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Capt. Arjii's log - Into the desert of the Sun




I can understand why that PL5 never had ships come back, though there is still something odd about that system we discovered going through the nebula. There was a red sun and one rotational terran with a moon. We navigated through the nebula avoiding charged areas that the scanners picked up. The nebula seemed to stop at a circumference a distance away from the red dwarf. The terran had a ring of lifeless dated ships and the only communication we could get out of the area was a recording of an old world phrase meaning death.


Augie was able to bring up a 3d hologram of the moon. A starship had rammed into it. When he tried to bring up one of the planet itself, Augie had one of those zappy-teleporty type episode and ended up as a hologram himself. After I tried to calm him down and gave him the idea to try and reverse the process and concentrate on things that happened just before. Well, it worked... sorta.


He got out of the hologram and ended up on top of the crates in the cargo bay with the automatic arm trying to graph and arrange him. I laughed, I couldn't help it. What a sight that was! He finally relaxed enough with coaxing and let the arm bring him down where it thought he should be.


We decided to land on the moon to see what we could find out. Upon landing, and after a short walk, I saw a long trench. Following it, we discovered a small fighter that had made a semi soft landing with a T'sa gripping a holographic image of a family. He had been there from the looks of things for quite some time. We decided to have Leroy tow the ship back to mine and put it in the cargo bay that was mostly empty. It had some rather interesting guns on the front of that thing that we had never seen before. Then we had a surprise.


The red dwarf was apparently active and a flare started. We raced back to the ship with the fighter in tow and took off as fast as possible. That flare too close behind we barely made it out of the gate in time, but we did. So here I am in drive space, thankful we made it and taking a little time for myself and Toby. I think he enjoys that time alone with me. He's full of questions and actually started a few conversations himself. I feel lucky about everything right now.


One thing bugs me though... why those ships and things on the planets weren't melted or burned in all those flares throughout time. Something isn't right there.


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