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  1. Name Reservation and End of Beta

    Reserved PS2 name, take three!
  2. Name Reservation and End of Beta

    On a happier note, because of another screw up that came to light today, we'll all be granted 1K cert points after tonight's server reset. Character data not saving over the weekend. Like the Monopoly card might read "Dev error in your favor."
  3. Name Reservation and End of Beta

    I don't deal with facebook, at least I haven't yet. I still think the odds are good that this was a screw up by someone at SOE, and we'll have to wait for that email before the name reservation is valid. Edit: Yep, it was all a mistake. PS2 forum post.
  4. Name Reservation and End of Beta

    I got Draconis. I also had to load it twice, thought that was just my firefox adv/tracking-ware unfriendly setup. Since SOE haven't announced this themselves, this may not actually be the real thing. But I figure it's worth the try.
  5. Name Reservation and End of Beta

    I just reserved my name this morning, in advance of any email. Try this link. Got it from this post on the PS2 forums. I'm sure Cav's name is safe, hope Campbell gets his!
  6. Are they going to freely mix PC and console players? Any idea of how well they plan to port this to the PC?
  7. PS2: Launches 20 Nov

    I'm glad to hear it's in good shape. I was thinking that a Nov launch is typical for a rushed game, where the publisher insists it gets pushed out to market in time for the xmass shopping season.
  8. PS2: Launches 20 Nov

    PS2 Web Site
  9. Planetside 2: E3 Theater Presentation

    I think I'll tend to engineer / Gal pilot. Hope they don't nickel and dime players too much so they have to pay up to advance in their roles. I've lost my original email account, so didn't get the notice. Any idea what I'd have to do to get in on the free month?
  10. Let's Make a RP Story for TRP

    OK, I'll give it a try. I'm thinking more along the lines of Labienus being betrayed / set up by self serving higher-ups. The two original twin legions were disbanded after being wrongfully accused of plotting treason. These officials try to stretch Labienus' neck over it but he escapes, taking along a core group that call themselves the 47th legion (even though they are far too rag-tag at this point to constitute a true legion) to throw it in their faces.
  11. Tribes Ascend Release Date

    I play a a few CTF games most evenings. I'm not particularly good at it, my thing was driving around in the tank in T2. My handle is ArxDraconis, I play on the NA-East server.
  12. Earthrise Countdown Timer

    This is more marketing than I've ever experienced from Masthead. At least it's not an announcement about an upcoming announcement.
  13. "Dominus" Abruptly Shutdown

    They claimed to be at the closed Beta stage, apparently shooting for a release this year. That's a lot of time, effort, and money down the drain. It's almost a pity they couldn't find it in themselves to ramp up the marketing smoke machine and release something half finished at full price. Guess that's what those amoral publishers are for.
  14. Tribes Ascend Release Date

    Hi-Rez says Tribes: Ascend comes out 12 Apr.
  15. PS2: GDC In-Game Videos

    Found here on PSU. Thought some of us would like to take a peak, maybe tell me if it looks promising.