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Found 7 results

  1. This is GNN, bringing you today's headlines from across the galaxy. A new faction has been seen across Legion space and called Corruption. It is unknown if they will be hostile but it is recommended to rearm and prepare for defense of Imperial assets. In other news the Emperor has raised taxes on outlaying worlds again to support war efforts.
  2. Jungels

    Empyrion - Galatic Survival

    If you enjoy playing Space Engineers or love the fact that you are able to build, fly around in space and land, and many other goodies such as crafting and open world pvp then you are going to want to check out this game which was released into Alpha a few weeks back! It's called Empyrion - Galactic Survival. IMO a great game to get us warmed up to similar things we will be doing in the realm of Star Citizen Check it out here -
  3. Longfellow

    Legion Outpost - Falls to budget cuts

    From the album: Crazy world of Longfellow

    The Legion Outpost is being scrapped due to budget cuts.
  4. Longfellow

    In orbit of unknown Class M Planet

    From the album: Crazy world of Longfellow

    This lone Legion outpost orbits a unknown class M world and showing signs of battle damage still holds vigilante.
  5. Longfellow

    Space Engineers - 47th Legion

    Hello everyone, i want everyone to know we have a dedicated server thanks to SteamID Atticus and has asked for no money. But as good Soldiers we must understand that a cost is being paid for the server and he asked that i post about his Donations section. DONATIONS! We are now accepting donations through PayPal (A Secured Payment Processor) [] Donations go directly towards the funding of the game servers through[] If you wish to pay directly towards the upgrade of the server(RAM,Players,CPU,Bandwidth,etc) Click on the link provided: Here[] Donations made by members will be kept in a private database and rewards will be issued to those that previously donated and to those that donate in the future. Once a reward system is established of course. Link to Donations. [] Link to Upgrade. []
  6. Longfellow

    Gravity Driven Ship - Basic layout

    From the album: Crazy world of Longfellow

    This is a basic side view of a gravity driven ship.
  7. Longfellow

    Helcon, Helcon and Helcon Clones R Us

    From the album: Crazy world of Longfellow

    Helcon here learned real fast the problems with medical stations with low roofs.