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Log, Continual, Dr. G. Giordano, Audio, Supplemental





<8 days later>


<sound of something heavy landing on something soft>


>>Normal awkward introductions over. I always hate that part. Initial reactions of the crew to first official contact seemed confused but accepting. I was shown to my quarters and left with free run of the ship. All reactions fell well within my original parameters, probably leaning towards more controlled than expected in all but subject D, who actually reacted closest to predictions. Next step <yawn> familiarize myself with the ship and sickbay. Maybe find something to eat. After a nap.<<






<30 minutes later>


>>Ok. Sickbay has potential. It could use some cleaning. I will have to talk to someone about this. No files on anyone in the computer. I will have to remedy that soon. Stores seem stocked well enough and there is enough room for a couple of projects. I will see what I am missing for those and add that to my shopping list of items i left behind in my excitement. I have no idea of current prices out here, but it is rare that they send me out without more than enough funds.


<sounds of equipment and glass being moved around in background>


Lets see. Situation update. We are in drivespace. Subject A found me in corridor and invited me to a meal for questioning. Seemed genuinely curious and welcoming, as was expected. Well, not just questioning, She also explained her command style and offered me a permanent position on board. Also as expected, subject D hovered around hatch during interaction with subject A, adding a comment I did not catch upon my exit. Potential attempt at menacing or just to let me know I am being watched. Again, both well within expected parameters.


<background noises stop>


So. Sugar or some fruit. Yeast should be ok, but keep my eyes open for whats out there. Add that to my list of items I left behind. That is... A science gauntlet and dart gun. Not bad. I left much more behind last time. hmm... Time to hit the galley again then back to my rack.<<






<4 days 20 hours later>


>>Interesting, the computer shows us as in LP-944-20. Time to head to the bridge for some more observation.


<20 minutes later>


<sound of body hitting rack again>


>>Fascinating to watch. First, it appears they use the gates. Second they are curious. Third, the ship is definitely under crewed. There seemed to be nothing in system but a scrap belt. We came in for a closer look. Didnt find anything and when we came about to leave the belt we took a hit from some debris. No apparent damage, but a copilot or more hands at consoles may of kept that from happening. If I had any ability on the bridge I would offer my services. We then flew up to and through the gate to Kapzeyn's Star. Are they looking for something specific, or just general exploration? Gate usage to maintain an image or some other reason? I have only been here a short time, but they are definitely one of the more interesting assignments I have had. I had almost forgotten how much I love it outside. So many interesting things out here. <<






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