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      22 Jul

    A month after graduation things are finally settling down enough where I can work from home and not feel like it is homework which means more guilt-free game play time, yay!!

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Terran News Network

[DEF] Preview Defiance Episode 6: This Woman’s Work

Terran News Network 24 Jul 2014
Prepare, ark hunters: The Gulanee you’ve glimpsed in-game are coming to the show! Catch their (explosive) arrival in this week’s episode of Defiance while Stahma cooks up the mother of all schemes.Watch the sneak peek, then tune in live this Thursday, July 24 at 8/7c on Syfy or 10pm E...
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[SC] Fan Spotlight: Ship Designs Volume 2

Terran News Network 23 Jul 2014
Fan Spotlight: Ship Designs Volume 2I love the sleek design of the Ginko from backer Rand Haginen. It looks like a cross between a dragster and an F1 racer. The ship even has variants in case you want to add some firepower. The Murray cup may have a new challenger.Here is the link to Rand Hagine...
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[DEF] New Arkfalls Bringing Gulanee Warriors to Earth

Terran News Network 21 Jul 2014
Attention: Radio activity has erupted in the husks of the ark belt’s long-dead ships. Something is alive up there, something that has ark hunters racing to call down these chatty relics and discover the secrets inside.Starting today, players with the Arkbreaker DLC Pack can deploy ark spikes with...
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[DEF] Community Q & A - 18 JUL 2014

Terran News Network 21 Jul 2014
We're on a roll, aren't we? It's actually Friday this time! Do you know what that means, ark hunters? It means it's time for more Q&A with the Defiance team! Can you move Promote, Demote, and Remove from Clan options to the bottom of the list when looking at a player in the Quick Menu?We...
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[SC] 10 for the Chairman - Episode 30

Terran News Network 21 Jul 2014
10 for the Chairman - Episode 30
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[DEF] Arkbreaker DLC 50% Off for Gulanee Arkfalls

Terran News Network 21 Jul 2014
Playing on PC? Get the Arkbreaker DLC Pack 50% off now through July 29 to join ark hunters calling down special new Gulanee arkfalls across the Bay Area!This DLC will allow you to bring members of a rare alien species to Earth (and then battle them for life and for loot) at the same time Nolan an...
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