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    A group dedicated to the mechwarriors in the 47th Legion.

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    Tired of cooties? Like playing with mud? Need a place to show off those scraped up knees from when you lay your 10 speed down without hearing "eww gross!" from all those gross girls? Look no further! No Girls Allowed is the hottest up and coming club in the 47th and it caters EXCULSIVELY to boys!* Sign up today and join in on thought provoking discussions like, "What's better? Being able to see anywhere without sitting or not worry about shaving your legs?" And, "Where's the best place to hide the lizard you found in the garden to scare your mom?" ENLIST TODAY! *"No Girls Allowed" is an equal opportunity club, all members will be accepted regardless of race, gender or creed.

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    A club for the upcoming Dual Universe MMO by NovaQuark.

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    This club is for Project Genom; an upcoming sci-fi MMO by NeuronHaze.