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  1. Announcing The Old Republic Guild Summit

    ... yeah that too >.> Mmmm nothing like MV and GR to get a party started;) Awww Kolya, I won't get to send you JEDI XOXOXO
  2. Random

  3. Announcing The Old Republic Guild Summit

    I'll tag along too!!!! I can always stand in the back and look pretty:D
  4. New ER Beta Video

    WoW with spacesuits and guns:D I agree with Campbell, GA combat has us spoiled8)
  5. Random moments with Angie

    XD Love the randomness and the nail polish color too >.>
  6. ITT: Cav Makes You Jealous (As Always)

    Gratz bossman!... show off!! btw wtf has been wrong with the site the last few weeks?!
  7. Update from the Field

    Yay Bossman!!! :hug: :beer:
  8. Smiley Wars: The Smilies Strike Back

    Did you make the smilies dirrty? I dont remeber these! :drink40: :hump: :thedeed:
  9. Shit We've Recently Watched (TV & Film)

    Inglorious Basterds a lil long but overall great.
  10. Shit We've Recently Watched (TV & Film)

    Taken with Liam Neeson.
  11. Update from the Field

    Hope you are doing good, miss ya :glomp:
  12. Update from the Field

    *hugs* :glomp:
  13. Beta Applications are Up

    Mine's in!
  14. This also makes me laugh. (prop 8 related)

    I've always thought marriage is between the individuals that pledge their love to each other in the good times and the bad.... Personally I demand the church stay out of state issues, I recognize that they do alot of charitable work for communities but that doesnt justify their need to impose their beliefs on others.
  15. BSG webisodes

    :smokin: http://www.scifi.com/rewind/?sid=870861