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  1. Long time no see guys. I’m hoping Defiance 2050 brings good things to the table. (I also signed up for the beta) 

  2. Black Desert

    Had a new game mentioned to me by a friend called Black Desert. It's supposed to be an MMO, but with more of a Skyrim/Dynasty Warriors feel to it. Looks fairly interesting, and the character creation is beautiful. Check out the videos on YouTube. It is still in Beta, and looks to release in spring 2016. Here is an awesome trailer: [url/]
  3. Rust

    I'm in
  4. Fallout 4

    Nekuzar's Field Report: Hardware: Bad Ass PC Bethesda's Pip Boy Hardware iPhone 6s The real-life pip boy is NOT overrated!! As soon as I started to use it, I immediately felt immersed in the game! Fallout 4 has given me a lot of laughs. I've found Easter eggs everywhere, and tributes to past games and games of other developers. The story of Vault-Tec is deepening into a dark void! Wow guys! I know what the game of the year is!
  5. I received and email from Nintendo giving me keys to the beta for TLoZ: Triforce Heroes. I have 2 keys available. It will give you access to the game, and only the multiplayer feature. You can play online with others, or play locally with infrared. If you are interested in playing, and also interested in playing with me and one other, please PM me for the key. Note: This is the beta only, not the actual game. Thanks!
  6. On the Wings of Eagles

    Prologue What is time? Is it a construct created by the mind? Is it the mathematics that is developed by the changing of the position of stars or planets? Or is it just a word... to represent the intangible ebb and flow of life? To me, time is an opportunity, a chance to make the most of what little of it there is. When you have lived for thousands of years through the whispers of your ancestors, it is plain to see that time is eternal, but the days are not. Since the beginnings of my family, starting with my ancestral father, 458 years ago, we all have been warriors, protectors, guardians, and leaders. His name is written in books, carved in stone, held dear by those he protected, and burned into the memory of those who rose against him. I was named after him, the name... Razuken Nekuzar. Lacardis Prime: 7th Day of Taru's Sun - 3:27pm “Trajectory acquisition complete! Lock! Fox two!†A single pilot, making a demonstration of his prowess in air combat, had effectively dispatched four of the five ‘A.C.E. JACKV2’ drones. A.C.E. Stood for ‘Artificial Combat Engine’. Weapons were hot, and there was no doubt that if hit, the single pilot would go down in flames. A light beeping sound would ring from the blue HUD upon the fighter ship’s screen, growing stronger and higher pitched as it would reach its target, the spider drone. The drone veered hard, and maneuvered to shake the missile, but to no avail. An explosion of colorful lights and metallic shrapnel went flying everywhere. Razuken flipped the limiter switch on his aircraft and did a full 180 degrees in the air. He hit the afterburner and rolled into a lift position, creating small vapor trails in his quick turn. The sound of an awed crowd clamoring is all that could be heard on the airstrip’s bleachers, just on the outskirts of Sol’s Plain. Razuken was a stunt-pilot and mechanic on his spare time from the Neumean Air Force. Extreme maneuvers and tricks were performed in the air, in his personally-crafted “G-Breaker†stunt airship. Streams of colored smoke trailed off the wings of the aircraft as it came in for a hot landing. The wheels were mere inches from the ground as he threw the air brake lever, releasing the flaps and decreasing speed at a rapid rate as he approached the stands. Later in that day, just before he was going to take it off, Razuken’s comm picked up an incoming call. It was from Commander Vinek. (Commander) “Razuken, we need you to re-deploy into the field immediately. We have a Class 5 emergency on our hands and the whole planet is being rallied. Get your ship and equipment ready to hit the tarmac. I want you here at base within the hour. Commander out.†(Razuken) “Class 5 emergency… planetary invasion…†Razuken quickly turned to the hangar, from which he came and looked at its figure shimmering off of the sunset horizon. It was at this point that my ancestral father took up arms with his squadron against an invasion force more than twice the size of our city's defenses. The city of Lorewall had no chance against the sheer numbers, but there was something that the enemies did not realize. My ancestral father was no mere human. Some say he was a demi-god, perpetually tied between dimensions and planes, able to travel through time itself somehow. Luck was his right hand, giving him the uncanny ability to change the tides of the war. A large fortress that floated in the sky, codenamed "Sky Castle" was operated by one of the Carrendar brothers, the leaders of the planet. Razuken salvaged the ship from a wreck upon the surface that killed thousands of civilians, and fired its large solar cannon across the atmosphere and cut the nose off the enemy planetary carrier. But all the while, a greater threat loomed over the universe. An ancient evil was awoken in another dimension parallel to Lacardis, and had created a spacial rift several hundred miles off the surface of the planet. Together, with the will and power of the Carrendar, Razuken, and the enemy force, the evil was driven back into the realm from which it spawned, never to return. Victory was bitter, for the city was lost, yet the people of Lorewall rejoiced in their freedom as a truce was made with the enemy force. After the invasion force left and peace fell upon the planet once more, the Carrendar family who Razuken had watched over for centuries immortalized his figure in a bronze statue among others that with extreme valor in that peril. Forever afterward, the lineage of my ancestral father would hold the Carrendar name high in honor. Today I carry this, as my father did, and his father after him. Yet today it means so much more... I stand here next to my ship, the Coat of Arms from my lineage emblazoned next to the Crest of the 47th Legion. I have the honor of holding two great names as I travel through this universe. From my home in Terra Prime, I shall fly in the company of great men and women to the end of ends. I shall relive the past in my ancestral father's footsteps by rebirthing the very squadron that he led... and keeping the realm of time and space at peace.
  7. Welcome back Thirag! Glad to know you are safe and sound.
  8. Framerate drop

    I believe there is a program that can clock your GPU speeds, and it's temperatures. Look into it and see if there's anything wrong.
  9. More for us, right? >
  10. Star Citizen Computer Rig

    Well I do not nearly have as much knowledge of these things as you guys do, but I sure do know how to put these suckers together, and wire manage them. I was thinking of starting a side company of making custom computers for folks. Currently, I have a high to mid range PC that I bought off of some Chinese kid in a parking lot. Here are the specs: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor (Normal Clock: 3.2 GHz) RAM: 8 GB, Sector 5 DDR3 2GB X2 and one Corsair 4GB DDR3 GPU: NVidia EVGA GeForce GTX 660 2GB, GDDR5 Superclocked Signature 2. MOBO: Gigabyte... Dont really know the exact model, but here is what it has.. Turbo 3D. Dual BIOS, PCI Express 2.0 x16, 4 RAM slots, 5 SATA ports, 7.1 Audio Cooler: Corsair Liquid Cooler 4x4 Radiator PSU: Antec 80 Plus 650Watt HDD: Hitachi SATA 3.0 7200 RPM 1TB (looking to upgrade to a better HDD, or to SSD when I get a new rig) EXHDD: Toshiba 500GB Case: NZXT Case with three small and medium fans. My Tower always stays cool because of its location, and because of the liquid cooling for the CPU. It is extremely quiet, even to the point where my wife and I can sleep with it in the room overnight. Here is a list of my peripherals: Mouse: Razer Mamba Keyboard: Razer Deathstalker (Looking to upgrade to a Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth) Mousepad: Razer Vespula Gamepad: Razer Nostromo Surround Speakers: Logitec 5.1 Headset: PDP Afterglow Wireless headset (looking to upgrade to Razer Tiamat 7.1) For the most part, I am wanting to sell this rig when I save up some money, and then buy parts to build me a new one. I was thinking of getting an open-air case, but I am not too sure how well those work as far as cooling is concerned. I have an idea of what I want, but it is going to cost a pretty penny to get what I want. But this is all I got guys.. not really great, but it runs anything really well. It benchmarks pretty good. I wish I had a better motherboard.
  11. Cav's "Gonna Get You Laid" Recipes

    You ARE cooking at the meet an' greet, right? -drools-

    I did get to use my game pad, but it's effectiveness isn't going so well. Finding ideal key mapping to something useful and simple is crucial to engaging skill in your driving. Also, since I use my game pad for ground combat, I make sure to have a quick-switch to change key maps.
  13. Certificates

  14. PS2 update today. Read the notes!

    It will be interesting to see the changes in action once I get online. I'm sure the experience will be quite different.
  15. Guns of Icarus

    Need to find that sweet loadout for your character? Check this hot link out. It has all the ideal loadouts for ships and characters. http://gunsoficarus.com/community/forumarchive/discussion/810/machiavellis-ship-builds-how-to-run-them/p1