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Log, Continual, Dr. G. Giordano, Audio, Supplemental (pt 3)





<10 days 11 hours later>


<Sounds of liquids being pourd and others bubbling over a flame>


>>One of the bonuses, for me, to this job is trying to not only figure out my subjects, but also how much the higher ups are not telling me. As an example, subject B's multiple personalities was mentioned as a possibility, but other pieces of information were much more vague. After her failed attempts to comfort subject A on the trip here to Sirius I thought I would follow her. After I bought my sugar of course. I also found some synthetic tobacco to try out, but forgot papers or a replacement pipe or something. Oh well. maybe next stop. Anyway, after the purchase I headed for the closest bar to the ship. I thought thats where I heard subject B say she was headed, I also figured if I missed her I would look into the excuse I used for going there in the first place. It had the added benefit of confusing subject D, who I believe I heard wandering around asking people what a brothel is.


As I walked in she was at the bar. upon seeing me she ordered me a drink. But as I sat she stood up and started to leave. At the door she was confronted by bounty hunters. I do have to admit, that was a very attractive number attached to her head, even for someone who has no issues with funding. Yes, that is "was". As I was about to stand back up and see if I could assist, she vanished. temporarily scrambling electronics and blowing out bulbs in the process. Now, reading into things that were said at my briefing leads me to believe they knew something of this, but I can not say for sure. At the moment, this is one less subject to observe and evaluate.If I dont count these couple of bubbling pots anyway.


I decided to leave and inform the crew of their members disappearance before anyones focus could go back to the fact that she bought me a drink a few seconds ago. I also got back in time to meet subject A's newest "child" in the hanger. Yet another chance to observe her responsibility issues she likes to pile on herself. The bot does do a good job cleaning tho. <<






<2 days 4 hours later >


>>Subject A just left the med bay. Seems curious about my project. Probably assumes it is all for drinking. I am glad I was able to find so much sugar. I should have no issues sharing enough for that purpose. I will have to find something to add a little more flavor at the next stop.


Oh yes, the reason she was here, I was unable to get a complete scan of her using the gauntlet and requested she stop by when able to use the med bays scanner. I guessed by the gauntlets readings it was probably some kind of dermal plating. Deeper scan proves it is a mutation and not an implant, but I am unable to trace its origins at the moment.I may have to go the social rout and actually talk with her. The upside is, in most situations so far anyway, she does seem open and willing to converse.


Until then I will cross reference all known markers to all known sources, and actually do my job and make sure everyones health is taken care of and documented well enough that another healthcare professional can step in, if and when needed. No other surprises yet in any of the other scans.<<



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