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  1. Conan Exiles Colosseum RP Event

    Hey All, I will be live streaming an RP Event on the Conan Exiles server I play on, this is going to be a Gladiator style battle event in the Colosseum we built, it should have epic battles and nice loot prizes, feel free to drop by the stream and check it out! https://www.twitch.tv/thebealin Event starts at 9:00pm EST
  2. The Health & Fitness Thread

    Soooo I had hurt my shoulder awhile back, like 3-4 months ago, and took all that time off the gym, now in my 3rd week back, feels great to be back at it again, I was starting to feel like such a lazy piece of crap, and my belly got bigger.....gonna have to do extra ab workouts now to work on losing this belly, I hate taking such long breaks....so good to be back! Deadlifted 275lbs yesterday, working my way back up!
  3. Imperial Dragonknight Planning

    You should really look at using 1 crafted set, and 1 dropped set, this way you can get 2 full 5 piece set bonuses out of it.
  4. Elder Scrolls Online

    Hey Rojnaar!! I got a pie momento thingy from the festival that gives 100% xp boost for 2 hours, can use it anytime! And if you have a tank, I know 2 others that would love to rock out dungeons for xp. I will be on tonight to see what's going down!
  5. Well I would not want to limit myself to 1 weapon type with 1 ammo pool for 1 extra talent....seems like a waste to me, you won't be able to get a good talent mix with that set now to make it any good, the way I was using it with my LMG required all 6 talents for it to work.....guess I'm switching to deadeye now!
  6. Sounds like they just made AlphaBridge completely uesless.....who cares about 1 extra talent, the whole point in using it was for the 3 extra talents.....such a waste of a set now.
  7. Time for me to go...

    Take care of yourself Stickman! Do good in school!
  8. it's been fun

    Best of luck to you Dragon, I hope everything goes well with you and your daughter man!
  9. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Just toss a message into Discord, if anyone is on they will hook you up
  10. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Hey Ribsauce, if you become a subscriber you will get a lvl 65 boost token already, probably don't need to buy another one, and if you use a friend referral code you can get a free character transfer, so if you have any toons on other servers or anything, you can get a free transfer.
  11. Chronicles of Elyria

    I also got Baron level package for this one
  12. Bealin's PC Upgrade Ideas

    I already purchased my upgrades, got them cheaper than listed previously, from a different online Canadian retailer (Newegg) and I must say....she be blazing fast!
  13. Bealin's PC Upgrade Ideas

    I was also wondering about the water cooling, does that kit that I picked come with everything I need? Does it need an additional reservoir or anything?
  14. Bealin's PC Upgrade Ideas

    I think I do want to get 16GB sticks though, to leave room for expansion at least, so perhaps I will get 1 or 2 sticks to start with........
  15. Bealin's PC Upgrade Ideas

    Hey All, So I really need to start thinking about upgrading a few parts of my PC that are extremely out-dated, mainly the motherboard, CPU and RAM. Here is my 1st pass at what I might want to get, hit me with your thoughts!