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  1. Bug Out Bags

    Thanks everyone for your input. This is a long term project for myself (and family).
  2. Bug Out Bags

    Hey thanks Cav, Working in construction I have an extensive tool kit( work gloves, extra boots rain slic and first aid kit already in my car. I with take a look at the bags and the thanks for the bic lighter idea i hadn't thought of those but makes sense. Cheers
  3. Bug Out Bags

    I finally found this topic again, So I just move down to earthquake country and think i need to make up a bug home bag and a bug out bag. any suggestions on where to start looking or where to start. I was thinking of buying a ready made for my car and building the bug-out as I go. I was looking at something like this: http://echo-sigma.com/echo-sigma-runner/ what are your thoughts? Munster
  4. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I just started a character on republic side on harbinger server (kon'tiki ) if someone finds me invite me to the guild please. see you guys soon
  5. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    used destroy's http://www.swtor.com/user/ce/re6d
  6. Elder Scrolls Online

    I have been playing still. I mostly pvp Munster (@nart)-eso
  7. The Crew

    hey crew players, do we as a clan want to pick a faction? and if so which one?
  8. The Crew

    hey Bealin, I had to switch the controls from the arrows to WASD. some of the key mapping is just ridiculous. if you get a gamepad tell me how it is with this game.
  9. The Crew

    I am munstre in the Crew. Havnt had time to actually play it thou. Hopefully this weekend I will have time
  10. The Crew

    Well I picked up the game. now just have to get through november
  11. [SC] The 2945 RSI Constellation Lineup

    they all look so sexy I am jealous
  12. Whutchu Listenin' to, Willis?

    baby metal. yes sounds as crazy as the title.. its out of japan
  13. Tapatalk Push Notification Test Thread

    Campell, click the T with the 3 lines in the top left corner and you will get some options like unread, conversations and the like. hope that helps Munster
  14. Tapatalk Push Notification Test Thread

    nothing recieved