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Empyrion - Galactic Survival... Turn cloak!!....

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So here's how it went.. and i'm NOT exaggerating at ALLLLL..noooo,  no way! 


Well ya see, I decided to hop on the new server you guys were playing on... figured I would become a boil on the butt of humanity with you guys ..buahbhahaha.  Turns out the laugh was on me!  So I asked Dralzen about the server and he said he would log in so I could get the server by the Firends tab....  And he DID!!!  Such a sweet boy that one ;)  


First sign I shouldn't have done this..


I log in and get an error.. watched myself drop out of the sky with no ship/pod..

.....but then the game goes to some bug reporter.

So I get back in.. great .. learned the deco off thingy.. (wasn't Dralzen so sweet to tell me this!!!)  oh it was so nice.. seeing all the honeycomb walls and flying trees and all.. what a rarity and treasure to see such amazing sights!!!


Second sign..


So i'm like woot I'm in!! and then i go to start to do something... and .... not one piece of gear or tools etc... nothing.. there was no pod to loot.. etc.   :lol:


So then Dralzen, sweet respectable man that he is, says he will come pick me up! (Insert chivalry joke here) And he DID!!


Biting one nail as I watch his shuttle swerve all over the place before landing.  and yes I said "been flying long?" to him like a smart ass knowing I had never driven in this game yet so far.  And yes I laughed in good nature... but little did I know he would avenge that comment and laugh...  So we get up in space and he flys us to this weirdo ship that kind of looked pretty cool but more like a part in an engine than a space ship (eh gotta start somewhere)  Meanwhile i'm like somehow drifting sideways into the doorway and wondering how i'm going to fly as a passenger without getting sea sick.  


Third sign... Then I hear with a FEIGNED innocent tone, "oh my, I forgot seat for you.  GET OUT I'm LEAVING!"   And he DID!!


laughs...... and laughs.....


(I did finally get there and he helped me get some starting tools and all set up but you didn't hear that from me)

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