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    [NBT] Scrimmage: Northwind Highlanders

    NORTHWIND HIGHLANDERS (54MR) Scrimmage [MWO] 1. Situation The Northwind Highlanders (unit: 54th Mechanized Regiment) have raided the Illyrian Sector. 2. Mission OIC and NCOS will conduct scrimmage with 54MR, coordinate the participating legionaries, and enforce uniform standards. 3. General Instructions a. Special Teams/Task Organization 8 v 8 scrimmage b. Common Uniform/Equipment Legionaries are encouraged to paint and decorate battlemechs to unit standard. c. Special Weapons/Ammo/Equipment All battlemechs used in the scrimmage must on the Trasjkis MTOE. DO NOT TAKE MECHS THAT AREN'T ON THE MTOE. d. Commo Legionaries are to muster in the "TOC - Ops1" channel in Discord. 4. Special Instructions This will be 8 versus 8 battles with a combined team tonnage ranging from 350 to 500 tons on varying maps in varying game modes.
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    47th Legion on Steam

    You should be good to go now.
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    47th Legion on Steam

    It's not just that. The calendar needs to be kept up to date. The general info needs to be kept up to date and maintained. Games played needs to be maintained. It's a lot more than just keeping an eye on it. If you're up for it lemme know and I'll give ya admin privs.
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    47th Legion on Steam

    Are you volunteering to curate it? I absolutely do not have time to manage it. Shogun was doing it originally but he's long gone.
  5. I'm unpinning this. Reinstatement requests can now be completed by submitting a reinstatement request form which will be posted to MEPS. Upon submission of this forum the submitter will automatically be placed into the rank of Miles.
  6. Greetings returning Legionary, If you've been absent from the 47th for an extended period, have lost your 47th usergroup access, and would like to request reinstatement into the 47th Legion please state such requests in this thread. Thanks!
  7. Website is currently under construction.  Making good progress though.

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    Sylosis - Conclusion of an Age

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    Don't Be Shy, Show Us Yer Mug!

    Yes, this is the "what do you really look like" thread. You knew it was coming. At least Dingo (Akechi) did. I'll go first since I am teh sex:
  10. Wow, so the original RSS feed twitter service went offline last October. I moved the service to a new RSS feed auto-poster so the tweets should now resume and the account will be current. I apologize for the inconvenience and the extremely long downtime.
  11. 23 AUG 17: The RSS auto-poster being used went offline some time ago. I have switched the RSS feed to a new auto-posting service and the news tweets have resumed. The official news feed of the 47th news section can be found and followed here.
  12. The funding was a success and IPS Comunity Suite 4.2 has been purchased! Thanks again to all who donated and unpinning this thread.
  13. >> GoFundMe Link The 47th Legion's website has been out-of-date for quite some time and it's time to rectify that! We currently utilize an obsolete version Invision Power Board for the current website. The aesthetics of the website are dated and extension support for new technology is no longer being developed. The goal is to upgrade the most current version of Invision Power Board and focus on a more socially oriented website which far more powerful integration with outward-facing technologies such as Twitch TV, Discord, YouTube, and Steam. This upgrade will ensure the is the home the 47th Legion needs for years to come. Help spread the word! Goal: $475
  14. We're currently at $380! I want to thank everyone who has donated and I'm confident we'll get the remainder soon and get 3.0 rolling!
  15. The 47th Legion is proud to announce with will be running the periphery state Marian Hegemony in NetBattleTech, a Mechwarrior Online planetary conquest league! NetBattleTech features a fully realized and detailed map of the entire inner sphere and clan space including every single world which is part of canon BattleTech lore. The 47th Legion will be participating as the Marian Hegemony, a medium sized but powerful periphery state modeled after the ancient Roman Empire. Think of NetBattleTech as Mechwarrior Online's version of Axis and Allies; player run factions will control everything from trade to diplomacy and, of course, war! Initial setup begins tonight and we'll go weapons free one week from today. We hope you join us in our battle against other periphery states, the major houses, the clans, perhaps even ComStar!
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    The Health & Fitness Thread

    So I've been solidly back into running for three weeks now and already am feeling loads better. No more headaches, sleeping much better, lots more energy during the day, etc. I'm going to start running M/W/F and biking to and from work Tu/Th. I'm up to 3 miles on the runs; aiming to get back up to 5. Biking one-way is a hair under 5 miles and I think I'll lift those days too. I really need to put some thought, effort, and discipline into my winter fitness planning which is where things always go wrong for me and I end up gaining back a lot of the weight I had lost in the previous summer. I hate exercising indoors, though, so I'm going to have get into some type of cardio-based winter sport. I've always liked snow-shoeing and cross country skiing. I also need to get back into form with my rifle and pistol. Start doing some real drills and training again rather than just a day or two at the range per month. Once I start running a bit harder I'm going to try and incorporate my plate carrier and/or boots into the run. Should make it plenty tough
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    Game Stuff

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    From the album: Game Stuff

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    Planning stages

    Would definitely enjoy getting some more blog/RP stugg going on around here