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[DIV] Ladder-Fix Introduces “The Ladder of Death” – New Patch Incoming

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Apparently something went wrong during today’s server maintenance. While the latest patch should only prevent players from using the ladder glitch in the Falcon Lost Incursion, they are now actually being randomly killed by using the ladder – or ladders – that are placed in the game’s open world.

The developers have already identified the source of the problem and are working on a fix for it, according to Community Manager Natchai’s post in the official forums, so keep in mind that ladders could be your worst enemy until then.

So they found the issue and are looking to implement a fix for it soon.Natchai, The Division Community Manager

If you are wondering what is happening or how it looks like, have a look at the video below.

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At this point I am glad I got the game for free with my new nvidia card and I didnt buy the season pass ............ its gonna take me some convincing to get back full time into this game. For now I guess I'll just leave it as a every now and then game until they decide that it is better to just take the fucking mobile cover out of the game, than trying to blindly fix random things in an attempt to stop the glitchers. Im not even going to talk about the hackers cause I simply refuse to go into the darkzone.

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