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Awards, Ribbons, and Devices

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I just wanted to direct everyone's attention to this:


We used to have a pretty neat awards system and I'm currently attempting to resurrect it. The reason for it's demise was that all of the artwork was lost during the website's server move while I was deployed.


I did a little bit of editing on it but you can get a rough idea of what's there.


How it worked before was that we could setup these ribbons in legionaries' forum signatures and you could mouse over the image to see what it meant. Then the total ribbon cluster would link back to the awards page.


If anyone has any ideas for the artwork let me know. IIRC the images needed to be something like 25x8 pixels or somesuch, maybe it 30x10. I'd rather not grab images of RL ribbons even if they are good quality.


I seemed to have lost all of the devices and the info that goes with it, unfortunately.

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I know these aren't ribbons per se, but perhaps we can use them as certain designations. The stars can obviously be removed, colors changed, etc. Or at least I can do my best to change 'em.




I have more of these stock types of images, but I'm not at home right now. I'll see if I can post more later.

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