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  Some information about the land grab.

Apparently there will be a kind of google map app to let people see the map and the boundaries of the kingdoms - counties - duchy etc-- as well as available selections.


1 - highest titles/rank get first pick -- presumably based on IP where there are multiple people of same "rank"

If there are not enough "Kings" for kingdoms then an NPC starts as King. (Possibly would be the same for Counts/Countesses and Barons etc.) It sounds like environment and resources and access to trade routes will be primary factors.


2 - Next highest ranks choose which Kingdom to populate and pick their Duchy.

3 - Then People get to pick their County inside a Duchy

4 - eventually you pick your plot of land in a certain county.

5 - a plot of land comes for purchase of 225 IP --- which means having a plot lets you choose  a location -- and not having a plt means having to race and squat for what piece of land you want.


Knowing the values and intent of the people you will be neighbors with could be important. But first importance would be to decide on a climate and appealing environment.


They say that shipbuilding will have to be discovered and that not everyone will be starting on the same continent. So being able to travel on rivers - across lakes - and to convey across seas will be important for trade and battle.

They also say that you should not build your villages or plots right against a stronghold.

I can only guess that this suggests that a stronghold can be expanded if you get guilds or advances earned for it. Likely putting a ring of plots around the stronghold would be better -- or to select a "side" to settle on. As well - there is adverse possession in that if you hold a plot for a month it becomes yours.

There is so much time to learn more but my initial idea is we would try and pick plots like a chess board --- leaving at least a couple rows around each plot so we could target adverse possession one month at a time and eventually fill up our area - even if just to use as farming or livestock areas. But if a village has to expand to become a town before becoming a city then that means having land and doing appropriate community quests and objectives to open up the potential of getting higher tier buildings and services for the area. So deliberate civic planning is essential.


That means active communication and knowing where to start and getting there as fast as possible when the highest rank is able to select the area.


My first and earliest opinion is to look for a location on the shore that has a river delta or estuary with access to resources inland. That would likely require a high tier of rank to secure. And a high tier of Rank requires real life cash to acquire. We would need to discuss what level of Rank we think would get us what we want.

Or potentially isolation is best -- for peaceful advancement - although it would also mean limited interaction and potential loss of class advancement and skill advancement since you can advance through teaching and watching others of your class.

There may be locations on a peninsula or cliff or plateau that afford "isolation" in the sense of defenceability but are still close to a major centre.


I have no preference for cold of hot or temperate climes -- but obviously each will have advantages and deficiencies. Deciding what outweighs the other will be necessary.


During early access where everything gets wiped anyways, I think we should be locating in as many different areas as possible and exploring and screenshotting our maps and areas for all potentially possible locations wherever they may be.



For those who have pledged -- first -- what to you think would be priorities or preferences for a location? What do you think would be most overrated (and why) and what would be least appreciated (and why)?


If we do or do not have plots -- we may set ourselves up for raids if not part of an established village area or stronghold area.


Second - What kind of play style would you be inclined to play? We've never been a chaotic bad or evil Guild .... we've never been absolutely pious and god fearing.

I think to be evil we would have to all be committed to that agenda and know that it could mean a lot of specialization in forgery and stealth and disguise and assassination and poisons etc. It sounds like plenty to do for everyone but would require coordination and active presence. It would lead to focused enemies if it became too aggressive and then an entire new set of issues. but it could also mean advancement and opportunity. Pirates - Bandits - Assassins --Mercenaries .....How much is too evil -- and is that a course of play that we should even think of? 


Or is lawful good more in keeping with or DNA? Do we want to be a band of monks and nuns who make beer and are superior medics? Corner the market on weddings and funerals and also on tailoring and footwear?  Farming and animal domestication? An army of donkeys and trading carts? Even unarmed and staff combat? Establish a Church and Religion that allows accumulation of wealth and property, and then taxes everyone for its own gain!


Or even a potential choice to be a band of marauding evil  monks!


Regardless, there are potential roles for Guilds of all sorts of specialized classes and crafts. A strong community needs to attracts all sorts of styles so you can expect to have associations and contact with the whole spectrum of player virtues.


3 - But the biggest benefit is going to be family ties and bloodlines. That means relations through marriage or birth which could mean constructing a genealogy and pre-plan our hereditary structure.


4 - Some level of backing allows the presence of a Stronghold; the naming of geographical areas; and even the design of banners and coat of arms.  Plenty of time to consider all of that, but that is something to be discusses. In addition, you can submit potential surnames and I think you may even be granted a surname if you want to purchase it from IP points.  A family surname can be earned in game based on skill or class or achievement but will also be an identifier of family connection. Both first name and surname will be used to identify a player -- so you can have multiple people named Dave and multiple people named Skywalker -- but only one Dave Skywalker. Eventually you can have another Dave Skywalker "the Second" or "the third" and potentially uncles or nephew with the same name - but I expect those would need to be born with the former name holder now deceased.


Anyways -- here is the post for those who didn't read it yet about the land holding start up.

I'm presently at Ursamount but I'm thinking of upgrading to something that can at least grab a county and maybe higher if we think a significant advantage can be had for a specific kind of location that would be of priority to acquire.


Before talking about the selection and choice of civilization it should be understood that world-building is no simple task. Rather than put the burden of full world-building in the hands of the players we'll be doing most of the initial work ourselves. We will be pre-populating the world with kingdoms, duchies, and counties which fall along natural boundaries. This can include mountain ranges, water tables, forest lines, etc.. When looking at a map it should make sense where the boundary lines are.

We will also be procedurally generating villages, towns, cities, and capitals based on access to water, food, and other natural resource, and along major trade routes. Again, the placement of settlements should make sense and feel right.

Choice of Regions
With the previous section out of the way, well before Exposition begins there will be a web app added to the community website where, in descending order of IP, the nobility will have an opportunity to go on and select which region they want within their dominion. Note that in CoE, nobility refers to Kings, Dukes, and Counts.

So first, the Kings will be able to load up the UI, get information about the different kingdoms including size, population, known natural resources, etc. and make a choice about which Kingdom they want. But that's not all. Within the kingdom they've chosen they will select which Duchy they want to govern, which County, and finally, which town / stronghold they want to claim as their own.

In all likelihood the Kings will choose the largest settlement as their own. 

Once sufficient time has passed and the Kings have had an opportunity to select, the Dukes will have an opportunity. Like the Kings before, they'll have an opportunity to decide which Duchy under which King they'd like to own, and like the King, they'll then choose which County and which settlement within that county they want to call theirs.

Finally the counts will go.

Once sufficient time has passed and the nobility has had a chance to choose their regions, the aristocracy - the Mayors and Barons, will get access to the UI. Here they can select which settlement they want to call their own.

Getting into the World
Once all of this has been done, and players finally get a chance to enter the world, the next class of people, the landed gentry will be able to go around and using the deeds they purchased during the time before Exposition, will be able to claim any unclaimed lands in whichever county they like.

Assigning Titles
Another frequent question we've heard is "can I assign my title to others." Yes. You can offer any of your titles to someone else. If they accept, they become the new owner of that title. So if you're a King you *can* offer your Duchy, County, or Barony to someone else. It's generally not a good idea to do it with your primary dominion, but you can.

I say primary dominion because nothing stops the nobility from using their IP to claim additional titles - baronies, counties, etc... and then upon Exposition transferring those titles to their friends.

Losing Titles
One final thing I wanted to touch on in tonight's update - losing titles. In CoE, to go to war with someone or to make a claim on any of their land requires a Casus Belli. This means someone can't just invade you legally for the fun of it. If they just "invade", it's a crime, and they're effectively free for anyone to attack for any reason.

In addition to someone making a claim on your title, which as we just said isn't easy, the other way to lose your title is to be killed (permadeath) without an heir or to be killed in such a way that it creates a power vacuum. Again, not easy to do if you play your character smart.

Finally, one concern we see from people often is that their liege lord will just toss them out. They can't. The assumption made during Exposition is that you inherited the land through legal means and have a divine right to the land. So a Duke cannot just revoke a Count's title and toss them off the land. While they can be forced off, it's expensive, and still requires a Casus Belli.

Long before the game launches there will be an opportunity for players to make a claim on their lands and properties. Once done, it's a simple process to take possession of the land once the game begins and it's no easy to task to lose the land if you play your character smartly.

And all that said, there's a ton of land in this game. Nobody needs to concern themselves with not being able to find, operate, and protect their land.

Until next time all, remember to always clean your blade after use.
-Jeromy Walsh



Just watched the Q&A -

villages/towns are preset and generated -- just like stronghholds. You get to choose where to place your lands -- and can be inside a village or next to one -- or anywhere you want. 

A BARON gets to select one of the towns or strongholds and name it. And hopefully he/she gets others to build near his choice.

The Baron can then use their IP to tweak the selection for different buildings that will promote their goals.

It sounds like a Baron would want to have a pre-set commitment form players or groups of players to set up and support each other ---  or potentially a band of rogue gamers could possibly work together to influence any unattractive or unsupported town or stronghold and take it over. I expect that would need to be a significant group though so as to intimidate the other unaffiliated gamers from doing the "right" think of supporting their Lord and Baron.

But if we want to control or influence our collective destiny then it sounds like we should have a Baron opportunity -- and if we have more - that we locate them in as close proximity in the same County as possible. If we have a Count -- then we place our Baron in that County etc.

There was talk about needing a reason (casus belli)to attack a town or stronghold in a county, and the Count/Countess mobilizing against those aggressive people so going against the "Peace" may be ok especially if you stay aligned to your Count, but if you start to be too rebellious or disrespectful of it's laws you could generate a bounty against you. Attacking without a casus belli would technically be illegal.  What can be asserted as a casus belli is possibly open for interpretation if your Count agrees with your cause -- especially if they promote it ahead of time? And then the Duke (Duchy) has say over the Count -- and King has authority over the Dukes/Duchesses.

 - Possibly 40% is water

- 2000 counties  = 2000 Counts in the world? But there are only 200 Counts so far -- so lots of potential NPC counts?  Where taking over counties may be something you can do -- but could be an issue with your Duke like above. I expect a really decent size group playing together will be needed.

HE SAID they have only 3 (now have 4) Dukes so far and the rest will be NPC!!

So this suggests that there will be a big opportunity to take over NPC Counts and the NPC Duke will be limited in doing anything about it.

- Village and Guild tokens -- is in response to guild tiers and one person being responsible for it. This is for guild members contributing to advance the guild. But Village tokens are being adjusted from just land to possible village advancements.

- architect and other class starter packs are going to be in the IP store and are still being developed

- 225 IP is granted in the Baron tier - which is $250  but the Baron gets a few plots.  At least 10 plots are needed to be a mayor or Baron.

- you can buy IP

- A Count owns all the land in his County. That works out to a known amount of plots but Jeremy didn't have the actual amount handy .

5 or 6 parcels for a villager???

- A Duke owns a County in its Duchy.

- Stronghold vs Cities --- settlements are commerce to pay tax to government. Strongholds funded by Government for security of the County.

- 400 IP crafting buildings -- will assist in crafting  - like warehouses. Putting in additional stations that are protected.

- the initial buildings will be able to be placed during the 3 month build up "EXPOSITION" months -- but likely after that you will need resources to advance buildings and get new or more buildings.

- only a couple thousand people per server during the Exposition. Your character ages during Exposition so will be 40 yrs old when game starts for others who will be teenagers potentially.  (So I think this means going for the extra land as quick and as fast as you can during those 3 months. First month means no PVP -- 2nd month is consentual -- so if you have a plot you may have 4 plots by game launch. Or 3 plots if no plot at launch and take one each month. So 7 of us could have 21-28 plots altogether if all had 0 or 1 plots at start.)

- War Trison is a 3 horned Bison... get it -- tri(3)son vs Bi(2)son. The War Trison can stand on it's hind legs. You ride it in front of its shoulder hump.

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You need a $120 contribution to get the 3 month exposition access.


I upgraded to Baron plus added $25 so I have 400 IP to get a crafting warehouse and ensured location selection.

I think it will be a village and not a stronghold so we can concentrate on trade and commerce?



Wow -- 24 different professions so far listed ....



Hey someone can be a Count and gets to designate someone as a Baron in their County.

A Duke gets to designate a Count and a Baron.

A King gets to designate a Duke, Count and Baron.



King Dralzen sounds good .....  or maybe Queen Dralzena

Plus you get to name your Kingdom

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nice job guys -- and Dralzen bumped to Baron also!.


The 3 month head start seems like a key aspect.

If you can get to 225 IP and have a plot of land to actually select that will get you certainty of location and an extra plot over non IP holders come launch and as many as 4 more over non 3 month access players. Plus the more of us in 3 moths ahead of time the better chance to take over an NPC stronghold  or village in our area.



The more Barons we have the better opportunity to stake out a  definite region and expansion.

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Looks like becoming a magic user is not going to be an easy task, you can't start off as one, and magic has only been rumored to exist in the world, but no one knows where it might be. So I will have to figure out some sort of profession to begin with until I can find me some magic.....probably going to be some sort of adventurer, that way i can explore and find where the magic is hidden away.....

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I have been looking through the various Organizations. There are a few that seem interesting.

My inclination s not to be part of the largest Kingdom, and not to be with a bunch of flakes.


We are going to be inside a County -- which is inside a Duchy -- which is inside a Kingdom.

I don't think we would have a large enough group to necessarily start our own Organization but even if we do start our own Family and Guild, we still will have to operate inside someone else's system.


So what are your ideas?

Any Kingdoms you want to be a part of or don't want to be a part of?

I think we would have to start there and then decide on the Duke within that Kingdom, and the Count within that Duchy.


The Banner of the Red Phoenix has an interesting structure with 4 banners - each with a separate focus.


I spoke with them on discord -- they do not have any Dukes yet but their alliances do. Their aim is to settle in an NPC Kingdom and overthrow it which would be consistent with maybe our needs if we settled in an NPC County in an NPC Duchy in that NPC Kingdom.


I was suggesting we could be in their Organization but as an independent Unit with the ability to be members of any of the 4 banners -- and share in the advancements and opportunities.


This "NPC" ideal may be quite popular though and end up given established Kingdoms less opposition when then work to expand and advance in their regions. Plus player Kings get first choice so an NPC Kingdom may have less resources or be left to take the middle of the map areas. And any radical Duke could select the same NPC Kingdom which means problem neighbours and more potential political unrest. Maybe choosing a player Kingdom with NPC Duchy is best?


So before we make a decision -- we need to determine our intention. And then the sooner that is figured out the quicker we can get acquainted and more information about our options.

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Here are the list of starting professions as set out in the kickstarter Tier rewards:























Glass Blower




Obviously some of these will be inter-dependent with another, and other somewhat mutually exclusive but competing for the sublevel resources.


The Dev Journals indicate that armor will have weight and volume. If it is too big or too small you cant wear it or if you do it will be less effective. You would need an armorsmith to fix it for you and re-size it.

Plus you can layer armor and also that some slots will not be compatible with other items. Additionally you can create pouches or hidden compartments if skilled enough and have a second skill that supports that.

The end result is that for us to be able to supply and provide ourselves with all the armor we need, we need a full contingent of all the affiliated skills.


So that means that picking that kind fo crafting profession, for example, would mean a bunch of people having to select compatible professions.


There are 6 basic skill sets:

Producer -- which entails crafting

Supplier - Gatherer is most important but also Merchant

Explorer - focusing on survival but including tracking people and prey, finding items,bandaging, navigating, treasure hunting and charting

Champion - combat of various types and forms

Deviant - pickpocket, purse cutting, disguise, false ID, forgery

Bardic - performing, read ancient language, forensic analysis, detailed maps, information and discovery


The COMBAT includes: unarmed, 1 hand, 2 hand, 2 weapon, thrown, ranged, sneak.

The weapons could be 1H or 2H sword,  rapier, mace, axe. As well as daggers, knuckles, thrown items, bow (and variants), staffs .. and who knows what else.


Crafting weapons means not only being a swordsmith (for example) or what ever other weapon you want to specialize in. A swordsmith is not a bow maker or a axe maker or a mace maker.  A swordsmith may need some carpentry to add components; may need some gem ability; may need some fine filigree or etching for higher skill level. Again -- an indepth series of professions that numerous accounts would need to pursue.


Dev Journals 8 and 9 have a lot of information about professions and crafting.


To advance from Novice where you can do simple everything - to Apprentice -- to Journeyman (3rd level) -- where you start to focus on a particular item and proficiency and uniqueness and added benefits for them -- you have to eventually focus on one item and seek out books and teachers and other skill quests. If you are a jack of all  -- then you will not be a master of any.  The Dev journal says 60% will get to Journeyman.

Here are the other levels for all trades:

4th - Expert - 50% players pursuing this skill tree

5th - Artisan - 40%

6th - Renowned - 30%

7th - Master - 20%

8th - Grandmaster - 10%

9th - Legendary -  1%.

It will take multiple lifetimes to get beyond Master if you focus exclusively and intensely on just that! This implies teh support and endorsement of your Guild in providing materials and opportunities. Expect likely a second lifetime just to get to Renowned and even that will be a hard road.


So --

for example -- Dragonsoul you said you want to be our sword maker. I think we need to think about that. If we have a consensus that we will all be using swords and if we are going to pick up affiliated trades then that may be a useful profession. However if some of us want to use daggers and bows -- or are not going to use a weapon at all then this does not benefit those players.

But if we decide we will all fight with swords then we will all benefit and be able to work to advance you to make the best swords for us to use.


There is precedent of sorts. In SWTOR we decided ahead of time to all be Commandos. We could decide ahead of time to all be Champions and that we would all use swords.

However that goes against the style or any game where people are encouraged to pick whatever style of play they want to play. And CoE is ALL ABOUT being unique and independant and advancing YOUR SKILL for your next generation.


If we endorse and promote this -- then being in a larger Organization would appear to be a must.

If we want to stay as a tight-knit family and as self contained as possible then that would appear to mean sacrifices for independent choice.


My proposal is that we have to decide to affiliate with a larger Organization and then promote ourselves within that Organization as a distinct entity who can offer a variety of skills. But who also could be a formidable component when needed --- such as the Myrmidons in Troy fought together and for an Ally - the Achaeans.


Then if Dragonsoul wants to be a Swordsmith -- and Dralzen wants to be a Scribe -- there is nothing stopping them and they have a affiliation to work with to achieve greater prowess and standing.

I just don't see how we can support everything everyone wants to be -- by ourselves.


I spoke with The Banner of the Red Phoenix and they supported us all joining a "Banner" as a unique subgroup -- ala the Myrmidons. We can keep our own professions and also join the sub Banners that promote those "guild" interests --- but keep our own section to ourselves. We wouldn't be part of their Council and would be subject to their principles -- and laws. But we could also choose our own battles so to speak and initiate our own strategies as long as those strategies were not at odds with their principles.


I can see us joining the EAGLE Banner and being in that CHAMPION section. We would all have to learn a base weapon skill or combat support skill. Then we could be our own Unit/Legion to fight when called upon or to promote our own land acquisition agenda.


I would like your feedback about all of this. I think the sooner we pick a skill path the sooner we can fill in what we need amongst ourselves and also know how we would fill in the gaps of the Organization as a whole, and what roles we could expect to take on


If this is appealing then we would need to think of a subsection name for our group. Eventually -- to think of settlement and even County names -- and perhaps surnames if we promote a Family structure for ourselves.


Also -- this Banner of the Red Phoenix may not be the fit we want -- but we need feedback about that as well. They have a Discord channel and were having a good discussion yesterday about CoE.

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I do like the idea of joining a larger group. In other games, like planetside 2, we tried to do things on our own and got stomped quite a bit due to lack of numbers. I love(d) ps2 and feel if we allied with a bigger group the game would of had more of a following and we would of had lots of fun. Honestly, that type of game is better for our ops night structure, but I digress.


To really suceed in a game like this, and other open world games like eve online, we need to ally with a larger group, preferably composed of many smaller group such as ourselves. I prefer not to join with a mega-clan as then you face the same threat as small city-states did when allied with the Roman empire. You comply with their way or get squashed. If we can find an alliance with a larger group of similar sized organizations, we will still have the combined numbers, but none of us in the alliance will be a significant threat to the other.

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After thinking about it some more I'd like to propose we do sign up under the Eagle Banner of "Red Phoenix"  but we do so as our own group. And still you can also join a guild inside the Organization to advance your profession.
And that we name our group "Ghost Eagles" which would be consistent with an already established 47th section and play into the lore of an Eagle Banner and a fighting squad.


Then we can use the signatures we have created with CoE adjustments to establish an identify for us on the CoE Forums as well as in the "Red Phoenix" forums.

I think this signatures have a feel for this era by the shield; stone; banner; chisel aspects.

The colour of Red is prominent and would work within the Organization.

To me the wings have a very metal and sharp edge quality that suggests a blade and fighting capacity.


We would just need to amend them for titles of Mayor, Baron, Swordsmith etc  as things go by.  And to add a surname when known - or even a settlement identifier.


We'd need to get Munster to either be part of that or get access to his codes and tools to be able to set those up. The little black emblem was to be a personal icon for ships -- we could use it for banners outside our settlements and keeps.


What do you guys think of this?

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Breaking News!!


The PS2 Nemesis known as the Devil Dogs are in CoE!


I contacted a guy named Arktac Icefox(?) and he confirmed it.


What do you guys think about options with them?


We know they were very formidable and very organized. We also have a shared experience with them.


Arktac says they are looking on joining this game en masse.

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Response from Devil Dogs when I introduced us to Arktac:


  Ha! That's just fantastic. Glad to see you guys on here as well. And thank you kindly for the kind words, out of all the TR outfits I'm glad to run into you and not some less than desirable ones.


They are amenable to an alliance but only just signed up and are still checking out things. I can see us working well with them. There are so many lone players grouping up based on Title and opportunity. The other Alliances wouldn't know what hit them if they went up against a group that was composed of players used to fighting together and working together for the greater good. We know what it takes to advance a Guild agenda. I expect a lot of those Organizations will have people who know what they need and what they want but wont have the trust and relationships to work efficiently together. No doubt Devil Dogs know how to work together and I think they, as a brother alliance, would be very beneficial.  Potentially each as a separate Unit in a greater Organization if we don't have enough members to make our own Organization that acts as an umbrella for both of us.

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