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  1. Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT Patch Number: 1.4.143 Standalone Client Patch Size: ~190 mb Steam Client Patch Size: TBA Please note that due to compression differences the Steam... View the full article
  2. [MWO]Mech_Con 2017 Round up!

    ROUND UP POST! Posting Vids, Confirming Facts, Getting Details, Squishing Rumours. What were your Favourite moments? Was Mech_Con 2018 Confirmed? Mech_Con Pattern When? Let's Sort... View the full article
  3. https://mwomercs.com/sun-spider View the full article
  4. MECHWARRIOR ONLINE HOLIDAY BONUS Log into MWO and Play one match on Dec 27th to be eligible. exact start and end hours TBD 25 extra stocking stuffer Clicks - Immediate 3 Days of Premium... View the full article
  5. [MWO]Sun spider Lore

    SUN SPIDER LORE AND BLUEPRINT Tokasha MechWorks Tokasha Kerensky Cluster 2 February 3056 Star Colonel Tabok’s breath came quick and fast, wheezing between a gritted... View the full article
  6. Mech_Con 2017 Merch Preview Available at Mech_Con All Prices are in Canadian Dollars with Tax included! Limited Quantities Available! View the full article
  7. Countdown to Hellspawn Release Date Dec 12th Due to Mech_Con preparations, The Hellspawn Countdown will not be daily. Hellspawn: Scale Comparison Hellspawn:... View the full article
  8. Pre Mech_Con Podcast! Join us tonight for the last live podcast before MechCon, with special guests Russ Bullock and Paul Inouye! We'll be discussing all things MechCon, including MWO,... View the full article
  9. MECHWARRIOR ONLINE ADVENT EVENT Daily Challenges December 1st to 24th! Welcome to the MechWarrior Advent Event 24 Days of Daily Prizes! TSP Owners get an additional 100 K C-Bills Per Daily... View the full article
  10. Greetings MechWarriors! Polygon is running a feature on BattleTech and you should go read it! "2018 is shaping up to be the year of BattleTech, so here’s what every MechWarrior needs to know... View the full article
  11. [MWO]Epic Cyber Monday Deals!

    Cyber Monday Sale Starts: Nov 26th, 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST, Nov 27th 00:00 UTC Ends: Nov 30th, 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST, Dec 1st 00:00 UTC In Game MC Content Sale Starts: Nov 26th, 4 PM PST,... View the full article
  12. BIGGEST BLACK FRIDAY EVER! Black Friday Sale Starts: Nov 21st, 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST, Nov 22nd 00:00 UTC Ends: Nov 26th, 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST, Nov 27th 00:00 UTC Black Friday... View the full article
  13. Battle for Tharkad Start Date: Wednesday, Nov 22nd - 00:00 UTC End Date: Sunday, Nov 26th - Peak Hours Tharkad Is under siege! Clan Jade Falcon and Steel Viper have carved a path into the heart... View the full article
  14. THANATOS QUICKPLAY CHALLENGE Thanatos Mech Challenge. This event is for those who own a Thanatos Mech pack and/or add-ons. Complete Damage targets in Quickplay to earn rewards. TSP owners receive... View the full article
  15. Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT Patch Number: 1.4.142 Standalone Client Patch Size: ~664 mb Steam Client Patch Size: TBA Please note that due to compression differences the Steam... View the full article
  16. KILLS FOR BILLS QUICK PLAY EVENT KILLS FOR BILLS FACTION PLAY EVENT *Tournament Supporter Pack Owners Get An Additional 500,000 C-Bills Per Challenge Completed View the full article
  18. COUNTDOWN TO THANATOS RELEASE DATE NOV 14TH Thanatos: Titles and Badges STANDARD TITLE: The Death Wish BADGE: COLLECTORS TITLE: The God of Death COLLECTORS BADGE: *Collectors... View the full article
  19. [MWO]Rubellite Oasis Teaser!

    Rubellite Oasis Teaser! Fly over the new map, Rubellite Oasis releasing Nov 14th! View the full article
  20. https://mwomercs.com/black-lanner View the full article
  21. Greetings MechWarriors, We know many of you are having a great time playing IS vs. IS and Clan vs. Clan. Unfortunately, players are having long wait times when searching for matches... View the full article
  22. No Tricks...only Treats with MC! This Halloween Purchase MC and Receive additional Treats! - Starts: October 27th 12:00 AM UTC (October 26th, 5:00 pm PST) Ends: October... View the full article
  23. [MWO]Mech_Con Camo Pattern!

    Greetings MechWarriors,We have more surprises for all Mech_Con 2017 attendees! Get the new *Mech_Con Camo Pattern at Mech_Con 2017!! BUY TICKETS HERE!We've created a special Mech_Con 2017 Camo Pattern... View the full article
  24. Trick or Treat III Loot Bag Event << Click the link for all the Details! View the full article
  25. Greetings MechWarriors, We will be rolling out a hot-fix, currently scheduled for Wednesday, October 25th at 10:00 AM PDT (5 PM UTC), to address the following fixes: • Faction Play: Fix for an issue... View the full article