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  1. Untitled Album

  2. The Dark zone is so big now. anyone on the PTS . was on earlier would be fun to go thru the new areas with a full group. the change to Reclaimer set is actually pretty cool. the station gains all the benifits of the station abilities. ammo, auto revive and effect resistance.
  3. ya it is awesome. only problem is that they say you can only sign up as a 4 man group and you do not know who the other 4 will be. we will have to try and see if we can some how work it so that we can get 2 groups together.
  4. Starting to look really good. only thing i am really waiting for now is a change to the leveling and Technology access. still to fast and easy to get to end tech.
  5. [EGS] Alpha Experimental 5.1

    Totally agree with you, it is starting to look really good.
  6. Chronicles of Elyria

    Baron here.
  7. Tom Clancy's The Division

    Yep, that was an awesome run. real adrenaline rush in survival.
  8. [EGS Alpha 4.0: Out Now!

    um WOW just WOW.
  9. [EGS] Alpha Experimental 4.0 (Build 639)

    yes and weapon mount limits.
  10. Osiris: New Dawn (name is dumb, game looks cool)

    have the game. will give it a go tomorrow afternoon.
  11. Dralzen

    Images from various games.
  12. Empyrion - Galactic Survival

    we are on a new planet.