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  1. The season is upon us!

    my opponent started 4 guys with byes and 2 on injured reserve?
  2. Miscreated

    what server? I logged into A NEW HOPE which said it had a fresh wipe. Logged out at airfield army building.
  3. Rust

    Guy named Carrara and his friend Chul something came by. Wanted 5K sulfur to not raid. I went out naked and chatted. He gave me 4 high stone walls and said how he would attack the base. They are the guys in the 3 tower base that was killing the helicopter. They said they would attack the stone area above the lower metal with a rocket and then build up -- take out the outdoor cupboard and restrictions. Then go for our stuff up top. Or they would just flatten the foundations to destroy the whole base. So they got up the rocks somehow and were at our front door so I put up the outside walls and a gate. Plus I metal sheeted the lower levels as mush as I could on the 3 sides other than the river. Rala -- I don't have building privileges on the area near the cave even though the wall is blue to set. So when we are on I will give you two to place. We need lots of wood to burn metal and then rocks again.
  4. Amazon NEW WORLD MMO

    starts at around 11 minutes kind of a Civ meets survival MMO in a 17th century sandbox where you are new immigrants in a New World .... but the monsters are far worse than what the Pilgrims found in North America. Setting is supposed to resemble the Americas. Probably 2+ years before see anything.
  5. you baked, I backed -- at 50 Euro -- which they upticked to 58 for Canadian Currency Value
  6. Chronicles of Elyria

    A Count from Chronicles of Elyria in our Blackheart Kingdom has an Empyrion server called Kotel pvp/pve official. I think we could try it and then have a credible opponent to battle. He says he doesn't tolerate exploiters and they have 4 mods to help out. What say you guys? These will be people we will be playing WITH in CoE so it may be good to see how they are.
  7. The season is upon us!

    I'm in. ESPN or Yahoo have leagues. first suggestions: 4 pts for throwing TD 6 pts for rushing or receiving TD 2 pts for a 2pt convert -2 for fumbles lost and interceptions - maybe 2 bonus points for 100 yds and 1 bonus point for 150 yds? passing yds bonus points at 300 and 400 -- maybe 2 and 1? not a point per reception league passing yds: 1 point per 25 yds? pick a kicker and 1 pt a convert and 3 points for a FG; 4 pts for 40+ FG; 5 pts for 50+ FG lose 1 pt for a missed convert? lose 1 point for a missed FG? pick a defence -- 6 - points for each TD scored; 2 pts for an interception and fumble recovered; 2 points for a sack; start with 20 points and lose points if lose your shut out: - figure out a scale for how many points you lose for giving up points - figure out a system for gaining points or losing points for yds against don't pick individual defence players roster -- starters 1 qb // 2 rb // 2 wr // 1 te // 1 def // 1 k // 2 flex = 10 bench 7 picks - max: 2 qb // 3 rb // 3 wr // 1 te // 1 def // 1 k so 17 players with max of 3 qb // 5 rb // 5 wr // 2 te // 2 def // 2 k snake draft
  8. Shattered Skies

    Cav -- are we doing this on Sunday August 14?
  9. Shattered Skies

    huh??? June 7, 2016? You mean Sunday August 7? I'd say 14th so we can get the 10 keys designated and game ready.
  10. Shattered Skies

    Thank you for being an early supporter of Shattered. Because you purchased the Ultimate Edition, we are giving you the 5 promised Guest Steam Keys for your friends to try the game with you! They can use those keys to activate game on Steam. YOUR 5 STEAM GUEST KEYS: GZ7CW-B4YV6-L4WLA RQXV9-49QCA-NRYG3 604YI-5XN9E-JLRIF VE4N2-W8KYR-AJN4A 64WF8-CRTGX-GVMG7 Please provide following instructions to your friends to activate a new retail purchase on Steam: Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account. Click the Games Menu. Choose Activate a Product on Steam... Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. Once you launch game just use your existing login credentials to play the game. If you enjoyed Shattered Skies during the Alpha and Beta, we’d appreciate it if you will leave us positive review feedback on Steam to help promote the game! Thanks, Shattered Skies Dev Team OK - SO --Here's what I want -- 1 - Go ahead and claim a key but reply as to which key you claimed. 2 - DO NOT use it 3 - Let's see if we can get an ops night for a Shattered Skies run though -- which means we would all start together and learn the game together at the same time. 4 - I am hoping for a Sunday August 7 or Sunday August 14 day to start. This gives anyone who will work in this way a few hours to get things ready to play. 5 - If you are not prepared to do this as a group all starting together then please do not take one of my keys. Post any comments you have. We will need Cav to decide if a Sunday night would work and which date it would be. That may need to be known before you select a key as you will have to know if you can be there.
  11. Happy Birthday, 'Merica!

    Have a great day Yanks!
  12. Happy Canada day!

    Yeah Baby!!! Thanks Cav and Destroy! \o/ \o/ \o/ That anthem has been amended from "All thy sons command" to "In all of us command" or something like that --- so it's gender neutral ..... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jun/15/canada-national-anthem-lyrics-gender-neutral-parliament
  13. Chronicles of Elyria

    New Update -- interesting stuff in this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/soulboundstudios/chronicles-of-elyria-epic-story-mmorpg-with-aging/posts/1614502
  14. hmm..... so was it an outside deck seat that he happily said you could sit in -- then he started firing at a drone and you got blown up when the drone fired back and you were just a sitting target? That Dralzen has a twisted side to him I think ....