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  1. The newest Global Event—Blackout—has arrived with new modifiers, vanity masks, and another chance at Classified gear-sets! Start: April 23, 08:00 AM UTC End: April 30, 08:00 AM UTC The following modifiers are live during Blackout: Blackout—Always active. Agents are equipped with Shock Ammo that stuns enemies. Shooting or running builds your Charge meter. The more Charge, the more damage you inflict. Extreme Blackout—Blackout behavior, plus you can instantly kill enemies with Overcharged melee attacks, but if you miss you will stun yourself and your allies. Total Blackout—Extreme Blackout behavior, plus your Charge meter will cool down faster when close to other group members. Agents now have an opportunity to earn the following Classified gear-sets: Classified DeadEye Classified D3-FNC Classified Striker's Battlegear Classified Tactician's Authority No Global Event would be complete without vanity items. The Vulcan, Tao, and Rictus facemasks make their way into The Division and can be earned by completing Blackout-specific Commendations. In addition, three new weapon skins alongside a new vanity outfit will be rewarded based on player performance on the tiered-Global Event Leaderboards. We hope to see everyone in-game! /The Division Dev Team View the full article
  2. Agents, incoming State of the Game transmission: During the last State of the Game, Community Developers Hamish Bode and Yannick Banchereau discussed the launch of Update 1.8.1, as well as a return of Stats with Yannick with some impressive numbers from the past month’s Global Events and a look into some Legendary Missions statistics. This week, Petter is joined by Senior Design Lead Paul Turland and Designer James Norris from Ubisoft Leamington to discuss the recent update and the upcoming Global Event Blackout as well as showcase more excellent entries to the #EmojiAgent challenge. If you werent able to catch the stream live, we got you covered with the VoD. During today’s maintenance we deployed a server-side hotfix that fixed a couple of issues identified since the launch of Update 1.8.1. Removed vendor exotics from the Underground named bosses loot pool.[/*] Fixed legendary weapon skins not showing up correctly in mission reward previews.[/*] Global Event Blackout will start on Monday April 23rd and will run until April 30th. During this event, you will be able to get your hands on the Classified versions of the DeadEYE, D3-FNC, Striker’s Battlegear & Tactician’s Authority gear sets as well obtain these new vanity masks for your agent. Blackout - Always active. Agents are equipped with Shock Ammo that stuns enemies. Shooting or running builds your Charge meter. The more Charge, the more damage you inflict.[/*] Extreme Blackout - Blackout behavior, plus you can instantly kill enemies with Overcharged melee attacks, but if you miss you will stun yourself and your allies.[/*] Total Blackout - Extreme Blackout behavior, plus your Charge meter will cool down faster when close to other group members.[/*] Make sure to check out the VoD as Designers Paul Turland & James Norris for a developer's perspective on the philosophy that went into the creation of Blackout. We have shown a lot of great entries to the #EmojiAgent challenge in the past few weeks and they just keep coming! @Baundiesel shared his take on the Sneeze emote with us. Bless you, Baun! @cfgamble really nailed absolutely everything in this picture, even the background matches up. Excellent work, agent! @bicycleofdeath has his eyes on you. You better not go rogue, agent! We also had a couple of Massive employees submit their entries. First we have Uplay programmer @olafurw saying hello to the community. @Dinusty, an Environment Artist at Massive went all in with his entry. Out of all emotes that could have been done, he went with the backflip! That’s some serious dedication, agent! Finally, we have this awesome still of @miniKenga111 from her stage performance with @goosecosplay1. The cosplay is really spot on, even down to the smallest details. If you haven’t seen their stage performance, make sure to check it out on YouTube. Stay tuned to future State of the Game streams for information on upcoming Global Events as well as additional information on Update 1.8.2 as we move closer to its planned June release. As always, be sure to join us over on the Official Forums or on the community Reddit if you’re looking for a place to discuss all things related to The Division. Until next time! The Division Dev Team View the full article
  3. Agents! Whether you are a newer player to The Division or thinking about coming back for more, now is a great time to jump back into the world of Manhattan. This tutorial serves as a guideline for the many activities available for newly enlisted Agents as well as returning veterans. New Agents After leaving the chopper, players see Manhattan’s run-down state first-hand. Supplies are running low, enemy factions have overtaken the city, and hope is spread thin. As an honorary Division Agent, it is now your responsibility to push the enemy factions back as the last beacon of hope the city has. Your first task is to re-establish the home Base of Operations (BOO) after speaking with your primary contact—Faye Lau. Questing in The Division offers players the opportunity to explore the city of Manhattan completely solo or through 4-player co-op. Jump into a solo session and navigate the streets to provide aid to civilians and assist JTF convoys in the field. Recover audio logs and Missing Agent transmissions that tell the story of First-Wave Division Agents. Travel between safe houses to secure vantage points across the city and upgrade your arsenal of weapons, gear, and modifications. If you are looking for more firepower, invite some of your friends to tackle Campaign missions! Agents will face off against hostile figureheads like Colonel Bliss, Larae Barrett, and Rioter Hutch to shatter faction morale and stabilize choke-points throughout Manhattan. Along the way, Agents will forge friendships with key figures like Captain Benitez, Dr. Jessica Kandel, Paul Rhodes, and the notorious Sgt. Ramos. These familiar faces will act as every Agent’s support network, so be sure to heed their advice! These are just some of the many opportunities available when stepping foot in The Division for the first time! Returning Agents Welcome back, Agent! If you are coming back to the game or just hit level 30, we want to answer the most common question for The Division’s end-game—“How do I get gear?” Remember that you, the player, always have the option of choosing your end-game activities. Players will always be rewarded for playing their way. As a starting guideline, we recommend progressing through the World Tiers until reaching World Tier 5. This means completing missions, eliminating High Value Targets, and defeating Dark Zone bosses to increase overall Gear Score. WT5 is unlocked at GS 256+, and Agents will be fighting the most challenging enemies for the greatest rewards in this bracket. Assignments are a series of challenges unlocked at level 30 that are accessible on the map. The following can be completed once a week, per character for a total of three Exotic Caches. Please note that players need access to the DLC in order to complete the Underground/Survival Weekly Assignments. Weekly Assignment Underground Assignment Survival Assignment In addition, one Exotic Cache is granted per character for the successful completion of each of the following missions, per week: Legendary Time Square Power Relay Legendary WarrenGate Power Plant Legendary Napalm Production Site Falcon Lost Incursion (Heroic) Clear Sky Incursion (Heroic) Dragon’s Nest Incursion (Heroic) Stolen Signal Incursion (Heroic) One of the newest exotic SMGs–The House—was reviewed by community member Lt. BuzzLitebeer. Check out what he had to say! As players grow their Exotic collection, a number of gear-sets will drop along the way. These 4-piece gear-sets bring tailored bonuses to the table that cater to various playstyles for Division Agents. D3-FNC, for example, gives players bonuses for using the Ballistic shield on the front line while Reclaimer designates players as the dedicated healer with an enhanced Support Station. Path of the Nomad is the solo player’s dream with increased survivability while Striker’s Battlegear fits a DPS role with increased stacks of damage. Even more gear-sets are available to fit the way any Agent wants to play. YouTuber KackisHD provides some gear-set tips for new and returning players! Finding Classified gear-sets plays a huge role in the end-game. Each standard gear-set has a Classified version, with an additional two-pieces that bring a full set to 6-pieces total. A 6-piece Classified set brings its standard equivalent to the next level by magnifying its power and effectiveness. Keep in mind the following activities have a chance to drop a Classified gear-piece in addition to Exotic weapons/gear: Open World bosses Dark Zone bosses Underground Hunters Phoenix Credit Cache at the Terminal Season Pass Supply Drop For a detailed overview of Classified Gear, ETF member Rxlyat has all the intel! Alongside all the PVE content, players always have the option to jump into any of the PVP modes available in The Division. We recommend gearing up and crafting a build before venturing in. While gear-normalization applies here (except the DZ), individual gear will have an impact on the experience. Last Stand—an 8V8 PVPVE mode in which Agents battle over tactical fortifications with the interference of enemy NPCs. Skirmish—a dedicated 4V4 PVP mode introduced with Update 1.8 with an emphasis on smaller-scale gunfights. Dark Zone—a PVEVP zone in which Agents utilize Update 1.8’s voluntary rogue mechanic to flag themselves for PVP. Landmarks and Contamination Events are also available with bosses for farming. Watch ETF member Widdz earn 18 kills in a close Skirmish game! We welcome all new and returning players alike to The Division! Head over to the Official Forums and community Reddit for discussions and feedback. Thank you, Agents! /The Division Dev Team View the full article
  4. Agents! The Mark III Encrypted Cache has now arrived! Found at the Premium Vendor in the Terminal, these loot containers include exclusive vanity items that are purely cosmetic. Here is a preview of some of the new appearance items arriving in the upcoming cache! With Predator’s Mark, Hunter’s Faith, Lone Star, and Final Measure vanity Collections, Agents can continue to match their equipped gear sets with appearance items! We expect other exciting combinations with the new MC Retro Collection as well! Finishing each of these Collections also unlocks an additional item as a piece of an overall bonus 6th Collection—Sentinel. Opening Encrypted Caches requires Cypher Keys, which can be earned through a few different means. The first is simply by playing The Division. Killing bosses, completing Commendations, and completing Search and Destroy missions all reward Cypher Key Fragments. Ten Fragments are required for one Cypher Key, and one Cypher Key opens one Encrypted Cache. The alternative is through Premium Credits, which can be purchased at the Premium Vendor. Cypher Keys can be purchased in bundles to open Encrypted Caches. Here is the total list of items coming in the new Mark III Encrypted Cache! Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Blaze Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Feuer Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Fire Backpack Skin: Parallel - Knapweed Backpack Skin: Parallel - Iris Backpack Skin: Parallel - Linnea Backpack Skin: Parallel - Maple Backpack Skin: Parallel - Dog Rose Backpack Skin: Parallel - Lily Backpack Skin: Parallel - Lignum Backpack Skin: Parallel - Thistle Backpack Skin: Stacked - Contrast Backpack Skin: Stacked - Bloom Backpack Skin: Stacked - Shine Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 01 Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 02 Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 03 Backpack Skin: Pigment - Berry Backpack Skin: Pigment - Pine Backpack Skin: Pigment - Pumpkin Backpack Skin: Pigment - Rose Backpack Skin: Pigment - Spice Backpack Skin: Rikers - Bounty Backpack Skin: Rikers - Gunrunners Backpack Skin: Rikers - Heist Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Fireball Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Firebrigade Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Firecracker Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Firedrill Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Flames Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Napalm Backpack Skin: Bolt - Blast Backpack Skin: Bolt - Discharge Backpack Skin: Bolt - Boom Backpack Skin: Bolt - Burst Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 04 Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 05 Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 06 Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 07 Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 08 Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 09 Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 10 Backpack Skin: Rikers - Benjamins Backpack Skin: Rikers - Island Backpack Skin: Rikers - Jailbird Backpack Skin: Rikers - Riots Backpack Skin: Rikers - Robbery Backpack Skin: Rikers - Speed Weapon Skin: Cleaners - Blaze Weapon Skin: Cleaners - Feuer Weapon Skin: Cleaners - Fire Weapon Skin: Parallel - Knapweed Weapon Skin: Parallel - Iris Weapon Skin: Parallel - Linnea Weapon Skin: Parallel - Maple Weapon Skin: Parallel - Dog Rose Weapon Skin: Parallel - Lily Weapon Skin: Parallel - Lignum Weapon Skin: Parallel - Thistle Weapon Skin: Stacked - Contrast Weapon Skin: Stacked - Bloom Weapon Skin: Stacked - Shine Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 01 Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 02 Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 03 Weapon Skin: Pigment - Berry Weapon Skin: Pigment - Pine Weapon Skin: Pigment - Pumpkin Weapon Skin: Pigment - Rose Weapon Skin: Pigment - Spice Weapon Skin: Rikers - Bounty Weapon Skin: Rikers - Gunrunners Weapon Skin: Rikers - Heist Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 04 Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 06 Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 07 Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 09 Weapon Skin: Rikers - Jailbird Weapon Skin: Rikers - Riots Weapon Skin: Rikers - Robbery Weapon Skin: Cleaners - Fireball Weapon Skin: Cleaners - Firedrill Weapon Skin: Cleaners - Flames Weapon Skin: Bolt - Blast Weapon Skin: Bolt - Discharge Weapon Skin: Bolt - Boom Weapon Skin: Bolt - Burst Weapon Skin: Crypto - DZ Weapon Skin: Crypto - Gold Weapon Skin: Crypto - Silver Clothing: MC Retro hat Clothing: MC Retro jacket Clothing: MC Retro pants Clothing: MC Retro scarf Clothing: MC Retro shirt Clothing: MC Retro shoes Clothing: Predator's Mark hat Clothing: Predator's Mark pants Clothing: Predator's Mark scarf Clothing: Predator's Mark shirt Clothing: Predator's Mark shoes Clothing: Hunter's Faith hat Clothing: Hunter's Faith pants Clothing: Hunter's Faith scarf Clothing: Hunter's Faith shirt Clothing: Hunter's Faith shoes Clothing: Lone Star hat Clothing: Lone Star jacket Clothing: Lone Star pants Clothing: Lone Star scarf Clothing: Lone Star shirt Clothing: Lone Star shoes Clothing: Final Measure hat Clothing: Final Measure pants Clothing: Final Measure scarf Clothing: Final Measure shirt Clothing: Final Measure shoes Bonus Item: Sentinel hat Bonus Item: Sentinel scarf Bonus Item: Sentinel jacket Bonus Item: Sentinel pants Bonus Item: Sentinel shoes If you are still after some items in the previous Caches, do not worry! They will still be available at the Premium Vendor. Here is a total list of items in the Mark II Encrypted Cache: Emote: Bow Emote: Pumped Up Emote: Curtsy Emote: Microphone Drop Emote: Dust off Emote: Dance king Emote: Face palm Emote: Kneel Emote: Group up Emote: Make it rain Emote: Superstar Emote: Mock Emote: Parade Emote: Referee Emote: Robot Emote: Snapshot Emote: Strike a pose Emote: Tick-tock Backpack Skin: Astro - Beams Backpack Skin: Astro - Beret Backpack Skin: Astro - Saturn Backpack Skin: Brigade - Commander Backpack Skin: Brush - Artic Backpack Skin: Brush - Bushmaster Backpack Skin: Carthage - Attack Backpack Skin: Carthage - Pink Backpack Skin: Carthage - Sand Backpack Skin: Carthage - Tundra Backpack Skin: Carthage - Vandal Backpack Skin: Enforcer - Sniper Backpack Skin: Frontier - Knights Backpack Skin: Frontier - Royal Guard Backpack Skin: Legion - Americas Backpack Skin: Legion - Leopard Backpack Skin: Rustic - Grenada Backpack Skin: Rustic - Gurkha Backpack Skin: Sling - Ocean Backpack Skin: Splash - Meteor Backpack Skin: Splash - Nature Backpack Skin: Splash - Sparks Backpack Skin: Tech - Blood Dragon Backpack Skin: Tech - Defender Backpack Skin: Tech - Guerilla Warfare Backpack Skin: Tech - Power Surge Backpack Skin: Tech - Urbana Backpack Skin: Tech - Urban Warrior Backpack Skin: Tech - Warrior Backpack Skin: Technica - Bulldog Backpack Skin: Technica - Graffiti Backpack Skin: Technica - Navy Backpack Skin: Technica - Special Forces Backpack Skin: Tiger - Ice Storm Backpack Skin: Tiger - Night Backpack Skin: Tribes - Barbarian Backpack Skin: Tribes - Lombarder Backpack Skin: Tribes - Norse Backpack Skin: Tribes - Visigoths Backpack Skin: Urban - Enforcer Backpack Skin: Vectors - Concrete jungle Backpack Skin: Vectors - Cyber Backpack Skin: Vectors - Electro Backpack Skin: Vectors - Engineer Backpack Skin: Vectors - Industrial Backpack Skin: Vectors - Lime Backpack Skin: Vectors - Magma Backpack Skin: Vectors - Roboto Backpack Skin: Vectors - Shore Backpack Skin: Vines - Renegade Backpack Skin: Vines - Vigilante Weapon Skin: Astro - Beams Weapon Skin: Astro - Beret Weapon Skin: Astro - Saturn Weapon Skin: Brigade - Commander Weapon Skin: Brush - Artic Weapon Skin: Brush - Bushmaster Weapon Skin: Carthage - Attack Weapon Skin: Carthage - Pink Weapon Skin: Carthage - Sand Weapon Skin: Carthage - Tundra Weapon Skin: Carthage - Vandal Weapon Skin: Cleaners - Firecracker Weapon Skin: Cleaners - Napalm Weapon Skin: Cocktail - Amber Weapon Skin: Cocktail - Glacial Weapon Skin: Enforcer - Sniper Weapon Skin: Frontier - Knights Weapon Skin: Frontier - Royal Guard Weapon Skin: Legion - Americas Weapon Skin: Legion - Leopard Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 05 Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 10 Weapon Skin: Moray - Atoll Weapon Skin: Moray - Brackish Weapon Skin: Moray - Savanna Weapon Skin: Rikers - Island Weapon Skin: Rikers - Speed Weapon Skin: Rustic - Grenada Weapon Skin: Rustic - Gurkha Weapon Skin: Scales - Fume Weapon Skin: Scales - Marble> Weapon Skin: Scales - Meadow Weapon Skin: Sling - Ocean Weapon Skin: Splash - Meteor Weapon Skin: Splash - Nature Weapon Skin: Splash - Sparks Weapon Skin: Tech - Blood Dragon Weapon Skin: Tech - Defender Weapon Skin: Tech - Guerilla Warfare Weapon Skin: Tech - Power Surge Weapon Skin: Tech - Urbana Weapon Skin: Tech - Urban Warrior Weapon Skin: Tech - Warrior Weapon Skin: Technica - Bulldog Weapon Skin: Technica - Graffiti Weapon Skin: Technica - Navy Weapon Skin: Technica - Special Forces Weapon Skin: Tiger - Ice Storm Weapon Skin: Tiger - Night Weapon Skin: Tribes - Barbarian Weapon Skin: Tribes - Lombarder Weapon Skin: Tribes - Norse Weapon Skin: Tribes - Visigoths Weapon Skin: Urban - Enforcer Weapon Skin: Vectors - Concrete jungle Weapon Skin: Vectors - Cyber Weapon Skin: Vectors - Electro Weapon Skin: Vectors - Industrial Weapon Skin: Vectors - Lime Weapon Skin: Vectors - Shore Weapon Skin: Vines - Renegade Weapon Skin: Vines - Vigilante Clothing: Blue knitted slouchy Clothing: Black fedora Clothing: Military winter hat Clothing: Simple blue beret Clothing: Black oversized slouchy Clothing: Brown cowboy hat Clothing: Green snapback cap Clothing: Black snapback cap Clothing: Grey snapback cap Clothing: Simple snapback cap Clothing: Leather ivy cap Clothing: Blue ivy cap Clothing: Brown cadet cap Clothing: Black cadet cap Clothing: Blue cadet cap Clothing: Black casual baseball cap Clothing: Printed casual baseball cap Clothing: Blue riding helmet Clothing: Jungle riding helmet Clothing: Cleaner hat Clothing: JTF helmet Clothing: LMB helmet Clothing: Riker hat Clothing: Military parade hat Clothing: Navy parade hat Clothing: Mustard ski jacket Clothing: Red ski jacket Clothing: Long quilted jacket Clothing: Yellow down vest Clothing: Brown shearling jacket Clothing: Blue shearling jacket Clothing: Orange collar jacket Clothing: Gray winter parka Clothing: Green fleece jacket Clothing: Beige military jacket Clothing: Blue motorcycle jacket Clothing: Vintage military jacket Clothing: Hooded denim jacket Clothing: Borg collar jacket Clothing: Red plaid jacket Clothing: Cleaner jacket Clothing: JTF jacket Clothing: LMB jacket Clothing: Riker jacket Clothing: Military parade jacket Clothing: Navy parade jacket Clothing: Cleaner pants Clothing: JTF slacks Clothing: LMB slacks Clothing: Riker pants Clothing: Military parade pants Clothing: Navy parade pants Clothing: Simple striped scarf Clothing: Gray padded scarf Clothing: Cleaner scarf Clothing: JTF scarf Clothing: LMB scarf Clothing: Cleaner shirt Clothing: JTF shirt Clothing: LMB shirt Clothing: Riker shirt Clothing: Military parade shirt Clothing: Navy parade shirt Clothing: Cleaner boots Clothing: JTF boots Clothing: LMB shoes Clothing: Riker shoes Clothing: Military parade shoes Clothing: Navy parade shoes Clothing: MC Club hat Clothing: Urban Navigator hat Clothing: Urban Winter hat Clothing: Urban Messenger hat Clothing: MC Club jacket Clothing: Urban Navigator jacket Clothing: Urban Explorer jacket Clothing: Urban Winter jacket Clothing: Urban Messenger jacket Clothing: MC Club pants Clothing: Urban Navigator pants Clothing: Urban Explorer pants Clothing: Urban Winter pants Clothing: Urban Messenger pants Clothing: MC Club scarf Clothing: MC Club shirt Clothing: Urban Navigator shirt Clothing: Urban Explorer shirt Clothing: Urban Winter shirt Clothing: Urban Messenger shirt Clothing: MC Club shoes Clothing: Urban Navigator shoes Clothing: Urban Explorer shoes Clothing: Urban Winter shoes Clothing: Urban Messenger shoes Bonus Item: Rescue Operation hat Bonus Item: Rescue Operation jacket Bonus Item: Rescue Operation pants Bonus Item: Rescue Operation shirt Bonus Item: Rescue Operation shoes And finally, the Mark I Encrypted Cache stock: Emote: Celebration Emote: Jump On It Emote: Awesome Emote: Blow Kisses Emote: Air Boxing Emote: Bring It On Emote: Swinging Dance Emote: Chicken Emote: Side Chest Flex Emote: Backflip Emote: Macarena Emote: Mock Emote: Put Em Up Emote: Irish Step Dance Emote: Rock-Paper-Scissors Emote: Shrug Backpack Skin: Alligator- Banksia Backpack Skin: Alligator- Burraga Backpack Skin: Alligator- Everglades Backpack Skin: Alligator- Limberlost Backpack Skin: Alligator- Okefenokee Backpack Skin: Alligator- Tangipahoa Backpack Skin: Bastille Amazon Backpack Skin: Bastille - Areto Backpack Skin: Bastille Sinope Backpack Skin: Chameleon - Panther Backpack Skin: Desert - Santorini Backpack Skin: Burst - Ash Backpack Skin: Burst - Forest Backpack Skin: Burst- Marshland Backpack Skin: Dragon - Balaur Backpack Skin: Dragon - Lindworm Backpack Skin: Dragon - Wyvern Backpack Skin: Fringe - Woodland Backpack Skin: Fracture - Ajoite Backpack Skin: Gemstone - Amber Backpack Skin: Gemstone - Amethyst Backpack Skin: Glitch - Bronze Backpack Skin: Glitch - Cobalt Backpack Skin: Glitch - Copper Backpack Skin: Glitch - Iron Backpack Skin: Glitch - Promethium Backpack Skin: Guerilla - Commando Backpack Skin: Guerilla - Liberator Backpack Skin: Hades - Styx Backpack Skin: Inferno - Ignition Backpack Skin: Inferno - Pyro Backpack Skin: Maru - Tangaroa Backpack Skin: Munchkin - Sphynx Backpack Skin: Operative - Gamma Backpack Skin: Poker - Jack Backpack Skin: Poker - King Backpack Skin: Predator - Maw Backpack Skin: Quartz - Aventurine Backpack Skin: Quartz - Citrine Backpack Skin: Quartz - Jasper Backpack Skin: Royal - Favela Backpack Skin: Royal - Pimp Backpack Skin: Royal - Samba Backpack Skin: Safari - Congo Backpack Skin: Safari - Kakadu Backpack Skin: Safari - Monteverde Backpack Skin: Safari - Sundaraban Backpack Skin: Safari - White Backpack Skin: Shorepound - Sultans Backpack Skin: Spectrum - Compact Backpack Skin: Spectrum - Core Backpack Skin: Toon - Zip Backpack Skin: Vectors - Electro Backpack Skin: Safari - Blue Backpack Skin: Safari - Gray Backpack Skin: Safari - Green Backpack Skin: Safari - Purple Backpack Skin: Safari - White Backpack Skin: Scale - Aether Backpack Skin: Scale - Wind Weapon Skin: Alligator- Banksia Weapon Skin: Alligator- Burraga Weapon Skin: Alligator- Everglades Weapon Skin: Alligator- Limberlost Weapon Skin: Alligator- Okefenokee Weapon Skin: Alligator- Tangipahoa Weapon Skin: Alligator- Toolibin Weapon Skin: Bastille - Areto Weapon Skin: Bastille Sinope Weapon Skin: Chameleon - Panther Weapon Skin: Desert - Santorini Weapon Skin: Dragon - Balaur Weapon Skin: Dragon - Wyvern Weapon Skin: Fringe - Bubblegum Weapon Skin: Fringe - Woodland Weapon Skin: Gemstone - Amber Weapon Skin: Gemstone - Topaz Weapon Skin: Glitch - Bronze Weapon Skin: Glitch - Cobalt Weapon Skin: Glitch - Indium Weapon Skin: Glitch - Iron Weapon Skin: Glitch - Promethium Weapon Skin: Guerilla - Commando Weapon Skin: Hades - Styx Weapon Skin: Majeur - Vortex Weapon Skin: Operative - Gamma Weapon Skin: Pointbreak - Riyuewan Weapon Skin: Poker - Jack Weapon Skin: Poker - King Weapon Skin: Predator - Maw Weapon Skin: Quartz - Aventurine Weapon Skin: Quartz - Citrine Weapon Skin: Quartz - Jasper Weapon Skin: Rounder - River Weapon Skin: Royal - Favela Weapon Skin: Royal - Pimp Weapon Skin: Royal - Samba Weapon Skin: Safari - Congo Weapon Skin: Safari - Kakadu Weapon Skin: Safari - Sundaraban Weapon Skin: Scales - Fume Weapon Skin: Shorepound - Sultans Weapon Skin: Smiley - Smirk Weapon Skin: Spectrum - Compact Weapon Skin: Spectrum - Core Weapon Skin: Virus - Virion Clothing: Simple duckbill cap Clothing: Brown crewman hat Clothing: Blue cowboy hat Clothing: Simple ivy cap Clothing: Blue snapback cap Clothing: Wool ivy cap Clothing: Red casual baseball cap Clothing: Green cadet cap Clothing: White cadet cap Clothing: Green casual baseball cap Clothing: Simple bucket hat Clothing: Beige pork pie hat Clothing: Brown pork pie hat Clothing: Woody pork pie hat Clothing: Simple pork pie hat Clothing: Knitted earflap hat Clothing: Blue eight piece cap Clothing: Simple fur hat Clothing: Cleaner hat Clothing: Riker hat Clothing: Freelancer hat Clothing: Operator hat Clothing: Gray bomber jacket Clothing: Yellow bomber jacket Clothing: Green bomber jacket Clothing: Orange bomber jacket Clothing: Blue down jacket Clothing: Orange down jacket Clothing: Green down jacket Clothing: Black down jacket Clothing: Purple ski jacket Clothing: Mustard ski jacket Clothing: Cleaner jacket Clothing: Riker jacket Clothing: Indigo slim jeans Clothing: Blue down pants Clothing: Boot cut jeans Clothing: Cleaner pants Clothing: Riker pants Clothing: Freelancer pants Clothing: Operator pants Clothing: Plain brown scarf Clothing: Green knit scarf Clothing: Simple striped scarf Clothing: Ornate half-zip cardigan Clothing: Blue sleeveless vest Clothing: Orange checkered shirt Clothing: Black motocross vest Clothing: Blue thick turtleneck sweater Clothing: Black padded cardigan Clothing: Gray layered cardigan Clothing: Brown hunting vest Clothing: Cleaner shirt Clothing: Riker shirt Clothing: Freelancer shirt Clothing: Operator shirt Clothing: Fur lined boots Clothing: Black hunting shoes Clothing: Blue training shoes Clothing: Orange hi-top sneakers Clothing: DeadEYE hat Clothing: Reclaimer's hat Clothing: Striker's hat Clothing: Tactician's hat Clothing: DeadEYE pants Clothing: Reclaimer's pants Clothing: Striker's pants Clothing: Tactician's pants Clothing: Seeker pants Clothing: Reclaimer's scarf Clothing: Striker's scarf Clothing: Tactician's scarf Clothing: DeadEYE shirt Clothing: Reclaimer's shirt Clothing: Striker's shirt Clothing: Tactician's shirt Clothing: Seeker shirt Clothing: DeadEYE shoes Clothing: Reclaimer's shoes Clothing: Striker's shoes Clothing: Tactician's shoes Clothing: Seeker shoes Bonus Item: Spacefarer hat Bonus Item: Spacefarer pants Bonus Item: Spacefarer scarf Bonus Item: Spacefarer shirt Bonus Item: Spacefarer shoes The Mark III Cache was released with Update 1.8.1 on April 12, 2018. A big thanks to everyone for supporting The Division! Be sure to share your Agents sporting their new Agent apparel on the Official Forums, Reddit, and Twitter! /The Division Dev Team View the full article
  5. Agents, incoming State of the Game transmission: During the last State of the Game, Community Developers Petter Mårtensson and Yannick Banchereau recapped the upcoming changes with Update 1.8.1 and featured a number of submissions to the #EmojiAgent hashtag challenge, among other things! This week, Yannick and Hamish discussed today’s launch of Update 1.8.1 as well as a return of Stats with Yannick with some impressive numbers from the past month’s Global Events and a look into some Legendary Mission statistics. If you missed the stream, you can check out the VoD. If you missed the news, Update 1.8.1 released today on all platforms with new content, loot table tweaks and much more. New Legendary Difficulty Missions Amherst’s Apartment. Grand Central Station. New Global Events Blackout - Agents are equipped with Shock Ammo that stuns enemies. Shooting or running builds your charge meter. The more charge, the more damage you inflict. Onslaught - Agents deal burn, bleed, and gas effects to enemies in addition to normal damage. Reloading changes the effect. The update also includes changes to drop rates of Classified Gear items, improved availability of Division Tech, changes to the Exotic loot table and much more. You can find the full list of changes in the Patch Notes. The Xbox One X enhancement patch was released today together with the Update. Improvements for Xbox One X owners include: 4K rendering Higher anisotropy Improved reflections Improved object detail Improved screen-space shadows Stats with Yannick made a return today with focus on the Global Events that ran throughout last month during the 2 year anniversary. With today’s addition of two new Legendary Missions, we also wanted to take a look into how many times the existing Legendary Missions have been completed since their release. The numbers are quite impressive as always and we would like to thank the community for your dedication! Finally, our very own Fredrik rose to the challenge with this golf club pose. He even brought his golf club to the office. Right on, Agent! The next Global Event Blackout is still planned to start in April and as soon as we have the date nailed down, we will let you know. Stay tuned to future State of the Game streams for information on upcoming Global Events as well as additional information on Update 1.8.2 as we move closer to its planned June release. As always, be sure to join us over on the Official Forums or on the community Reddit if you’re looking for a place to discuss all things related to The Division. Until next time! The Division Dev Team View the full article
  6. Global Event 5 – Blackout Blackout Always active: Agents are equipped with Shock Ammo that stuns enemies. Shooting or running builds your Charge meter - the more Charge, the more damage you inflict. Extreme Blackout Blackout behavior, plus you can instantly kill enemies with Overcharged melee attacks, but if you miss you will stun yourself and your allies. Total Blackout Extreme Blackout behavior, plus your Charge meter will cool down faster when close to other group members. Global Event 6 – Onslaught Onslaught Always active; Deal Burn, Bleed, and Gas effects to enemies in addition to normal damage. Reload to change the effect. Savage Onslaught Onslaught behavior, enemies are vulnerable to one effect type and resistant to others. Agents take increased damage from resistant enemies. Brutal Onslaught Savage Onslaught behavior, plus when two or more group members kill a vulnerable enemy within two seconds, each member can reload to gain a damage bonus for a single clip. New Commendation Over 40 new Commendations unlockable in the new Global Events. New Legendary Difficulty Missions Amherst’s Apartment. Grand Central Station. Xbox One X Enhancement Patch 4K rendering Higher anisotropy Improved reflections Improved object detail Improved screen-space shadows Game Changes Division Tech increases Daily Combat, Crafting, Survival and Dark Zone Quests now reward the player with 25 Div Tech each. Weekly Open World and Weekly Underground Assignments reward the player with 100 Div Tech each. Season Pass Supply Drops now award 100 Division Tech. Vendor Changes Added a Classified Gear cache to the Special Vendor that guarantees 1 Classified Gear piece from the entire pool. Global Events Vendor Removed the basic cache from the vendor. Each Global Event will now have individual caches per Classified Gear set for that Global Event. This allows the player to purchase, for example, a Fire Crest cache that guarantees one item from that set. Bosses in the Resistance game mode now award 100 Global Event tokens. Exotic Loot drops Removed Premium Vendor Exotics from Open World loot pool and Exotic Caches All Exotics added to the Open World Bosses. Classified Gear Drop Rates Classified Drop Rates chances have been increased in all locations. Legendary Missions now have a 20% chance to give Classified Gear as a reward at the completion of the mission Season Pass Supply Drops now have a 10% chance to drop Classified Gear. Survival Caches now has a roughly 10% chance to drop Classified Gear. Classified Gear Classified Firecrest 6 piece talent now makes the player immune to the fiery explosion caused by the burning targets. Bug Fixes Skills Fixed an issue where the Mobile Cover Blast Shield mod explosion had no effect. Fixed an issue where the Sticky Bomb Disruptor mod and the base Seeker Mine would affect neutral players in the Dark Zone. Fixed an issue where the UI indicated that certain Support Station mods were affecting neutral players. Global Events Players are no longer able to kill Joe Ferro using explosives from the Strike Global Event while he is still in the spawning room. Dark Zone Fixed an issue where a player dying during the Manhunt Interact caused the sound to loop. The "Group gone Rogue" message no longer appears when a player with Rogue status enters the game while not in a group. Fixed an issue where the UI for the Rogue timers would flash between different times. Fixed various locations in the Dark Zone where the player could get stuck. Underground Certain Named NPCs tended to disappear from the Underground. We forced them back. Fixed issues related to a confused JTF officer. Fixed a weird door. Survival Fixed the display of the Survival weekly assignment for players under maximum level. Missions Fixed an issue where players would only receive one cache instead of three when completing the secret mission. Commendations "Marathon" Commendation now requires players to access the Camp Clinton safe house in order to unlock. The “Facetime“ Commendation now tracks requirements appropriately. Fixed the activity modifier requirement for some Global Event commendations. "Search and Destroy" Commendation now tracks for missions completed. "Flawless Underground" Commendation has been fixed to be awarded when all conditions are met. "Directive Executive" Commendation now awards when the proper conditions are met. Commendations for the Global Event: Assault will no longer appear if the Global Event is not active. Gear Fixed an issue where the area of effect of the Firecrest fire was larger than the visuals indicated. World Fixed an issue where players were getting stuck on a concrete block in West Side Pier. Fixed an instance in West Side Pier where players could get stuck outside playable area. Somehow located and removed an invisible ladder. There was a wall in Pier 93 that didn’t look right. It looks right now. We also fixed a weird ramp in there. There was a corrupted texture outside of the Carrier. It has been rehabilitated. Agents can no longer see outside of the game world in certain locations of Last Stand. Fixed evil trash bin and bags. Console Players will now be disconnected from the game servers when logging out of their PlayStation accounts. Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck on the loading screen when accepting a console game invite while on the loading screen. Misc Fixed various technical issues that would make the game crash on PC. "Time Played" now appears on the Agent Selection screen instead of "Last Played". Premium Store There were tabs in the store that appeared empty. We filled them. Players can no longer see secondary weapons when previewing backpack skins. View the full article
  7. Agents, In the coming days, we will be implementing a new forum layout that aims to improve forum navigation by reducing the number sub-forums and centralizing the experience. During this process, several forums will be merged so if you can’t find your recent post – don’t worry, it just found itself a new home! Below you will find a quick summary of each forum section to serve as a guide as to where to post specific types of content going forward. The forum rules will remain unchanged. You can find the rules here. Please note that threads that are posted in the incorrect section will be moved to the correct sub-forum by a moderator. News & Announcements This will be your one-stop spot for all The Division related news, announcements and articles. You will be able to respond to threads but not create your own threads in this section. Content Global Event Announcements In-game Event Announcements State of the Game Summaries Agent Highlights Articles State of the Game Archive Here you will find all previous State of the Game summaries for easy reading access. Server Status Thread A centralized thread where we will announce maintenances, as well as keep you up-to-date on any ongoing server degradation. General Discussion General discussion forum for all things The Division. Discuss the latest update, share your thoughts or ask for tips & tricks here. Video content will be allowed here if the main goal is to discuss its content with other community members. If your aim is to share a video, it should be posted in the Community Content forum section. Story A place for all story related discussion. Wondering who the mysterious Hunters are? This is the place for you. Off Topic Talk about anything not directly related to the game here. Community Content The place for all the The Division community content that you would like to share with the community. Art & Videos The home of The Division related videos, screenshots, fan art & cosplay. Submit your creations to potentially be featured in the monthly Agent Highlights article here. Guides Post your The Division related guides here, be it how to piece together a great loadout or how to overcome a heroic incursion efficiently. Share your expertise with the community! Looking For Group The place for finding other people to play with or to recruit new members to your group. Make sure to tag your post with [XBO], [PS4] or [PC]. Suggestions & Feedback Share your thoughts and feedback with us and help us improve the game. Technical Issues Encountered a technical issue while playing? Report any issues that you have been experiencing to us here. This forum is divided into three sub-forums - PC, PS4 & Xbox One. We thank you for your patience while this new forum layout is being implemented and we hope that it will improve your experience visiting The Division’s forum. Until next time, The Division Community Team View the full article
  8. Agents, incoming State of the Game transmission: During the last State of the Game, Community Developers Petter Mårtensson and Yannick Banchereau confirmed the release date for Update 1.8.1 and showcased submissions from the community. This week, Petter and Yannick recap the upcoming changes with Update 1.8.1 and feature community members cosplaying using the #EmojiAgent hashtag, among others! If you missed the stream, you check out the VoD below. If you missed the news, Update 1.8.1 is releasing next Thursday, April 12th. A recap for all the new features and changes is available in our blog post. Last week, we featured an Agent who helped 35 players earn their Piggy Masks, on top of 74 other players earn their Happy Mask during Global Event Assault. Check out the album of Agents wearing their new masks! Thanks for all the hard work, GC-Rock! We received video submissions from Agent ThreeFiveSe7en detailing some tips and tricks regarding inventory management. Check out his first video, Stop Hoarding Trash Gear, along with the second in the series—Stop Hoarding Trash Weapons. If you missed the stream last week, you would have missed a challenge circulating within the community. Using the hashtag #EmojiAgent, players are taking photos of themselves cosplaying their own Division Agents who are performing an emote in game. Agents are challenging other Agents, and we have received some cool submissions as a result! To start, Agent H5000_ put his hands up as his Agent did the same! How do you rate his performance? AkiMura_tw_2017 is not afraid to get down as he Agent performs the Sumo-wrestling emote in-game. Thanks for your submission all the way from Japan! DawnOfShadow shrugs it off, SHD beanie in hand. Classic! Damo_Kb8 sent in a screenshot giving everyone a thumbs-up, wishing everyone well! Agent Splintrshield praises the sun both in and out of game. Now we know what Hunters do on Sunday mornings! BEEBSTEEN nails it in terms of authenticity. Talk about a mirror-image! Agent_Mab, as well as her Agent, are watching you! For even more #EmojiAgent creations, see DBTheDivision, Tri_San, Typhus87, and Frostie_4! We shared an awesome Hunter fan art from DavidinhoSpi last week and thought it deserved a spot on State of the Game! Have you ever wondered what a typical grandmother would look like in the year 2090 compared to previous generations? Area_The_Fox has the answer! WolfOfCherno created a spin on the popular movie, “Saving Private Ryan” but applied it to The Division. Introducing Saving Private Ramos! If you enjoy creating the content above or want to see more, we publish this content in monthly #AgentHighlights articles! If you would like to submit, send your creations to stateofthegame@massive.se! Save the date, Agents! Update 1.8.1 releases on April 12th with the Xbox One X patch! A Mark III Encrypted Cache is also coming in 1.8.1, including Predator’s Mark, Hunter’s Faith, Lone Star, and Final Measure vanity items. Collecting all pieces of these vanity sets unlocks pieces of a final collection—Sentinel. Stay tuned for a full list of items next week! As always, be sure to join us over on the Official Forums or on the community Reddit if you’re looking for a place to discuss all things related to The Division. Until next time! The Division Dev Team View the full article
  9. Greetings Agents, Well there it is, we are 2 years old Agents, and what a time it has been! We have been through a lot together, we had our ups, and our downs, but we have always fought our way through, and we all had our best moments in New York! Now, celebrating The Division’s second birthday with you, here are the Agent Highlights for this month. You all have excelled during our special month, we have received so many amazing cosplays, fan art, community creations, and new hashtags! Your creativity and love for The Division continues to grow, as we will all see in a minute. You probably know how it works by now: all featured Agents will receive an in-game gift of 1000 Phoenix Credits. So let’s not take too much time here and jump into it! Let’s start with our cosplayers for this month! We have seen many great cosplays for The Division since the beginning, and we are very happy to see how the evolution of cosplays made it this far! We kick off with the new challenge #PlayingAgent that was created by Denis Gusev aka Goose. The idea is to take a picture of your Agent playing your Agent. Prepare to see Agents like you have never seen them before, and we hope you enjoy this as much as we did. was not very happy after she realised there was an undergoing maintenance on The Division. Of course it’s understandable as she has got into her full Agent uniform already. On the other hand, CptKharg was very happy with his progress on that day. You nailed that emote Capitan! Physical strength is very important Agent, but we all know that it’s vital to keep your brain active in such difficult conditions. Or as Haxters simply put it “Reading is also important!” Well we couldn’t agree more, learn how to survive! Meanwhile, Goose was kicking back and relaxing after a long day of restoring law and order in the Dark Zone. Well-deserved rest Agent! We recommend you check #PlayingAgent for more unique cosplays. We are not quite done with cosplays, Area The Fox shared this combo of cosplay and art in celebration of The Division’s 2 year mark. We thank you for this, simple, original and beautiful! Surely the cosplay came first! What do you think Agents? And last but not least, we welcome our youngest Agent to join this amazing community! Damo_kb8 has shared with us this lovely cosplay of his son on The Division’s second birthday. We thank you for sharing this with us and with the community, it has brought warmth to our hearts. “Oh boy!” Before we dig any deeper into our next section, Fan Art, we would like to share this special wall of graffiti created by Cheshire Cat to mark the 2 year anniversary. Featuring the names of a number of people who worked and still are working on the game, this wall can be easily mistaken as a shot taken out straight from the game! We love this, and thank you from the team! Here is a hunter just hanging out there waiting for you, hoping to add one more Agent watch to his collection. This piece of art was created and shared by Plumerito – well done, this is a remarkable interpretation of the hunters. We know that it’s not easy out there Agent, the enemy factions, contamination levels, and the weather conditions… the list goes on. Well, now you and your squad can relax after a long day! Drinks at the Terminal courtesy of RRV_Design. Anyone would like to join us at the Contamination Area Bar? Goose is telling the story of two Agents. The story unfolds as the two Agents head out on their mission to retrieve the vaccine form the Dark Zone. We won’t give any more spoilers to the story, but we will leave you with some of the shots from their mission! As soon as they leave the safe area, they notice something is not right… Follow our Agents on their full mission here! Additionally, we have got some interesting footage from an Agent after visiting the Contamination Area Bar & Grill mentioned above. Bill #NYROnMSG#LGR puts it as the “Secret Life of a Division Agent” but we know where you have been earlier. Alright, back to base Agent. We have also got a couple of fan creations we would like to highlight! The first one is the Kye Lea produced video titled, “We Rise – Tom Clancy’s The Division” as a tribute to other Agents who enjoy playing The Division. Secondly, DecoySnailDetector shared something cool with us on Reddit! He created a series of reference cards formatted on mobile to track weapon and performance mod ranges. This should make tracking down max-mods easier! Finally, as we mentioned previously on State of the Game, we asked you to clip your favourite streamers playing The Division and share their best moments with us on Twitter! We leave you with the unforgettable moment of @ProfessorBroman getting his first House captured on Twitch, and we are hoping to see more similar clips for our next month’s Agent Highlights. Here we are again, team favourite! We just want to say one more time that we got many awesome creations during the month of March, and we want to thank you all for the lovely contributions you have made and are still making for this community. But we have to pick one, and we got a special one! We have to say that this just got through all of us, it’s well executed, it’s witty and we can’t stop watching it! What these two talented cosplayers did was a stage performance of them, as Division Agents, being activated and head out on their first mission. We leave you with Goose and Kenga: Do you remember what your first mission was like Agent? Before we end this month’s Agent Highlights, we leave you with this pure fun song “We’re A River – Larrae Barrett” by our Agent Max. And there we have it: March’s Agent Highlights. Its’ been a great 2nd year, and we know that we will only see more creative pieces from our talented community. Don’t forget to tweet your creation with the hashtag #AgentHighlights for a chance to be featured in our next month’s Agent Highlights. ATTENTION: Agents, please follow @TheDivisionGame on Twitter so we can get in touch with you for the rewards. Thank you from all of us! Until next time, The Division Community Team View the full article
  10. Agents! The Division’s second birthday is finally here! We have been hard at work since the launch of the game and have some news to share with our community. Yes, there is a Division 2 that is currently under development by Massive! The supporting studios that continue to make The Division possible - Red Storm, Reflections, Annecy - will also play roles in The Division 2’s development. More information will be revealed at E3 this year, and we cannot wait to show the world what we have in store! This does not mean that work on The Division 1 is coming to a halt. We are going to continue supporting the game as players look forward to the following timeline of content: April - Update 1.8.1, which includes the Xbox One X patch and the implementation of Classified drop rate changes discussed on a previous State of the Game. We are also introducing two new Legendary modes alongside a new Global Event: Blackout. May - New Global Event: Onslaught. June - Update 1.8.2, which will introduce two more Legendary mission modes and bring back Global Event: Outbreak. This update also marks the beginning of the brand new Shields monthly feature, in which achievements earned playing The Division will grant special rewards in The Division 2. July - Global Event: Assault, with the continuation of Shields. August - Global Event: Strike, with the continuation of Shields. September - Global Event: Ambush, with the continuation of Shields. It has been quite the journey so far, and we are just getting started. A huge thank you to our community for the support over the years. Here is to the future of The Division! /The Division Dev Team View the full article
  11. Happy 2nd Anniversary, Agents! The Division’s second birthday is almost here, and we think there is no better way to celebrate than with some Global Event and Twitch Drop madness! We are excited to say that throughout the entire month of March, Global Events will be on rotation each weekend with the following schedule: Outbreak Start Date/Time: March 1st, 17:00 UTC End Date/Time: March 5th, 08:00 UTC Assault Start Date/Time: March 8th, 12:00 UTC End Date/Time: March 12th, 08:00 UTC Strike Start Date/Time: Match 15th, 12:00 UTC End Date/Time: March 19th, 08:00 UTC Ambush Start Date/Time: March 22nd, 12:00 UTC End Date/Time: March 26th, 08:00 UTC If you would like more information on the Global Events, please visit our blog. We want to thank our community for the past two years as dedicated agents of The Division, and we hope everyone enjoys the March celebration! The Community team will be streaming a lot during the month, so we’re taking the opportunity to give out Twitch Drops all throughout March! Tune in to our Twitch channel (don’t forget to follow us and turn on the notifications so you don’t miss anything!), and the more hours you watch, the more rewards you get your hands on! Starting on March 2nd, and ending on March 30th, we’ll be giving out: Watch 30 minutes: 3 Cypher Keys 60 minutes: The Asher vanity outfit 90 minutes: 3 Cypher Keys Every 30 minutes you watch after that, up to 6 hours: 5 Cypher Key Fragments In order to get the Drops, you need to connect your Ubisoft account with your Twitch account first. You can do that in a few clicks on the Ubiclub website. Remember that you don’t have to watch all of that in one go – the time is counted throughout the whole campaign. So tune in whenever you want, come hang out with us, celebrate and get some cool rewards! /The Division Dev Team View the full article
  12. Agents, Starting February 23rd, there will be an in-game event where agents will receive twice the normal amount of field proficiency caches. Twice the normal amount of field proficiency caches will be rewarded to the players. Starts at: February 23rd 00:01 UTC Ends at: February 26th 00:01 UTC Enjoy and see you in New York! / The Division Team View the full article
  13. Agents, This week there will be an in-game event where agents will receive twice the normal amount of rewards for High Value Targets. Twice the normal reward for High Value Targets. Starts at: February 9th 00:01 UTC Ends at: February 12th 00:01 UTC Enjoy and see you in New York! / The Division Team View the full article
  14. Global Event #4 is coming, and Agents will have to adapt to new modifiers to earn the newest round of Classified gear. Start: January 23, 12:00 UTC End: January 30, 12:00 UTC The following modifiers will be live during Ambush: Ambush - Always active: agents deal increased damage while stationary. Covert Ambush - Ambush behavior, plus health diminishes once Damage Buff expires. Strategic Ambush - Covert Ambush behavior, plus Damage Buff, then health diminishes when close to other teammates. Agents will have an opportunity to earn the following Classified sets: Classified AlphaBridge Classified Firecrest Classified Hunter's Faith Classified Tactician's Authority In addition, new vanity rewards are available during the event. Three new facemasks, three new weapon skins, and one new vanity outfit make their way into The Division during the event. Good luck out there, Agents! View the full article
  15. Agents, This upcoming weekend there will be an extra rewards event. Agents will receive additional rewards for killing named enemies. Note: Classified drops are not included in the extra reward pool. Starts: January 5th 00:01 UTC Ends: January 8th 00:01 UTC Enjoy and see you in New York! / The Division Team View the full article