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Log, Continual, Dr. G. Giordano, Audio, Supplemental (pt 5)





<2 days later >


>>We did meet up with subject F. Initial observations seem promising. Was very interested in subject E. I would of loved to seen his reaction to subject E's abilities, but my files are lacking most on subject C and D. I joined them to familiarise myself with what appears to be one of their main stops in the area as an excuse.


We basicaly bee lined to the bounty office like subject D was on a mission. He basicaly only asked about subject Z. He didnt seem to get the information or reaction he was looking for when he shared some of his intel. Basicaly came away with the knowledge that if we could bring that subject in credits would no longer be an issue or some line along those lines.


Upon leaving, subject D seemed to stay angry and confused. after more than a few moments hesitation he decided to head back to the ship. At some point along the way I lost track of subject C. Back at the ship subject D went to work on his "appendage" and I retired to med bay for some actual work.<<






<20 minutes later>


>>I am unsure where they were, but subject A and F returned to the ship a few minutes ago. The reason I know of their arrival is because subject F was loud and seemed... happy? I went to go check in with the captain but stopped when I heard them talking and subject F;s mood seemed to swing the other way. I couldnt see anything, but it sounded like the 12 were at, well subject G's room. I listened as subjects A and F tried to explain yet again about G being gone. then the bots asking them why they hadnt fixed him and then told them how!! It was incredible, and worth study by itself. the 12 are basicaly the cells of a resurection. The possibilities are almost staggering if I can implement this sort of thing into an organic application. It could correct at least a couple of the flaws in reproduction I have ran into. I would of course have to completely change my approach and start over from scratch but.... well one mission at a time, back to the crew.


Subjects C and H. They may be beyond my abilities to successfully assess. Both appear to be trained in subterfuge and concealment to the degree that I may only be able to see what they want me to see. I have a couple of ideas on how to tackle this puzzle, but for now I will continue to observe and let the higher ups decipher my findings however they may. Apparently when I lost track of subject C he went and found, then shadowed subject H back to the ship. All hands were again called to the bridge and we now have another new crew member. I will need to double check all my security protocols and look into a couple of others ideas I have. <<



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