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ArmA 3: Exile Server Information

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connect.png                   a3launcher.png

Direct Connect             A3Launcher Connect




Currently installed mods:

  • Advanced Urban Rappelling;
  • ArmA Enhanced Movement;
  • Exile Z (featuring Ryan's Zombies & Demons);
  • Defent's Mission System;
  • Exile Occupation (roaming AI); and
  • Codelocks make vehicles persistent.

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Luckily modding Exile is significantly easier than modding Epoch.  Plus I actually know programming logic and C# now which helps a ton.  Other than a small pbo repacking error I made all of the mods have been relatively easy to install.

I want to avoid bloat, though, so the mods you see listed are what's going to exist unless I run across one that just floors me.


EDIT:  The server is currently advertised on a premium level in A3Launcher.  I also have it advertised on Exile Mod's own website.  Will more than likely try to get a subreddit post up as well.

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