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    [EDN]0.5 – Combat Update

    Bigest update in Edengrad history has become a reality. We have introduced and changed a lot of game mechanics and though not all of them will be visible to the players now, they will definitely accelerate our work. We have laid the foundations of many systems that will make the new patches appear much faster. We are aware that the new 0.5 update will require balancing and continuous attention. On the other hand, we do not want the next patches to be only bug fixes so get ready for a lot of changes in the near future! New interface We have refreshed a lot of user interface elements like PDA, HUD, or character window. All changes are designed to give players more immersive and clearer gameplay. You will find more details in the 0.5 update changelog. Arena Many of you expected a good PvP mode known from other games. Especially for this purpose we have created a system of location instancing, a new interface and a ranking. This gives players the opportunity to compete and get the best equipment in a new, different way. Initially we only introduce one mode: capture the flag, but with the system already completed, next ones will be much easier to implement. We look forward to your comments and suggestions on wha mode you want to see in game. Active skills What would look a fight in the arena without a good set of skills that could crush (literally) your opponent? In 0.5 we added special attacks to melee weapons, and in the next update we will implement the rest. Each skill means new mechanics, animations and a lot of balancing, and we did not want players to have to wait for such an important change endlessly. We decided to introduce an update with as many changes as we have. Fighting is not just cutting off your limbs with big axes. We have in mind players who want to be engineers, chemists and doctors. Especially for them, we will create a set of new skills and gadgets, thanks to which gameplay will be as interesting as for typical warriors. Scavenging and repair of items Virtually since the first version of Edengrad you have asked us for such functionality. We also knew that the ability to recover materials from unnecessary objects is something obvious in the post-apocalyptic world. We added a special workshop and some skills in the Survival Tree which made every item found worth taking. Players will no longer be able to repair items at Bob’s. To do this, go to the same workshop, which is used for scavenging. Redesign of the Lost Highway map Long time travel between locations is a nightmare of MMOs. We were able to explain this as the aspect of “survival” but we preferred to do something that would improve the gameplay. The Mericks settlement was moved closer to the center, the oil fields now surrounds Zeus house, and their place is taken by a cargo station (not available for exploration). The village in the center of the map was enlarged and the church was added on the hill. Asphalt roads have been added between new locations and the factory to facilitate navigation. In the north-east of the map mysterious cultists appeared who will be challenging for high-level players. New items functionalities Until now, clothes had only armor and weapon has damage which described items. This was a temporary solution and we have completely changed it. Items received a quality rating that is randomly assigned during creation. It defines what and how many bonus statistics it will gain. In addition, some armor can be combined in sets, gaining new bonuses View the full article
  2. Huckleberry Games

    [EDN]Summary of PGA 2017

    One of the biggest advantages of working in gamedev is an opportunity to be in close touch with keen players. There are some events we’re looking forward to – amongst them there’s PGA, one of the most important industry events in Poland! Are you curious how we remembered the last days? Great, we’ve a lot to tell you! This year’s PGA enjoyed huge popularity of players who flocked into in Poznan. Although Huckleberry Games studio isn’t located far away from the Poznan International Fair, we wanted to be well prepared; therefore, the work on creating Edengrad’s booth lasted day and night! Effect? In hall 5A, a bunker emerged – it stood out from other stands and attracted a crowd of mercenaries! Our booth has enjoyed great interest from the very beginning of the event. However, the real siege took place on Saturday, when adventurous players wanted to conquer Edengrad. Many of them took to heart information that in the event of an unexpected apocalypse, only our game guarantees survival, and formed long lines to computers. Thanks to the reliable hardware provided by PROLINE company (a big thank you for the successful cooperation), every mercenary could satisfy their hunger for adventure, and the wastelands of Arizona got populated. What has generated so much interest? The latest, powerful update 0.5 – the fruit of our intensive work – which we’ll soon present to all players! Although implemented changes were warmly welcomed, we’re aware of the fact that a lot of things still need improvement – we work hard to make sure that the new version will meet our fans’ demands. And these are really high, which was proven during our Q&A sessions. During these meetings not only did we have a unique opportunity to discuss with players the effects of our work, but also we received a solid dose of inspiration. We’ve been given lots of interesting ideas on Edengrad’s development and some of them will be used in our further work – thank you! After meeting with the authors of the game, players could take a photo with Gertrud and Xavier wandering around the hall. Judging by the interest of gamers, inviting our characters from hot Arizona was a good choice! Our bunker was also visited by the president of Poznan, Mr. Jacek Jaskowiak, who after short persuasion decided to impersonate a mercenary! It was a truly exceptional meeting and we hope that it’ll result in a joint promotion of the idea of the Silicon Valley of Poznan! This year’s PGA show has ended too fast, but we’re glad that in less than a year we’ll meet our fans in Poznan again! During 3 days of the event we distributed over 2000 flyers, gave away almost 40 T-shirts, our guests ate over 1000 post-apocalyptic Gertrud’s cakes and drank 200 cups of coffee. We’re sure that our mercenaries satisfied their hunger for adventure! Thank you for visiting us, inspiring conversations and see you next year! Huckleberry Games team View the full article
  3. Huckleberry Games

    [EDN]0.4 Economy update

    Mercenaries, the summertime is reaching its peak! Even when there is pure Mordor coming down from sky, we still heat up the atmosphere by showing you our next update, which will make you sink into our game for long hours! Each day the team is working to improve the quality of gameplay even more. Any hints on how the Edengrad will change this time? Don’t you worry – we will not keep you in the dark! The most important and title-giving change that comes with the 0.4 path is improvement of economical part of the game. As you surely remember, we wanted trading within the game to be a key feature of Edengrad and until the 0.4 patch, this function was limited. Which is why we are implementing markets into the game. Those are very particular buildings that every player who have right entitlements can set up in the city. The markets contains of many sorting options, so you could search faster for an item of your interest in a blink of an eye. You can read more about the trading features in the 0.4 changelog. The time of harvest has came to the post-apocalyptic world, but in order to receive, one is firstly supposed to sow. In the patch we are implementing also new, advanced farming system and the changes include both cooking and chemistry trees. Players will be given much more tools to take care of the growth of the plants, but also the greenery will require more time and attention. Watering and gathering the wee…, uhm, cotton is no longer enough. Now, in order for the plants to grow, player is ought to fertilize it and protect it from illness. Believe it or not, but it will pay off! All grown plants are now usable. Most of it is edible or ready to be processed in updated cooking tree. Eating not only influence the characters satiety, but also improves the stats (by really large boosts), thanks to the new system of character states. Mentioned changes are just the beginning. We also fixed lots of bugs, added new map, improved the functionality of PDA and adjusted some of the animations. Additionally we gave you the opportunity to change the key bindings in any way you want, as you asked for it repeatedly. Those of you, who are still experiencing issues with the optimization, should not worry – in the 0.4 patch we also improved the stability of the game, decreased the RAM usage and made the game loading faster. We hope, that the newest patch will meet your expectations! Don’t be shy in commenting and giving your feedback on forum, Facebook or Discord! If you want to know what we plan in the nearest future, then you should look at our detailed plan describing whole lists of incoming changes: Here is the link to the full changelog: See you on the tract! View the full article
  4. Huckleberry Games

    [EDN] Update 0.3

    Mercenaries, thank you for your presence during today’s stream – we’re glad that many of you decided to participate in it and asked us lots of questions. We appreciate all kind words and we’re looking forward to meeting you again – thanks to you we’ll be starting tomorrow’s work with even stronger motivation! Although the game’s premiere was a great event for us, we didn’t have much time to celebrate it – we started to work on optimization and bugs’ elimination almost immediately. As you’ve probably noticed, Edengrad is constantly changing. Having upgraded the game’s stability, it’s time to change a few things – today we’ve implemented the biggest update and the production has been enriched with several new features. We hope that you’ll like the newly introduced elements and will turn our servers red! Take a look on changes: We’ve introduced the long-awaited wars of towns – another element following setting up fractions and interaction between organizations. Thanks to this new feature, the game’s world will become more dynamic and dangerous. During the upcoming months we’ll introduce several new PvP-related features. We’ve improved servers performance, which will become more reliable and allow more players to enter the game. Talent trees have grown, offering now more opportunities of crafting weapons and constructing elements. The game has been enriched with new constructing elements, such as fences and doors. We’ve added action bar, thanks to which changing items or performing a specific activity will become easier. Thanks to this option you’ll be able to react faster in critical moments of a battle by assigning changes into certain number key. The interface will be refreshed soon and a quick access toolbar will get a new look. We’ve provided a resuscitation option – from now on you can help your comrades, even if they’re deadly injured. The number of animations has been doubled, thanks to which characters move in a more natural way. We’ve changed the cultivation system – the process has become more realistic and complex. We’ve added new lines and characters’ tones of voice. We’ve improved hints presented after moving the cursor over an item or a skill, and created a true knowledge compendium. We’ve introduced a possibility to grant privileges, thanks to which every member of an organization will be enabled to open the city door. From now on, players will be able to encrypt their chests. A mini game awaits those who seek for action – they’ll be able to open chests with the help of a lock pick. We’ve introduced a new map that will be continually developed (as for now, there’re two quests available). The biggest upgrade isn’t only our merit – thanks to your commitment Edengrad’s getting better and better every day. We’re listening to our players’ suggestions and doing our best to adjust the game in such a way it gives you joy. A lot of improvements have been implemented thanks to you. We’re not resting on our laurels and we’re working hard to create a more polished and engaging world – we’ll present you a unique and interesting quest soon. See you on the gaming tract! 0.3 – Update Video: 0.3 – Changelog on Steam: 0.3 – Changelog on forums: View the full article
  5. Huckleberry Games

    [EDN] Information on servers wipe

    Mercenaries, many of you ask us questions concerning a WIPE – a reset of characters’ skills. As you’ve probably noticed, with every single update Edengrad is more stable, but unfortunately in the first versions of the game bugs appeared that enabled some of the players to level their characters up and gain top-end items too fast. We want our game to bring joy and satisfaction to all users; therefore, we took a closer look at talent trees and balanced them accordingly. We’ve decided to do the WIPE on June 1st. The operation will take a few hours – our servers will be switched off on June 1st and we’ll switch them on after implementing the planned changes. What does it mean to you? All players will start their game from the beginning All characters, skills and equipment will be deleted Keeping the character’s progress won’t be possible All towns will be deleted After a few hours break, our servers will resume their work and you’ll be able to continue your adventure with the world of Edengrad. Apart from the WIPE, on June 1st other surprises will be awaiting you and we’re sure they’ll make your gameplay more pleasant. Follow our fanpage to learn more. We’ll inform you on upcoming changes during the livestream on Twitch and Facebook on June 1st, at 4 p.m. CET. Thank you for your understanding and see you on the tract! View the full article
  6. Mercenaries! For the past two weeks many things have happened in the world of Edengrad. Each day has taught us a lot and we’d like to thank you for it! Our Facebook and Twitter channels have been under siege – we’ve received lots of priceless and constructive feedback. Edengrad’s most valuable elements are players. You co-create its dynamic world and have an actual influence on the shape of our production. We always knew that the game gathered an amazing community but the first days after the release were totally surprising – it turned out that you’re a group of remarkably mature gamers. Other game dev studios can envy us! Our team has released 22 updates, thanks to which Edengrad’s universe is functioning better and better every day. We’re working hard on optimization and solving problems that you’ve reported. By now we’ve managed to fix the biggest server issues and Edengrad is more stable now. We’re waiting for you on the tract! View the full article
  7. Mercenaries! This piece of news was supposed to be entitled “25 reasons to buy Edengrad” because during the first week of the release you can buy our game 25% cheaper, but we came to a conclusion that it has much more to offer! On 4/4/2017 our first production was released and to celebrate that fact we organized an all-day-long stream on Twitch that enjoyed great popularity. You could follow our event on Facebook and Twitter. A big thank you for your presence, countless questions and great fun! We started at 12:00 p.m. CET, introducing those less privy to the universe of our game. Imagine our joy when minute after minute the number of watchers was bumping up and our story was bringing on a big “wow”! The force was strong and all the faster we introduced the Edengrad’s team. As you noticed, there’s no place for random people – each of us is an avid player and we’re doing our best so our product satisfies even the choosiest mercenaries. The game development process means not only making priceless contacts within the industry and glee after implementing consecutive innovative solutions – first of all, it’s hard work which was rewarded on the premiere day. After a short introduction, it was time for a Q&A session, which turned both Twitch and Facebook red-hot. You took our posts to heart and interacted, asking us serious, funny and sometimes totally wacky questions – you could definitely become superb testers! Having finished the session, we selected the winners of the first contest and it became obvious that apart from testers, there’re also fans who could become professional cosplayers – the level of your works blew us down. Lucky winners received Edengrad’s free keys. A bit later the second contest was finished – in a nutshell, the future of Polish Quest Designers is really bright! We didn’t forget about mercenaries who missed our competitions and they could win their Edengrad’s Steam keys during the stream. Between playing game, gobbling down pizza, watching game trailers and answering your questions, we presented you our team members’ scope of responsibilities. Amongst lots of information, you could get to know the specificity of a 2D Game Artist work. Given a large number of questions, we deduce that many of you want to see their future in gaming industry – that’s the spirit! Time flied and the clock struck 6:00 p.m. CET, which could mean only one – Edengrad became available on the Steam platform! After just a few hours, our production landed on the 4th place of bestsellers – what a nice surprise! Having drunk a few sips of champagne, we continued presenting you results of our work, this time playing the game with you! Although there were some minor problems, they were resolved quickly and masses of mercenaries set out where the sun goes down, exploring the wastelands of Arizona. Even though our event finished at 9:00 p.m. CET, our adventure has just begun. We have a lot of work ahead but we already see that our game arouses your interest – we’ll do our best so Edengrad delights you. See you on the tract! View the full article
  8. It’s time to leave the shelter and meet the fascinating post-apo world. Mercenary, get ready for the premiere of Edengrad’s Alpha version! Celebrate the one and only event and start off your adventure with the most awaited MMO title of recent years! You can’t miss that! On 4/4/2017 at 12:00 p.m. CET, a huge party will start on Edengrad’s fanpage – we’ll celebrate the premiere of our production on Steam. Fans scattered all over the world will have a chance to spend an unforgettable day with authors – our team will be introducing the universe of Edengrad to them for nine hours. If you want to accompany us on the release day and get to know both our team and the production, follow the agenda. 12:00 p.m. CET – stream’s start off on the game’s fanpage 6:00 p.m. CET – Edengrad’s premiere on Steam platform 9 p.m. CET – the end of the stream on Facebook We’re planning plenty of attractions for you, including: A Q&A session – we’ll answer every question concerning our production, upcoming projects and our everyday work We’ll do our best to introduce you into the process of production of an advanced game, such as Edengrad, and present you the scope of duties of our team members We’re going to announce winners of our contests, in which you could gain Edengrad’s Steam keys A gaming session with our team Celebration, toasts, laughter and lots of fun! Mercenary, let’s meet on 4/4/2017 at 12:00 p.m. CET. We’re waiting for you! View the full article
  9. Since its beginning, Edengrad has been developed for players who want to create groups, set up fractions and construct towns. The game basis, and for many its crucial element for which they have been waiting since first mentions concerning the project, is opportunity to build own constructions and that’s the aspect we wish to focus on right now. We’ve been working on a new building system for some time – it makes much more intuitive. One of implemented improvements is an option of pulling objects towards existing ones, thanks to which construction of complex structures is easier and more pleasant. Another change includes bug fixes, such as opportunity to build several walls in one place, or texture interfusion of adjoining models’ bindings. Additionally, we have thickened floor so it doesn’t look as if it’s made out of cardboard and added interaction with existing walls without entering into the cursor mode. Things that players can see at first glance are new models of walls and floor. We decided to change a scale of single elements, so buildings can be constructed faster and a camera inside rooms moves more deftly. Walls are bigger, made of more precise models and high resolution textures – new settlements are going to look even better. We’re also planning to improve the camera work and add a quick access bar, so players wouldn’t have to bring out items from equipment directly.Every activity connected with fractions, such as constructing and developing towns, creating special buildings and declaring wars, is going to entail raising funds in a special currency called the city coin. The above described changes are merely an introduction of what players are going to see in the forthcoming months. View the full article
  10. Huckleberry Games

    [EDN] The Lost Highway

    The Lost Highway is the first location seen by players after leaving the vaults. The desert, mostly based on Arizona’s Monument Valley, is in many places interlaced with rock formations. Almost vertical slopes are fantastic surroundings for explorers and rock climbing lovers. Omnipresent precipice and rock clefts force the player to search for new, often hidden routes in areas where they can encounter not only many dangerous creatures, but also precious treasures. On the one hand, we did our best to present Arizona’s climate as realistically as possible. On the other hand, we wanted to fill the world with interesting locations so the player wouldn’t get bored while wandering through endless grasslands. The Lost Highway is a perfect example presenting how our line of thinking changed during the process of map designing. At first it was a usual desert with huge rock formations. Original locations, such as ranches, campsites or caves, represented a minor part of the whole ground. A journey between places indicated by tasks took a lot of time and apart from gathering raw materials needed for craftsmanship, there was nothing that could fill the void. At that point we introduced a rule, according to which within the field of view there always has to be a place attracting the player’s attention. New side quests and locations breaking a desert motif (which remains dominant) were created. Despite our actions, everything still went on one level and the difference between extreme ground levels was slight. At that point several routes based on existing mountains were created. It enabled rock climbing in order to seek for interesting items and opponents. Huge canyons and rock labyrinths became apparent – these forms forced the player to search for optimal paths in sinuous corridors. In this way, the map went through several changes and although it’s still mainly a desert, it’s filled with interesting places and quests. View the full article
  11. Huckleberry Games

    [EDN] Changes in the NPC system

    If you appreciate the role of non-player characters and you enjoy interacting with them, we believe you’ll like our today’s news. We started to work on a new NPC system. What does it mean? Our NPCs will be more expressive, easier to interact with and will obtain individual character features. What do you think of the upcoming changes? Hi! Edengrad’s changes are not only visible in mechanics, which you could have experienced lately, but also in other aspects. Although they can’t be seen at first glance, they kick-start the world and level up immersion. We won’t surprise you by saying that NPCs (non-player characters) play an important role even in a run-down, post-apo world. However, not all of them assign players quests or offer them services. Thus far, NPCs were located on the map and as long as players didn’t start interaction, they didn’t react to them. It was important to us to add more realism into the gameplay and therefore we started to work on a new NPC system. The latest update will introduce the first changes, visible with the unaided eye. From now on, NPCs will independently react to the player’s presence in their typical way. Characters that stand and don’t take any (specific) actions, will simply turn to the player. NPCs performing work (in a warehouse or on computers in the operations room) will need a moment to pause it. Sitting characters won’t get up (how rude!), but they’ll try to interact from their perspective. NPCs talking to each other will choose player’s companionship as soon as they move closer and after he or she moves away, the characters will return to the discussion with the previous companion. Moreover, in each of the above-mentioned situations, a NPC will follow the player with their eyes, turning their head simultaneously (to a degree their anatomy lets them do that). Thanks to a new facial expression controller, NPCs faces will become more vibrant and expressive. These changes will not only diverse the world, but also eliminate bugs linked with a sudden transition from one animation into another or those related to an animation’s early end. In the end, all NPCs will get their features and typical behaviors, so that with introduction of day and night cycle, the whole world starts living its own life. What’s important, they will keep their routines, but once in a while they could be seen wandering in distant parts of the map, fighting against strong opponents or gathering raw materials. A night shift warden won’t be ever seen in a hallway by day, at most in the canteen, relaxing after his hard work. Similarly, at night, Gertrud deals with completely different things , which have nothing in common with running the kitchen. We hope that you’ll like new improvements and return to the world of Edengrad with even more enthusiasm! View the full article
  12. We did it! For the first time in history, Huckleberry Games participated in a charity campaign and – thanks to you – we succeeded! 19 participants bade for 3 auctions for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. In total, Edengrad’s Steam keys and T-shirts were sold for 491 PLN. Thanks guys! For the last 25 years the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has been supporting Polish health service in many aspects. In the year 2017 almost 120 000 volunteers were raising money for children and seniors’ healthcare. It’s a unique opportunity to help others; therefore, our team couldn’t justwalk on by! The universe of Edengrad played along with all volunteers and people of goodwill, and it was a pretty good gig. But before you broke the bank, we had to decide on items for auctions. After a turbulent discussion Martin decided that we should prepare some T-shirts and Steam game keys. Needless to say, we complied with his request and even overfulfilled it. We got keys, signed unique T-shirts and provided you with a real gaming treat – an opportunity to visit us in our headquarters to collect bidden items in person! Results? 3 auctions, 19 bidders and 491 PLN raised – wow.We’d like to thank all participants and people who supported our charity campaign. We’re sure that with the raised money, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity will help several children and seniors in their fight for better healthcare. A big thank you – we’ll be back next year! PS Guess what? Harris says you rock! View the full article
  13. Hello, mercenaries! Since the very first lines of code, Edengrad has been continually changing. New solutions have been implemented, the game mechanics’ have changed and story line has developed. We have no doubts that you are aware of the fact how complex a MMO game can be. Many advanced mechanics create the core of gameplay and are as important as graphics or story line. That’s why we decided to level-up a leveling system of a character. Since its beginning it differed from most of available titles. We assumed that the more time the player spends with Edengrad, the less limits concerned with with professions and skills they will experience. The con of this solution was lack of reliance between professions. Another difficulty was lack of visual feeling of the character development. We chose classics as it guarantees a clear and pleasant way of character development. We decided to introduce How it used to be: 14 professions including 600 talents to dispose; Each profession provided separate experience gained through items’ production and performing actions connected with the ascribed tree; A player could practice all professions at once; Production of certain items required practicing a few professions; Lack of reliance between professions; Player lacked the feeling of their character practice; How it’s going to be: A general level presenting the character development will be added to the system; Experience gained in any profession will directly affect the above mentioned level; 3 categories of the character development grouping 10 skills; A player will be able to achieve maximum 50 levels and gain 100 points of development; How these changes will affect the gameplay? All professions will equally affect the general character development. This solution will indicate both player’s potential and the strength of opponents faced out by the player. The implemented changes will become an integral element during unlocking new skills and the classification of such items as weaponry or armor. Another interesting fact is that each new level will enable the development each of the ten skills, which will be divided into three categories. Thanks to this solution, the player will be able to develop their fighting skills, but also to produce the required items more effectively. We hope that thanks to the planned changes, the gameplay will become more attractive and the character development will turn out to be more intuitive. View the full article
  14. Oh boy, it’s you again? What are you muttering under your breath? You want what? A movie?! Does it look like a cinema to you? Correct, it’s a warehouse! Alright, give me a minute, I have a good reel under the counter – it’s from my personal collection. Ugh, no! It’s a video about Edengrad, you fool… Hello again! Today we’d like to present you a video from our meeting with investors and launching Edengrad’s pre-alfa testing phase. Our visit to Warsaw was not only a fantastic opportunity to meet other gamedevs and people who deal with investing in innovative projects, but also a historic moment for our studio. Thanks to you, we’ve taken another step – Edengrad was released to gamers who supported the project on crowdfunding platform. What can we say? If it wasn’t for your help, we probably wouldn’t be where we are now. Thank you and enjoy watching this vid, a record of such an important moment for our team. View the full article
  15. Huckleberry Games

    [EDN] Edengrad PreAlfa is here!

    Hey you, greenhorn! Come closer, I’ve got some news for you. I heard that you decided to abandon the warm and cozy vaults and get some fresh air. Dreaming of slaying monsters? You’re as pale as a ghost, you underground daredevil – let’s see if you can stand sunlight in the first place, heh! Listen carefully, the first stage of Edengrad’s alpha testing starts on 22nd November 2016. As soon as the dust settles and the progress bar of the first phase reaches 100%, the next stage will become available. Here’s what you should know about this stage of testing: Every player who’s been given access to Edengrad in this phase will receive a lifelong Pioneer’s title (yes, this title will still be yours even 5 years from now) Due to bug fixing, players’ achievements might get wiped out All bugs should be reported here Forum category At this stage of alpha testing you won’t be able to found a town, declare wars or construct buildings. We want to test all game elements, one after another. Wow, hold your horses, mercenary – I’m not done yet! Here, take this note – it will give you insight into secret plans. And remember, it’s for your eyes only – we don’t want you to get hurt, do we? Now get your pale ass out of my sight, I’m expecting some key clients here. Edengrad: Closed Testing Stage Stage #1 (start: 22nd November 2016) : Tutorial Quests in the Lost Highway location PvE PvP Looting Crafting Stage #2 (after testing all bugs from the previous stage): Organizations (formation, joining, management) Town founding Building construction Stage #3 (after testing all bugs from the previous stage): Quests in new locations More options of building construction Stage #4 (after testing all bugs from the previous stage): Quests in new locations Wars and siege of towns View the full article