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    Bealin's PC Upgrade Ideas

    Yeah, water coolers like that are self contained units so all you need is thermal paste. For the RAM all that matters is the volume of memory.
  2. Cavadus

    Bealin's PC Upgrade Ideas

    Definitely don't need to spend that much for RAM. Speeds on RAM provide almost no performance gains. Rest looks good.
  3. Wow, so they're add Thompson SMGs, the Desert Tech MDR (hooray, Odin!), the H&K MG5, Remington 700, the H&K UMP (me am excited!)
  4. Cavadus


    Official Website Wow, surprised there wasn't a thread already for this. Guess all of the talk was in the DayZ thread. Anyways, there have been some IMPRESSIVE patches for this game lately. I do think that this game will eventually be better than DayZ and it's already pretty darn close. I like the actual game world substantially more than Cherno and it already has a ridiculously awesome base construction system. Here's the most recent trailer for GDC:
  5. Cavadus


    Watched a few recent videos of gameplay and it looks like they've done a great job with updates. Have gotten a of new loot items in, vehicles, better building and item storage, and were able to increase the maximum server capacity to a pretty respectable amount (was previously 128 so I think they got it to 256 which is awesome). I've always loved the game world and it looks like it's only gotten better. I've got my internship tonight until 9 but after that I'll hop on.
  6. Cavadus

    [EGS Alpha 4.0: Out Now!

    Wow, this is a helluva patch. I can't think of any patch being bigger or adding more awesome stuff. And auto-mining? Fucking finally. If I don't have to spend 99.9% of my play time mining I'll be playing again. That shit is what wore me out.
  7. Cavadus

    [OND] Upcoming Content

    Ooh, all looks pretty good.
  8. Cavadus

    Mass Effect: Andromeda Caught some interesting news about Andromeda here. Possible March 21st, 2017, release date. Additionally, there are some pretty cool details about the multiplayer which appears to be a pretty extensive portion of the game.
  9. Cavadus


    I'm down. Could use a break from EGS even though that 4.0 patch looks awesome.
  10. Cavadus

    [EGS] Alpha Experimental 4.0 (Build 639)

    Holy crap, so much good stuff in this update.
  11. Has crazy good reviews. I picked it up yesterday. The Steam pages claims it's an MMO but I'm not so sure. Will have to report back on that once I actually get in.
  12. Cavadus

    Osiris: New Dawn (name is dumb, game looks cool)

    Yeah, it bills itself as an MMO. Setup is exactly like DayZ.
  13. Cavadus

    Osiris: New Dawn (name is dumb, game looks cool)

    Spent a little over an hour in it tonight. The game is excellent. Top notch graphics, very polished, beautiful and exciting game world, great character control and movement, and it's actually HARD. It took me the entire play time just to explore and find the minerals I needed to get the crafting station built. Just getting the one structure plopped down felt like an accomplishment. It has persistent multiplayer, persistent characters, and guilds all ready and enabled. I'd love to have some Legionaries to play the game with!
  14. Cavadus

    Osiris: New Dawn

    Screenshots from the game.
  15. Cavadus

    20160929205117 1

    From the album: Osiris: New Dawn

  16. Cavadus

    20160929202639 1

    From the album: Osiris: New Dawn

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    20160929204544 1

    From the album: Osiris: New Dawn

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    20160929202548 1

    From the album: Osiris: New Dawn

  19. Cavadus

    Osiris: New Dawn (name is dumb, game looks cool)

    It's sitting at 80% positive reviews at the moment. I've had enough of early access too but, at this point, early access is launch pretty much so idk, I give up trying to fight early access. Going to hop on and play some as soon as I get home tonight. Oh, and I took some screenies:
  20. Cavadus

    Osiris: New Dawn (name is dumb, game looks cool)

    Okay, definitely server based with some type of character persistence.
  21. Cavadus

    Project Genom

    Open world, third person shooter, crafting and stuff, et cetera. Just saw it on Massively OP. Official Website Alpha Signup
  22. Cavadus

    Project Genom

    Just wanted to throw up the early access launch trailer which is probably one of the best MMO trailers I've ever seen. Link to founders packs here. basic one is just $18 bucks. If you've got the scratch I recommend it. Founders packs go away October 1st.