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As I usualy am the GM when I play, I felt a little weird picking a flaw for my character that didnt real impact any of his skills or anything. It also hasnt really come up in game play either. So I thought I would use my very out of practice drawing skills to assist with showing just how ugly this man is. .))


Those are supposed to be old burn scars, patchy hair growth etc etc.


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awesome!  I didn't know he had that issue that bad.  it's awesome to see a picture of what he is really like. though.... arjii being who she is probably would never think a thing of it cause she's ugly as hell anyway in perfect condition.

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Thats part of why I tried to do the picture. Its a flaw that doesnt really come into play, one because I dont have any social skills anyway for it to effect, and two it really only applies to dealing with other humans. The GM in me feels guilty taking the flaw, tho the GM we are playing with seems fine with it. Felt I needed to play it up somehow .)) 

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