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  1. Irix

    ESO on PS4 anyone?

    I was wondering if anyone is playing ESO on the PS4? If so send me a friend request and mention you are from the 47th. I usually ignore friend requests from folks I don't know. My psn handle is neoncoyote
  2. Irix

    Psn connection

    I mainly play MMOs like ESO and STO you can add me neoncoyote is my psn name. Please mention on friend request you are from the 47th. I tend to ignore requests from folks I don't recognize.
  3. Irix

    Old Cav Post on SWTOR forums

    I am one of those fortunate enough to be made a crossbow by Cavadus and I must say it rocks. With a headshot i can sometimes 1 hit kill, but usually only need a max of 2 shots at worst Also a random person gave me a (not sure what it's called) But basically a pol with concrete on the end where it was sunk into the ground which is equally as deadly in melee. The game is quite fun. Working on building my ATV now
  4. Irix

    STO Maneuvers

    Thanks! By Maneuvers i meant squad outings not sure what all is done on STO day if it's PVP or a bunch o random stuff
  5. Irix

    STO Maneuvers

    Got a few questions for STO and the 47th What faction? And is there a rank requirement for Maneuvers? Basicaly I have an account with a couple level 30ish toons that i havent played in a while One of the things that has kept me from returning to STO is getting from one place to another... I have a teeny tiny kitten brain and they are always like... go to gamma setti alpha 21 & 1/2 and i can never find that Would you guys mind giving directions? Are the little armed shuttles freezable in combat? I picked up the faringi one and a fed one in a free offer a while back and have been curious Thanks!
  6. Irix

    Steam ID and Fallen Earth

    Belated Thanks Also I am having trouble getting Mumble to work (I totally forget how to use it) Is there a faq on it that I cant find?
  7. Irix

    Steam ID and Fallen Earth

    Thanks much! Is there an official city for the 47th? Since I restarted my toon to try for the name Irix I can choose a new one
  8. Irix

    Steam ID and Fallen Earth

    Hay All! Now that we are on steam I thought I would mention my handle there is different than my name here my handle for steam is neoncoyote Also I am redoing my Fallen Earth toon and gonna try naming him Irix just to make things easier for everyone hehehe. Good to be back in the 47th! BAH! Irix is taken! Look for me as Guntrance
  9. Irix

    The Secret World

    Hay this is irix. For some reason I had to log in like this lol. Anyhow I still have codes for TSW if anyone else wants to try it! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Irix

    The Secret World

    Anyone play The secret World? (My favorite game of all time) It's really a great and unique game. Pay once play free type model cost 10 if you can catch it on sale or 29. I have some 3 day trial buddie keys if anyone wants to try it. Send me a pm with your email and I will send you a buddy code. Codes are limited so first come first serve! I highly recommend it and recommend illuminati faction... The dialog is the best. Check it out @
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