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Found 24 results

  1. THE DIVISION: ITEM DROPS AND CRAFTING IN UPDATE 1.107/04/2016 06:00 PM Agents, As you already know, we will be deploying update 1.1 in a few days. This is very exciting for all of us as it will be the first major content update since the release of the game! With it, we will implement new End-Game activities and a new layer of character progression with gear score 204 (equivalent level 32) items and Gear Sets items. However, as we add this new layer of character equipment to the game, we also wanted to seize this opportunity to address something that will change your end game experience significantly: the importance of crafting versus item drops. STATE OF CRAFTINGThe Division is primarily a RPG. As such, gearing up your character is one of the main aspects and incentives to keep playing the game once the story missions are completed and max level is reached. As part of the End-Game loop, players are expected to obtain their equipment by trying to beat challenging activities, and be rewarded for it. As each player develops and perfects their build, he or she will be looking for very specific items that will contribute to that build. Looking for one specific item can be quite tedious, but it should also feel extremely satisfying when the item is finally acquired. The way our crafting feature is designed is to offer an alternative for players to temporarily complete their gear, by crafting missing pieces of their level. For End-Game we want crafting and our different in-game economies to provide reliable but slower source of gear compared to loot dropped from named enemies. If after many attempts you could not find said item, you should have acquired enough materials to try to craft something similar instead. It will not replace the item, but you will still be rewarded for your persistence. However, at the moment, loot drops are just too rare and disappointing, putting too much of an emphasis on crafting: you are looking for crafting materials and may sometimes end up dropping an interesting item in the process. This is clearly illustrated in the following graphs. Here you can see how many Item level 31 High-End items were acquired through crafting compared to items acquired as loot drops. As many of you pointed out in the past weeks, the end result does not provide the level of fun that we had hoped for. To address the situation, and simply make End-Game more satisfying and more focused towards improving your build one piece at a time, we will be implementing a series of changes with update 1.1, some of which have already been communicated in the Patch Notes, and others that we are about to reveal now. MORE HIGH-END ITEMSFrom now on killing a named NPC will grant you a guaranteed High-End drop! That’s right, you will now always get a High-End item from killing a named NPC of level 30+. The gear score of said High-End will be determined by the level of the NPC. For example, a level 30 named will guarantee a gear score 163 High-End. With so much more High-End drops, you’ll quickly notice that crafting High-End items, while more expensive, will not necessarily be much more complicated. To make sure that crafting remains a viable alternative, we will also increase drop rates of Division Tech materials to 40% on level 32 named enemies in the Dark Zone. New drop tables have been designed to grant you just enough control to focus your efforts on specific NPCs, depending on your need. Each named NPC will now have more chances to grant a specific type of High-End item. By discovering the specificities of each named NPC, you will quickly learn which ones you should focus on in order to obtain specific items. CRAFTING AS AN ALTERNATIVEYou have already seen the changes that will be brought to crafting, but let’s go through them in more details here. Increased costs for converting crafting materials and crafting High-End items: 10 Standard (Green) materials instead of 5 to craft 1 Specialized (Blue) material 15 Specialized (Blue) materials instead of 5 to craft 1 High-End (Gold) material 10 High-End (Gold) materials instead of 8 to craft 1 lvl 31 High-End (Gold) item Changed deconstruction yield of Standard (Green) and High-End (Gold) items: Deconstructing a Standard (Green) item yields 1 Standard material instead of 2 Deconstructing a High-End (Gold) item yields 1 High-End material instead of 2 By changing the conversion rates, we will encourage players to use their low level materials while they are leveling up, instead of saving them until they reach level 30. It will also bring more decision making between selling and deconstructing low quality items. Most High-End materials should come from deconstructing High-End items, and not deconstructing lower quality items to then convert these materials into High-End ones. Similarly, lowering yields when deconstructing items will also lower the efficiency of items farming. Once again, we want you to consider deconstructing and material converting as an alternative when you get an item that doesn’t contribute to your build, and not the main mean to develop your build as a whole. CONCLUSIONTo sum up the list of changes brought with update 1.1 in regards to item drops and crafting, we will: Increase drop rates of High-End items on named NPCs (100% drop rate, actually) Increase drop rates of Division Tech, to make it less of a bottleneck than it currently is Modify loot tables for each named NPC, to make the hunt for loot more controlled Increase conversion costs of lower quality materials to high quality ones, making it harder to convert low quality materials into high quality ones Decrease construction yields, making it less interesting to farm lower quality items in order to obtain crafting materials, and because you’ll get more High-End items as a whole Increase cost of crafting High-End items, because High-End materials will be much easier to come by These changes will not only make crafting and dropping more coherent towards each other, but will also make it feel much more fun and rewarding. Balancing an online game is no easy task, and while we believe that these changes are a step in the right direction for the future of the game, we will keep monitoring the situation and address what needs to be modified. But more than that, we will have an eye on all aspects of your experience, and balance things when needed. Sometimes it means making hard decisions that might not be appreciated, and when this happens we will make sure to give you the visibility you need to understand why these decisions are made. Your feedback is very valuable to us, so keep the discussions going, we will be reading! -The Division Team
  2. The Division – Incursion Patch Notes New patch notes for the Incursion Update have been released: New Features Falcon Lost Falcon Lost is a new incursion available in the Stuyvesant area You must be level 30 and have completed the mission "General Assembly" to access this mission The encounter is balanced for 4 players with high level gear Gear Sets Gear set equipment can be found by completing the most challenging activities in Manhattan Collecting and wearing gear sets grant powerful stat bonuses and talents Different Gear Sets: “Tactician's Authority” – enhances electronics and support capabilities “Striker's Battlegear” – provide bonuses for assault capabilities “Sentry's Call” – enhances marksman capabilities “Path of the Nomad” – provides bonuses for lone wanderers Trading Items dropped by enemies can be shared with other players Trade items by dropping them as loot from your inventory, so players in your group can pick them up You can only share items for during the first 2 hours after you have acquired them Items can only be shared with players who are currently in your group and who were also in your group when the item was originally dropped Assignments Assignments are automatically obtained when you log in and can be tracked from the map via the menu called “Mission Overview” Assignments are available for a limited time (24h for Daily Assignments and 7 days for Weekly Assignments), after which, they will be replaced by different assignments Most assignments can be completed while playing alone but some will require enlisting other agent’s assistance to complete Assignments come in different categories: Combat Dark Zone Crafting Assignement Teaser Video Dark Zone Supply Drops Dark Zone Supply Drops are a global event where the Strategic Homeland Defense agency airdrops multiple supply caches to assist Division agents Supply drops will occur multiple times over the course the day The supply drops will contain non-contaminated gear of all types that will be ready to use without the need for extraction These supply drops will be heavily sought after by other agents and enemy factions that roam the Dark Zone, so be ready for resistance Gear Score Every non-vanity gear piece that can be found when your agent is level 30 has a Gear Score value. The higher an item’s Gear Score, the stronger the item The overall Gear Score of your agent can be seen in your main menu next to your player level. Gear Score indicates the advancement of an agent Other agents’ Gear Scores are displayed next to their health bars Improving your gear and increasing your overall Gear Score will grant your agent access to the most dangerous high-end challenges Group Spectator Camera The Group Spectator Cam lets players spectate members of their group while waiting to be revived or the entire group to be down Players can use RB/LB, R1/L1 or Q/E keys to switch between group members New High-End Named Weapons Added new High-End named weapons: Warlord: Assault Rifle Valkyria: Submachine gun (Historian: Marksman Rifle) Please note that while the Historian will be implemented in the game with this update, it will not be acquirable in-game until update 1.2 Game Changes Gameplay Turret skill can no longer suppress enemy NPCs, as this allowed named NPCs to be defeated too easily Recalibrating High-End items will now cost normal Credits instead of Phoenix Credits Phoenix Credits drop have been increased on lvl 31 and 32 named enemies: Level 30: 1-3 Phoenix Credits Level 31: 2-4 Phoenix Credits Level 32: 3-5 Phoenix Credits Dark Zone The vendor in the Church Safe House will now sell items in Dark Zone Funds instead of Phoenix Credits Added a new Dark Zone bracket for characters with Gear Score 160+ Ranks requirements for Superior and High-End quality items at the Dark Zone Vendors have been adjusted: Superior (Purple) items: Rank 15 instead of 30 High-End (Gold) level 30 (Gear Score 163): Rank 25 instead of 50 High-End (Gold) level 31 (Gear Score 182): Rank 40 instead of 50 Crafting Added new level 31 and 32 High-End items Blueprints to Vendors Removed Division Tech requirements from some level 31 High-End Blueprints Increased costs for converting crafting materials and crafting High-End items: 10 Standard (Green) materials instead of 5 to craft 1 Specialized (Blue) material 15 Specialized (Blue) materials instead of 5 to craft 1 High-End (Gold) material 10 High-End (Gold) materials instead of 8 to craft 1 lvl 31 High-End (Gold) item Changed deconstruction yield of Standard (Green) and High-End (Gold) items: Deconstructing a Standard (Green) item yields 1 Standard material instead of 2 Deconstructing a High-End (Gold) item yields 1 High-End material instead of 2 User Interface Added gamepad deadzone calibration in settings menu (all platforms) Bug Fixes Fixed a bug that could prevent characters from accessing the game if they had too many items in their inventory Fixed a bug where sometimes the weapon talents would not activate if the player has the exact stat requirements Fixed a bug where players could exit the Dark Zone on East 43rd street Reloading stripper clips is now correctly interrupted by firing the weapon (marksman rifles and shotguns) Fixed an issue where buying a weapon with a pre-attached scope using the buy and equip feature sometimes caused the scope to un-equip Fixed an exploit where players could shoot through corners of covers Fixed a number of locations where NPCs could shoot through walls Fixed an exploit where players could ignore the fire rate of certain weapons Fixed some locations where players would get stuck in Queen Tunnel Camp mission Fixed various prop collisions so that players no longer become stuck Fixed a bug where the final cut scenes would unlock before the final missions were completed Fixed a bug where the Water Supply side mission would not activate Fixed an issue where the Morphine Supply side mission sometimes would not complete Players no longer receive too much XP for completing the Morphine Supply side mission The buff from Smart Cover no longer stacks if multiple teammates are using it on the same piece of cover Fixed some bugs where deployable skills would not activate under certain circumstances Fixed a bug where voice chat volume indicators would overlap in the group UI frame Fixed a bug where receiving a group invite via Matchmaking would sometimes not show up on the screen Fixed a bug where the dead teammate icon would turn into a blue dot instead of a red cross if the players were too far away from each other Fixed an issue where a player would be unable to inspect the appearance of his/her character while changing outfits Fixed some UI elements for mission overview frame and adjusted some of the misaligned icons Corrected the colors for the appearance items in the Mission rewards list NPC’s will no longer ignore the player while they are attempting to interact with props (arming/disarming bombs) Fixed a bug where a NPC would sometimes not leave its spawn area during the Morphine Supply side mission Fixed a bug where NPC’s would sometimes not respawn at one of the landmarks in the Dark Zone Several clipping issues have been fixed with various appearance items Some tooltips have been updated with more clear information And many more PC specific Added new resolution scaling and lighting options Added support for reporting players on PC. Players can now type in chat /report Improvements to resolution detection and switching between display modes Fixed some issues with camera movement while using Tobii Eye Tracker Fixed screen look for minimap when using Tobii Eye Tracker Fixed several issues with Logitech peripherals Fixed several graphic issues due to dual monitor display Fixed an issue where players could move UI elements out of the visible screen area
  3. Gameplay Named enemies. will now drop better loot in Challenge mode than in Hard mode. Added a cooldown period for the Static Turret stun attack in order to avoid a stunlock in PvP and PvE game modes. Named NPCs will no longer respawn after being killed in the Open World. This will prevent situations where players were able to kill a same named NPC over and over again. Fixed a speed run exploit for the Rooftop Comm Relay mission Fixed an issue where weapons dealt no damage if the reload animation was interrupted by an agent’s skill Fixed an issue where players became stuck in an emote animation if activated via chat while auto running Fixed a bug where skill power would be increased permanently while using the Death by Proxy talent Fixed a bug where experience was not being awarded for completing all side-missions in the Midtown East safe house Fixed instances where the Seeker Mine with Airburst / Multi-mine mod would detonate too soon, miss targets or cause no damage Fixed a bug where grenades would sometimes not display the blast radius warning before detonating Fixed an issue where some NPCs in low cover would not react to being shot by the player Fixed issues where emotes would cause the player model to behave oddly (missing guns, player stuck in emote animation, etc) Fixed a bug where weapon mods and weapon skins would not show up on other players in the game world Fixed an issue where DPS would not be calculated properly when purchasing a new weapon mod Modifications to the weapon talent: Trained. It can now only be rolled on Shotgun, Marksman rifles and Pistols Its bonus has been reduced from 1%-5% to a constant 0.1% For the Midas SMGs, Trained Talent has been replaced with Responsive Talent which increases damage when getting closer to the target. This applies to existing weapons as well as newly acquired ones For all SMGs, LMGs, and Assault Rifles, it will be replaced with another randomly picked weapon talent. This applies to existing weapons as well as newly acquired ones Dark Zone Players can now heal other neutral players in the Dark zone, by using First Aid and Support Station skills Players are now able to fast travel to Dark Zone checkpoints, but only when coming from outside the Dark Zone The Dark Zone disconnect timer has been increased to 30 seconds, meaning players will remain in the game world longer when logging out while in the Dark Zone (this applies while not in combat) Items extracted from the Dark Zone are now properly marked as "new" items when moved to the players inventory Players killed in the Dark Zone now drop ammo, medkits and grenades. This loot is generated and not taken from the dying players’ inventory Players killed in the Dark Zone will lose less Dark Zone Funds and Experience (Rogue and non-Rogue) Dark Zone Funds and Experience rewards for surviving Rogue status have been improved Dark Zone Funds and Experience rewards for killing Rogue agents have been improved Increased drop rate of High-End items from lvl 31 and 32 named NPCs in the Dark Zone. Increased drop rate of High-End Division Tech Material from lvl 32 named NPCs in the Dark Zone. Dark Zone Funds drop rates and quantity on NPCs has been reduced. Fixed a bug where the Wildfire and Fear Tactics talents were affecting neutral players in the Dark Zone. Fixed instances where players would receive a DELTA error message when entering the Dark Zone Fixed a bug where sometimes players could not loot anything after returning to the game following a network disconnection Fixed Stage 1 Rogue timers not displaying correctly when Rogue players receive damage from another player Phoenix Credits drop have been increased on lvl 31 and 32 enemies in the Dark Zone: Lvl 30: 1-3 Phoenix Credits Lvl 31: 2-4 Phoenix Credits Lvl 32: 3-5 Phoenix Credits Improved Dark Zone Chests items quality: Rank 30 chests will now drop Superior (Purple) items instead of Specialized (Blue) Keys chests now have a chance to drop High-End (Gold) items Graphics Fixed a few lights that did not cast global illumination UI Added more information for Daily missions on the Map Tutorials have received some UI polish The Matchmaking menu now displays the mission difficulty rating more prominently The mini-map mission tracker has been optimized to be less confusing to players Fixed a bug where some of the attributes for high-end equipment were cut-off in the recalibration menu Fixed a bug where the Matchmaking menu for a mission would not display correctly or kept disappearing Fixed missing item icons in the Reward Claim Vendor's inventory Fixed incorrect side-missions being displayed in the Map legend Audio Fixed a bug where the helicopter crash SFX would be missing from the Brooklyn end cinematic Fixed a bug where the Zapper Turret mod had no sound Fixed a bug where the audio for entering a contaminated area would be cut-off Fixed a bug where audio would not play when scrolling through vanity items Localization Fixed Ubisoft CLUB reward descriptions in Korean and Traditional Chinese In-game localization bug fixes PC Tobii Eye Tracking bug fixes and improvements On launch, the PC client now monitors PC graphic settings and applies the best settings for the user’s configuration. This is unless the user has custom settings. Fixed an issue where the Map was sometimes difficult to navigate with a mouse Fixed issues with Hungarian, Korean, and Russian localizations Fixed an issue that prevented matchmaking while on the Map Removed the Store button from the Character Selection screen on PC versions of the game. Players can find the store page in the Ubisoft CLUB app directly Fixed increment number on Day 1 Patch Notes (was 1.1, now correctly states 1.01)
  4. Defiance 2.2 - Silicon Valley Release Date: NA: 8/5/14 @ 9:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) EU: 8/5/14 @ 4:00 PM GMT == FEATURES == New Land: Silicon Valley The territory from the ruins of SFO airport in San Bruno to the ruins of Crystal Springs reservoir have opened up to the south of San Francisco. Go to Twin Peaks Station and see the new land for yourself. Silicon Valley is under invasion from converted Grid enemies. These enemies now lead special incursions called “Invasions” which will attack many areas at once. If the attacks succeed, the locations will become “Conflict Sites” which must be cleared by ark hunters. New Missions: The Guiding Light Von Bach has disappeared into Silicon Valley, but he’s not there alone. A New Earth cult, the Pilgrims of the Guiding Light, have taken residence in the Valley. They revere the Grid, and they’ve set up temples all over the Valley. Encryption Weapon and Shield Encryption: Certain weapons and shields will now drop with the Encrypted trait. Encrypted items are advanced technology that confer a 3% bonus to damage or capacity as appropriate. Unfortunately, Encrypted items are beyond the technology level of the Salvage Matrix, and it will not be able to increase the rarity of Encrypted items. Whenever the Salvage Matrix does increase the rarity of a shield or weapon, that weapon will become Encrypted; the Salvage Matrix cannot increase its rarity any further. Due to the effectiveness bonus Encryption brings, all Legendary weapons and shields in your inventory will be Encrypted on first login. More Character Slots! Maximum character slots has been increased to 6. Get more slots on the Bit Store! New Max EGO Rating! The max EGO rating has been increased to 5900. It is possible to achieve this value without completing all pursuits. Fear not! When the max rating is increased again, any additional points you've earned will automatically be added to your rating! == GAME UPDATE == GENERAL FIXES Fixed a common crash so that players no longer crash when picking up loot while it's despawning. By popular request, entering vehicles you own from the passenger side now places you behind the driver's seat for your convenience! Upgrading the rarity on a shield no longer sometimes causes temporary invulnerability to the resisted damage type. Adding an Ego Power in the tutorial now correctly automatically equips in the player's loadout. Being in a menu when someone you are privately chatting with leaves the private chat will no longer cause you to crash. This was the most common PS3 crash. Optimized memory to prevent Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles from crashing while cinematics play. To balance the accrual rate of Keycodes, we have increased the purchase cost of Keycodes on Lock Box Merchants, rebalanced the rewards gained from score in events, and updated equipment drop rates from enemies. Due to player requests, the teleport option "go to group leader" has been replaced with "go to member". By popular demand, Happy Pow Farms is now a Fast Travel location! Fixed some defensive perks not working after logging in until the player changed loadouts or teleported. Optimized how players are routed to servers to improve performance. Prevented a state that could cause multiple dialog boxes to pop up simultaneously. You can no longer damage yourself with explosives with a clever combination of perks. Implemented various stability fixes for both the client and the server. CLANS By popular demand, you can now teleport to clan members! Look for "go to clan member" in the social menu. Salvage and Score clan boosts no longer terminate early. Clan members will now see their clan's Message of the Day in their clan chat channel upon login. By player request, Promote, Demote and Remove From Clan options have been moved to the bottom of the Quick Menu in order to prevent accidental clicks and maintain consistency with other Quick Menu player interactions. MISSIONS Fixed a bug that was causing mission replay to fail in some cases. Fixed various typos in the Alter Ego subtitles. VENDORS Added a Defiant Few mod cache to the Defiant Few vendor. Faction representatives are now taking bribes! You can now purchase reputation boxes on the Defiance Store. A Corporate Espionage Lock Box is now available on Lock Box Merchant. When buying items from the Bit Store, players are now given a prompt to confirm their purchase. WEAPONS AND COMBAT Due to player requests. non-weapon equipment (shields, grenades, stims, etc) can now be equipped via the inventory screen! Fixed a bug causing mod synergies to still apply while the gun is in your loadout but not equipped. Perks that trigger when your shield is depleted no longer work when you have no shield equipped. Infector weapon comparisons are now more informative, depicting both the damage upon infection as well as the infection damage over time. Players will now progress through weapon mastery and skill ranks at the expected pace regardless of threat-level. Nano-effects on cloaked players are now visible. Spikes and stims now play an error sound when you try to use them during their cooldown phase. Prevented certain lock-on projectiles from striking their target through walls. Unequipping your shield now takes you back down to the default 1 armor plate. Rockets fired from the passenger seat of the Cerberus vehicle fly in the correct direction. PVP Made PvP matchmaking more forgiving so that experienced players will have an easier time getting into a match. By community request, the Quick Menu list of nearby players is now sorted by EGO with the option to view each player's EGO alongside their names so that duelers can find worthy opponents! Fixed a bug causing ark hunters to remain visible during the duel countdown. In PvP, Cerberus turret damage is now the same regardless of the EGO of the player operating the turret. You can no longer exploit the quick-swap wheel to change loadouts in the middle of a PvP match. The wheel can still be opened, but it won't work to change loadouts during a PvP match. UI AND DISPLAY The UI no longer incorrectly displays that Patron boosts are inactive. Leaderboards now display scores without any increase due to score boosts. You will still see your own boosted score, and earn rewards based on the boosted score. Due to popular request, you can now turn on chat timestamps in the chat settings menu! In consideration for our colour-blind players, alternate color schemes for chat text are now available in chat settings! Fixed an issue that could arise when trying to equip a lot of near-identical loadouts. Fixed a visual glitch when changing to a new loadout for the first time. The loadout change progress bar now behaves properly when changing loadouts from the loadout window. Thank you to all the players who reported this issue! Selecting a weapon slot in the loadout menu now selects that same weapon correctly in the inventory list. Fixed an animation bug when changing loadouts in a vehicle. Equipment can once more be equipped straight from the inventory. The Defiant Few and Tarr Traxx icons are now unique. Defiant Few Minimap marker now appear properly. Time trial vehicles are no longer unresponsive if the player opens the map while the countdown elapses. The "replace weapon" UI in the inventory screen now has the correct focus for players using controllers or keyboard shortcuts. Corrected a missing name in a "salvage grid action unlocked" message. Fixed a visual bug with group arena end screens where some players would see extra duplicate entries in the Rewards list. This was visual only and did not affect the rewards given to the player. Adding additional mod slots or cancelling in the Salvage Matrix no longer causes the displayed stats of a weapon to drop until the player logs out. This was a display only bug-- no stats were actually affected. Fixed the misaligned Boost UI, most commonly seen during bonus weekend events. The reminder to purchase DLC should no longer appear when browsing contracts unless the appropriate Contract category is expanded. Daily and Weekly rewards no longer display twice in the chat. ENEMIES Tuned the amount of damage done by the Revenant when his Overcharge is active and added shield damage buff when he's blur-charged. ART Fixed a skinning issue with Challenger that was causing graphical corruption. (Yes: the bungie cords are gone!) The doors will no longer sometimes disappear on the Challenger.
  5. Patch 1.027 - DLC #1 - Castithan Charge Pack - 8/20/13 == FEATURES == The Castithan Charge Pack has arrived! ... More...
  6. Originally posted here.
  7. It was announced on the Twitch.TV livefeed that this week's episodic content will be the new "sieges" which involve multiple capture points and a new enemy type. They didn't specify what this new enemy type will be but the leading candidate are the Volge, the warlike aliens we saw in the first episode of Defiance which were "left behind" when the Votans left their homeworld yet somehow were able to travel to Earth. A new icon on the map will denote their presence. There will be a patch on Wednesday, 05 JUN 2013. No other information on the patch was provided. There will be more episodic content involving the plague sweeping the bay area and they strongly hinted that said content will be legitimate missions and that the plague content will take place over several weeks. Switching your main character to Castithan will probably be possible when the first DLC is released though, and this is purely my own personal conjecture, it will probably be a cash shop purchase rather than free. --|-- All in all good news about the content. Still wish I could play the game without the VPN... bleh.
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  9. Fuckin' finally: NEWS! Nothing too exciting on this patch, however. Notes in orange have been added 09 MAY 2013. Originally posted here.
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  17. I have no idea if this includes today's patch notes to build 16387. Originally posted here.
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