on cell phone towers in the area.


"I'll be taking a team on the ground, getting some reconnaissance of the area finding a suitable base of operations." Cavadus continued. "We'll have to wait until dark before we start making our way into the city. Feds are crawling everywhere, and they have the entrance ways locked down. Striker, Bealin, Cable, and Destroy will be with me."


"I can make a few phone calls and get my team in a little sooner." Lightfoot interjected."I know some people in the area with planes. Tsarg and I can parachute in and start work. We should be able to get something small-scale going before you get in. We'll be able to communicate among each other, at least."


"Alright then." Cavadus responded. "We've got a few hours, so let's get our kits up and get ready to move."


People start to get up and leave the tent. Lightfoot and Tsarg head out, Lightfoot pulls out his cigar, and lights it up.


"Time to do work again, ol' buddy." Lightfoot said, holding a fist up.


"Booyah, bro." Tsarg responded, giving a fist bump.


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