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The Skies - Post-Apocalyptic Sandbox MMO

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- some new missions

- fixed some glitches with mobs and inventory

- now every player is attacking you though ..... even when it looks you are alone and talking to an npc in the boonies all of a sudden you are being attacked with nothing showing up on your radar

- still tough to get any items accumulated for any crafting since you wont have both carry space and tech skill and travelling

- a vendor in NW has some good armor for sale but if you sell everything you can't keep supplies to craft; if you go for weight you won't have attack skills; if you go for attack skills you won't have weight .... so a bit of a catch which I think being partied could help

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Today's patch.  They added personal storage to the mayor, hooray!



- Experience gaining bugs are fixed. 

- Client perfomance improvements are made. 

- General server-side improvements are made. 

- Several quests are fixed and improved. 

- Kimary location places allowing character to fall out of the world are fixed. 

- Broken ladders making it impossible to get out of some rooms in Kimary are fixed. 



- Kimary Mayor now has "personal storage" option to act as a bank / personal chest. 

- Doctor NPC can now heal you free of charge (may be rebalanced later). 

- NPCs option to fully repair armaments and armor for coins is fully functional. 


Balance changes: 

- Drugs and medicine items have cooldowns between usages now. 

- Sawed-off shotgun price is lowered. 

- Saiga carbine overall efficiency is lowered. 


Confirmed bugs: 

- Radiation effect sometimes applies debuffs incorrectly. 

- While same resource pile is mioned by more than one characters at a time, animation bug happens. 

- Getting levelup to 8 sometimes causes random bugs.

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