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Log, Continual, Dr. G. Giordano, Audio, Supplemental (pt 4)





<4 days 6 hours later>


>>Fascinating couple days of extremity. I need to start looking at the system scans, if I can read them, before disembarking. This place, Ross-614-1, has heat storms bad enough that everyone needs to take shelter for their duration. All other times its only ball blistering hot. I need more clothing. The upside to taking shelter, and the other strange extreme for me is I was included in the crews heros welcome. From what I could gather around food and drinks at the party in the hanger during the storm is "we" saved a bunch of people related to these. While riding out the storm we had an awesome party. On top of this we got paid, gave us discounts everywhere. The captain actually split this between the crew, and me, and I recieved pay for being crew on top of it. Before the storm hit I was able to pick up a science gauntlet, dart pistol and some rose like plants for the alcohol. Also received a star mech bounty hunter, weapon and concealed weapon permits.


After the storm subject A sent her bot, Toby so maybe subject E, down to one of her contacts to figure out what it, or he, is capable of. again, something extreme. we now have a mostly functional assassin cleaning up after ourselves. As great as the last few days have been, I feel there is far worse on the way, other than my current hang over and food coma.<<






<19 days 6 hours later>


>>For a few moments I almost expected the universes balancing swing to hit as extreme the other way and just as fast as it did towards the good back on Ross-614-1. The new computers installed back on Ross allowed subject D to find some damage we must of taken in the scrap belt, but without realy being able to fix it yet. Then, in Luytons Star, the captain called all hands to the bridge. She wanted the crews opinions on what she saw as our choices, and to explain what she would like to do. I truthfully told her I had no frame of reference from which to base a solid opinion on. The history I was given of their previous encounters here were vague and far from promising. We gained some curious intel, but moved on with no conflict.


While in drive space after this I overheard a little of the captain trying to explain an expired bot crew member to her newest one. Analysts of subject A nearing completion. Need to work a little harder on the others.


We flew through rumors of conflicts and discouraging news. Spoke with others along the way to try to get an idea of what we may be flying into. Luckily with no real bad news from them and basically clear skies. We are now docking in El Cancri next to another ship that may be the other crewman listed in my briefing. <<



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