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Found 7 results

  1. ArmA 3: Exile

    I caught this video from FRANKIEonPC the other day and was pretty intrigued. For Tanoa you need to purchase the ArmA3 Apex expansion. It's $35 on Steam or $24 on G2A. Tsarg and I have played a bit on two servers but there's a "CCG Frankie's Server - US" which has been the most fun by far. The zombies are INTENSE. Large hordes all over. You do not want to get spotted. Exile has also come a long ways. Vendors require "respect" now to unlock purchases so you can't just get loads of gear and then dump them on a vendor. Additionally, they seem to have removed the ability to put anything larger than an SMG in any backpack so it's harder to load up guns and dump'em for pop tabs. The building aspect has been greatly expanded, they have actual permanent guilds now on top of parties, and the mods they've put out are amazing. The CCG server has a climbing mod which lets you really utilize terrain and structures in new ways. When I was playing on the CCG server alone the zombies were able to corner and kill me every time. Longest I lasted was around ten minutes. Once Tsarg got on we've made a good run so far and have survived but it's been tough. Definitely going to be playing the hell out of this when I'm not playing SWTOR.
  2. Has crazy good reviews. I picked it up yesterday. The Steam pages claims it's an MMO but I'm not so sure. Will have to report back on that once I actually get in.
  3. Official Website: http://www.dualthegame.com/ Still in early development but someone is finally attempting an Empyrion/Space Engineers MMO. Not only that, but a procedurally generated galaxy to scale, full voxel everything, and even advanced (LUA) scripting for programming and controlling in-game computers. No bullshit quests or storylines or confines. Complete player freedom. I am flippin' stoked over this one.
  4. Empyrion - Galactic Survival

    Official Website: http://empyriongame.com/ Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/383120/ Wow, gotta say this game looks super impressive. Hugely positive reviews on Steam as well. Definitely going to pick this one up and give it a shot. EDIT: The server we're currently playing on:
  5. Miscreated

    Official Website Wow, surprised there wasn't a thread already for this. Guess all of the talk was in the DayZ thread. Anyways, there have been some IMPRESSIVE patches for this game lately. I do think that this game will eventually be better than DayZ and it's already pretty darn close. I like the actual game world substantially more than Cherno and it already has a ridiculously awesome base construction system. Here's the most recent trailer for GDC:
  6. Empyrion - Galatic Survival

    If you enjoy playing Space Engineers or love the fact that you are able to build, fly around in space and land, and many other goodies such as crafting and open world pvp then you are going to want to check out this game which was released into Alpha a few weeks back! It's called Empyrion - Galactic Survival. IMO a great game to get us warmed up to similar things we will be doing in the realm of Star Citizen Check it out here - http://store.steampowered.com/app/383120