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Log, Continual, Dr. G. Giordano, Audio



< redacted to security level >




<Sounds of rustling, movement and various computers in back ground>


>>New orders. Observe and support Object of Interest <REDACTED> . Information I am cleared for is <REDACTED> Class ship, Human pilot <REDACTED>, Human Communications officer <REDACTED> with potential <REDACTED> and <REDACTED>,Sesheyan Engineer <REDACTED> tail <REDACTED>, Fraal Captain <REDACTED> who <REDACTED> with special attention to <REDACTED> and <REDACTED> while <REDACTED>.

<30 second of continual background noise>


Ok, thats that. What else? Oh yes. Basic observation and diplomatic protocols are to be observed with goals of....


one. Learn about <REDACTED> and what happened within it during <REDACTED>.

Two. Evaluate crew and ship to determine if they are <REDACTED>.

Three. Establish <REDACTED> in order to further investigation <REDACTED>.

Four. Acquire <REDACTED> that may assist <REDACTED> or <REDACTED>.


Ok. Everything accounted for. Time to report to seer <REDACTED> for last briefing and transport to target.<<




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