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  1. 47th Legion on Steam

    I got kicked from the group earlier this year.
  2. I heard Star Wars was a thing again, so I am formally requesting reinstatement.
  3. Project Genom

    Looks cool.
  4. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    The cartel version doesn't have the shoulder pads and it's puke green.
  5. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    So they're finally putting the goddamn Jedi character creator armor in game and its coming out of a lockbox? Goddammit so hard.
  6. [SC] Chairman's Response to The Escapist

    And he's been universally hated the entire time. He's the gamer equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church.
  7. [SC] Chairman's Response to The Escapist

  8. Eternal Crusade

  9. Eternal Crusade

    I was really looking forward to a 40k MMO, but after watching some of the YouTube videos on it, it looks really unimpressive. I realize it's alpha footage, but it still looks like a carbon copy of space marine just with crappier graphics.
  10. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Near as I can tell, in addition to being super rare, it's also highly sought after. Don't expect it to be cheap.
  11. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Yeah, it's the super rare set in the box. I got THREE FUCKING JETPACKS before I got enough Havoc armor. Still missing the gloves and the belt.
  12. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    About fucking time. I shelved my vanguard when they leaked pictures for that armor, been waiting like two months for it.
  13. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I'll tell ya, the one thing I miss from PvP servers is the ability to continually harass and kill the assholes that steal your objectives while you're killing mobs. Fuck I wish that was a bannable offense.
  14. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Next patch I think. Either next week or two weeks from now.
  15. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    It's as if a thousand voices cried out at once and were silenced by what should've been expected disappointment.
  16. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    My shadow is on the last leg of act three, where he's been for the better part of two years now. I just like having the random npcs on my ship, so I'll probably end up making a sage just to see the end of that storyline.
  17. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I didn't think I'd enjoy being on a PvE server, but it's actually kind of nice not having to worry about getting an alt ganked by bored 60s.
  18. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    We went with Imperial Knights on Ajunta Pall. But we could always just go with Imperial Legion if that's taken.
  19. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Same. I'd also like to see us open up an Imperial side guild as well.
  20. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Character transfers are on sale now, it could be worse.
  21. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Harbinger's probably the only server where we'd come across new players instead of just another alt. Imagine jumping straight out of the downed walker like, "Sup?"
  22. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I transferred my smuggler over to Harbinger. Coruscant had 180 people on it, and fleet had 4 different instances. Shit ton of stuff on the GTN too. So far I haven't seen any evidence of server instabilities, but I only played for an hour or so. I really want to level up a vanguard, but the prospect of wearing that sexy Havoc squad cinematic armor has me wanting to wait until August for it.
  23. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Not til the pack in August though, lame.