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  1. ghost recon wildlands

    they keep pulling me back in! https://youtu.be/qP9LlfoaJko
  2. Warframe

  3. Ghost Recon Phantoms

    here is a lil GRP humor for you guys... http://youtu.be/JMXN5SeCIzA
  4. [SC] Letter from the Chairman: Multi-Crew Ship Systems

    can't wait!!!
  5. The 47th Legion Turns 7!

    yip yip
  6. Ghost Recon Phantoms

  7. Ghost Recon Phantoms

    http://run-clan.com/forums/4/13 Ghost Recon Map Call Outs
  8. Ghost Recon Phantoms

  9. star citzen

  10. Unturned

    Hi All, dedicated server is up for unturned. this is still connected to my computer. however i no longer have to be logged in for you all to play. plus we nolonger need to use Hamachi and we can have up to 12 people playing at once. if you want to play please send me a pm and i will give you the ip address. Also be on the look out for the 3.0 update happening soon! Here is a sample http://youtu.be/H8FXf9LjqJ4
  11. Unturned

    Are usually play around 10 or 11 o'clock at night. We use a program called hamachi to connect to my computer.
  12. Robocraft

    i just started playing this. Its pretty fun!!!
  13. Unturned

    EchoDark we are on my computer at the moment. Still trying to figure out how to setup so i dont have to be online all the time for people to play.
  14. Unturned

    Check out our work on Unturned! http://steamcommunity.com/id/shofur/screenshots/?appid=304930