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  1. Hello all! So to start, I heard about this "clan" from the admin of the NoMRiH 47th Server, which was immensely fun, and he/she got me interested in the clan. I tried the enlist thing, but couldn't get it to work so I just made this account through Steam. Anyways, I don't want to play Defiance, and I will be playing Star Citizen when it releases, but I'm more or less interested in playing on y'all NoMRiH server and possibly starting a Battlefield 4 group, or joining one if y'all already have one. I've been looking for a good clan/group of people to get into to play all my games with, and this seems like a good one. So I'm not really sure what else to do but post on here. My name's Ian, I'm 19 living in the US, etc...,etc..., blah, blah, LET'S PLAY BATTLEFIELD 4.