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  1. Destroy

    The Health & Fitness Thread

    At least a good 10lbs of that must have been beard.
  2. Destroy

    47th Legion on Steam

    Yea, there was a big purge of inactive people regardless of how awesome they may be
  3. Destroy

    47th Legion on Steam

    Cav, I think I have mod privs, not admin privs. Would you set me up? Also, I posted an announcement concerning MWO.
  4. Destroy

    47th Legion on Steam

    My ops night time is a bit limited with my schedule, but I can help with this if you don't mind. I think I already have admin access so I will look at it and see if I can get it going. Maybe between Longfellow and I it can stay fairly current. You up for it Longfellow?
  5. Destroy

    The Health & Fitness Thread

    Good to hear. Glad you are feeling better!
  6. Destroy

    [PG] Weekly Newsletter [#13]

    There is a post about the Repop in the other games forum
  7. Destroy

    [PG] Weekly Newsletter [#13]

    Have you checked out Rokh? It is one I supported way back. I haven't played it yet, but I got an email with my steam key last week or so with a release announcement.
  8. Destroy

    Repopulation update
  9. Destroy

    The Health & Fitness Thread

    [emoji1] Lol, easy now. Leave my shuffle alone! Besides, we only need to move but so fast to get from the car to the base Starbucks!
  10. Destroy

    [SC] Year 5 Subscriber Perks Update!

    Sweet! A crappy vending machine and the chance to spend more money before anyone else. What is there not to like?!?
  11. Well, the servers are running again. For those who haven't kept track of the news, the original developers Above and Beyond Technologies have sold the game to the HeroEngine owner Idea Fabrik. It appears as if Character data is gone, but there are currently two servers to choose from and start over. Has anyone considered picking this back up again?
  12. This is one to take advantage of!
  13. Destroy

    ArmA 3: Exile Server Information

    You know what the layman's definition of insanity is don't you? [emoji1]
  14. Destroy

    Time for me to go...

    Sucks to see you go man. Good luck in your future!
  15. Destroy

    it's been fun

    Best wishes to you! Take care of yourself and hope to run into you sometime.
  16. Hopefully they can bring the game up to a finished product that lives up to its original plans and concepts.
  17. Destroy

    ArmA 3: Exile

  18. I would say any DPS class would rock. We have several healers and tanks, but are typically short for damage.
  19. Nope, you should be good to go and be able to see all of the forums you have access to.
  20. Most of us have characters on both sides, but republic is our main
  21. It is indeed free to play! I will reinstate you.
  22. Shogun, great to hear, look forward to seeing you in game! As for Sikur, I see he applied during our defiance days and, best I can tell, was only ever placed in reception. I will activate him and put him back in reception and he can be assigned out from there by the appropriate Legionnaire. EDIT: Looks like he was 4th Vex, Delta at one point, but I will still place him in Reception.