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  1. Stopping By

    Hey Vande, welcome We're doing pretty good. We got heavy into Mechwarrior a few months ago and then things got really slow around the end of November. We just recently jumped back into The Division though and it's been a lot of fun. There's actually lots of stuff to do. Still just a shooter-looter but it's been good. How ya been? What ya been up to?
  2. The Health & Fitness Thread

    300 lbs deadlift, getting stronger. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  3. Operations Night B [DIVISION]

    OPERATIONS NIGHT A [DIVISION] 1. Situation Weekly scheduled activities for the 47th Legion. 2. Mission During mission time officers and NCOs will organize group activities for the unit as a whole, coordinate the participating legionaries, and enforce uniform standards. 3. General Instructions a. Special Teams/Task Organization Officers & Carians: Organize legionaries for the following activities: Dailies/weeklies; Incursions; Survival; Last Stand; PvP. b. Common Uniform/Equipment The color scheme for your armor will be "dark grey and blood red." c. Special Weapons/Ammo/Equipment None d. Commo Legionaries are to muster in the "Barracks" channel in Discord. 4. Special Instructions Legionaries will muster at the base of operations.
  4. The Health & Fitness Thread

    Alright, I was looking pretty good today so here is a pic from two months ago and one from today. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  5. The Health & Fitness Thread

    Figured I'd do a quick update. I'll probably do some pics after next month because that'll be three months lifting but the results are already pretty pronounced and I'm quite pleased. Overall, I'm down about 15 lbs but I had to get off keto as I was unable to eat the calories I need to keep up with my lifting routine which is six days a week and a combination of the Thor workout and 5x5 Stronglifts. You can check out my routine here. I'm burning anywhere from just shy of 2k calories per workout to as much as 2,500 and on keto the fat just makes everything so rich that I found it hard to eat in great quantity. As a result, I was getting calorie failures in the gym where my muscles wouldn't tire out and fail but would abruptly stop responding altogether and that was getting frustrating. But all of my weights are up considerably since I've started. I've been aiming for the 5-lbs-per-week rule (increase the weight of everything by 5 lbs at the start of each week). Having my two co-workers there to help me out and train with has also helped a ton. It's been so great seeing my deltoids, triceps, biceps, and trapezius pop out and even though I have chub still I actually have ab lines on the sides and just under my ribcage which is really weird to see. I even got hit on at the gym today by some twenty-something undergrad and that made me feel pretty good. She really liked my workout shirt.
  6. The Health & Fitness Thread

    Lightfoot actually talked me into the keto diet as well. I have stringently followed the diet (not one fucking carb over Thanksgiving weekend! ask @Odin) and I started some pretty heavy duty lifting with a friend and co-worker as well. Like, the last upper body workout he and I did was a 2,500 calorie burn according to my heart monitor. Anyways, we just finished up the second week of that program and, though it's mostly water weight, I'm already down 14 lbs, I usually weigh myself on Mondays and tend to have my "wooshes" over the weekend so we'll see where I'm at tomorrow. My lifting program has escalated to six days a week though, thankfully, somewhat shorter workouts (push, pull, legs, push, pull, legs, rest) of around six top eight exercises. This goes for four weeks and then we move on to the 5x5 strong lifts for probably around five months or so and then on to mad cow.