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  1. Current Dedicated Server

    Is the server currently down?
  2. If you enjoy playing Space Engineers come join us on Longfellow's server!

  3. Imperial Dragonknight Planning

    Oooo I like that first set for tanking
  4. [OND] Update Coming 4/27!

    Definitely a needed update!
  5. Time for me to go...

    Stickman please message me privately. Best of luck in your endeavors. You'll do great in school!
  6. it's been fun

    Talked with Dragon just now. Sad to see you go man, and hope to see you in and out of games. Best of luck in your future endeavors and decisions. He will be removed from his role and duties and placed in the IRR on request.
  7. Rust

    For those of you interested in playing Rust here is a great resource which goes over everything from basic play, to advanced building. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCP-Fzaq-yvlwQIaSUaT71aQ
  8. Rust

    Wonder if there is any military mods for Rust out there
  9. Rust

    Interesting info for a Rust server. Only 17.95/m for 100 man https://www.gameservers.com/order/step2.php?game=230&type=public&players=100
  10. Rust

    Been watching a lot of visa on this, it's hit or miss with toxicity. Yes it is up there with one of the most toxic games ever, but that comes with the territory. Build, loot, raid, open PvP. Gonna get a lot of people trolling and all. But, there are also a lot of solos running around looking for those who would help solo players. "Solo helpers ftw!" I propose that we are not KoS.
  11. Rust

    Want to get a committed group together for this game or find a decent group players who are interested can join and play Rust together with. --- I'll be back from vacation Jan 4th. Depending on moving situation Is like to start it then, shortly after, or have a solid plan for who to join (For those interested) I'd appreciate any help in finding groups and getting the word around, to those of you who are experienced in Rust play and groups.
  12. Chronicles of Elyria

    Baron level here also. Planning on playing upon release
  13. [47th] Happy Birthday to the Legion!

    Woohh wooohhhh!!!!! Woh! Niner years! Wooh. That's older than some in this Legion haha. I'll let you decide if you associate with that or not. Lol jk. Happy birthday!!
  14. Been fun but for the drama.. *waves*

    In reference to the Discord I initially setup. It is for those who I may still need to contact being the retention OIC that is all. If those that are not in the 47th want to use it be my guest. But all these personal discords I think needs to stop. Why is it such a big deal to be on the 47th's discord if you are playing any game at all? We have plenty of channels, and it's simple enough to create more. I mean we are a gaming community right? Lets at least all get on the same VOIP!
  15. Empyrion - Galactic Survival

    Pretty sure mentioned this game about a year ago haha! It is a great one! Watch out at night time, it can get a bit CRRRAAAZYY. I may even boot it up tonight to see what the fuss is all about