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Captain Arjii's Log - Into the dooming Nebula




Into the Nebula


<<Toby enters his Captain’s quarters to tidy up. He walks over to the desk that the Captain sits often and picks up his pansies off his head and sits them down by the pansies on her desk in the left upper corner. He leaves a short moment and returns with a water container and waters the two sets of pansies. He notices that the blue flower still is doing well sitting on the opposite corner of the desk. He begins to move over to the other side to water that one when he notices the Captain’s journal open. In the flick of a digital eye he immediately reads the entire page but notices that the entries seem to be written from the center of the page in 4 directions rather than the traditional top to bottom, like they normally are and that they are older entries.


“That’s one of the things I love about you mother, you are rather different... I think this might be what you would call art.”


Taking note of the shapes, rather than caring about the words themselves, the first entry started at the top and tapered off to the center to a point and he wondered about it’s purpose of shape for the written word>>


<Entry> Getting down to business on this entry, I’m strapped for time. When we entered Ross, we had a receiving as a city hero would after rescuing the folks out of that fight/war between Star Mech and Insight. Star Mech treated us well and gave us a large reward of money, bounty licenses, and license to wear concealed weapons. Seamed rather odd they would think to give me an upgraded corporate bounty license that covers my entire crew, but I’m grateful. Though we are not in that type of business, it might just come in handy at some point. I made one decision though, I was going to stop by and talk with Mayor builderbuilt before heading to EL Cancri to see what his side of the story was.<End>



Then his eyes followed a logical pattern according to how language rules went, the second entry went in a different direction. The first line was written all the way across the height of the journal near the spine and tapered off at the center to a point. He noted the size of the entry being larger than the first to fill the space.


<Second Entry> When we arrived, he was not there and they addressed him now as Prime minister Builderbuilt and said he was in EL Cancri. Very odd indeed but somehow didn’t surprise me. I’m going to take the long way around to get there as opposed to going through. I know Sam and I never trusted the man, but something just isn’t right here between the two. Ross didn’t give us any information at all.... it’s all.... CLASSIFIED.


On the up side of things, for some odd reason I’ve taken to reading about ancient civilizations. There are a few that seemed to catch my attention, one being on a planet called earth. I will have to remind myself to ask Thoth to look that one up for me to see if we have any history or present day information on that planet and where it might be or used to be. There was a .. Race, or culture, whatever they called it then, called Egyptians. They had these pyramids made of earth stone of a size and date of time they shouldn’t have been able to.... but they did. Anyway, I’m not sure why they caught my eye but they are interesting. Maybe it’s because they did some things that they shouldn’t have been able to do. They also had an obsession with bodies and sending them to afterlife and their art style never changed over thousands of years because they were obsessed with the afterlife and that is what their art was about. Next time I am in a city of any size I will have to see if they have data that I can put on the ship data that has historical information on as many civilizations as possible. I’m not sure why it matters but it is at least interesting. I love the stories. <End Entry>


“I do too mother! I will try and see if I can look down and left and right to find these records for you mother since Thoth will be ‘looking up’,” he said proudly. He dusts the desk as he notices the third entry in the opposite shape meeting the second entry in the center.


<Third Entry>Well it seems we landed in EL Cancri the same time Yargblat did and he’s having a new ship built. He will be with us for a couple months on the ship. It’s good to have the 12 back with us. And definitely great to have yarg back with us for at least a couple months. Rather funny though, when I went to drop off the jobs we did Yarg went with me. He had some of Izu’s tea and got all slappy happy. It was entertaining, and... and made things rather interesting to see people’s reactions.


We finally got things ready and are going to take some ambassador back to her system (GJ 921) as a favor that Yarg brought here from some place. I don’t know the full details of it all yet other than it was a PL 5 civilization. Rather odd, and also rather suspicious. It will be interesting to see what they are like there. Sounds like one of those almost ancient civilizations, just a bit later. <End Entry>


“PL 5... searching memory... old technology. I have some information but only title entries of PL 5 places and technology, no real information, mother. I’m sorry,” he said to himself as he absently started dusting his head while looking at the page and watering the blue plant with the other hand noticing the entry starting in the center at a point and going down and getting wider at the bottom but a very short entry


<Fourth Entry> I don’t like the PL5 leaders. Something isn’t right. There is something VERY wrong with this place. These people are being FORCED to stay in an old time frame. I was tempted to mind read but I just didn’t feel it that urgent. Out of all the weird things and horrible people we have come across, this one makes my skin do morbid dances. They are a front for something and I can’t put my finger on it. I wish they would get ready to leave already, I’m ready to get out of here. I’ve made the decision to go back around through GJ 380


“Oh mother, I will protect you!” he says as he erects his body just a little proudly. He reached over and picked up his pansie pot and put it back on his head with purpose, then began to dust the journal vigorously to finish his chores. As he moved the duster to the right he caught the edge of the paper and flipped the loose page over. There he found one more entry.


This entry was in a large spiral starting from the outside and written in a continuous circle inward, but the middle section was still empty.


<Entry> Well, I have a few moments.. We are in dead space. And it seems we are on an adventure and I just might have doomed us all, but I’m determined to find out what is going on. The short version of the story is, there was a nebula in the way of the gate I wanted to take to GJ380. Yet it had no EM readings. That meant ships could go through without frying the electronics. Made things even more suspicious.


I made the decision to go through it rather than around it. “Ships went in but never heard from again” Yarg said they told him. Well, The Crit will be heard from again, and we are going to find out what is going on around here.


“ooooo ADVENTURE!! I will sharpen my blades and oil my parts mother,... ADVENTURE!!” holding up the duster in the air like a sword.




Toby jerked up erect and froze, turns slowly to see Captain Arjii standing in the doorway leaning up against the frame. “I’m sorry mother, I just got so excited about the story”


“Toby, those are personal logs, that means no one should ethically read them.”


“oh, I’m sorry mother. But I liked the art and story, ADVENTURE!”


“Toby, I need to have an important talk with you and a question for you. How loyal do you choose to be to me?”


“I will protect you mother, and no matter what I ill do what ever you ask,” as he sits up more erect with his wheels. “And that is my choice! I will deactivate myself if I ever do anything to hurt you or before I ever betray you mother... you gave me value ... and ... life.”


“Then you may read my journals, if you promise to never act on the words in there or ever divulge any information in it or the items contained in the pages. I would like for us to be a close team if that is something you would like to do. You can learn and I can learn from each other.... as well as help each other if the times need of it”


“oh I promise mother! TEAM! ADVENTURE!”


"Shhhhh keep it down, it's a good secret for us both"




"Good enough for now"


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