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    Cav's "Gonna Get You Laid" Recipes

    Miserable Bastard This is a super dope cocktail and you will drink too many of them, guaranteed. It's very tiki-bar in flavor and a good summer drink despite how thick it is. Ingredient Cost: ~$45.00 - $60.00 (depending on what size bottles you buy) Time to Cook: ~15 minutes Ingredients Meyer's Dark Rum Falernum (a Caribbean liquer, I like a brand called "Velvet Falernum") Angostura Bitters Limes Directions Fill a glass with ice; Fill the glass 3/4 way rum (yes, 3/4 rum); Add a few dashes of bitters; Squeeze about a quarter of a lime into it; and Shake or stir to fully mix. Other Stuffs None. Bon appetito!
  2. This post is the start of a new weekly tradition for... me. As most of you are, I'm sure, completely unaware, I loves to cook. A lots. In fact, if it wasn't for my smokin' culinary and wine pairing skills I'd probably get it on with the ladies a lot less. I mean yeah, I'm funny, attractive, super out going, and always have the best "gotta look over your shoulder first" type jokes, but some times you just really need to seal the deal to get the goods. Now, my extremely sexist and chauvinistic intro aside, I present to you the best recipes I've come across amid my frolicking...
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    The Health & Fitness Thread

    Just figured I'd do a quick report here. Have been keeping up on my lifting big time and I should have a new deadlift photo this Thursday with an extra 45 lbs plate on each side. Plus it's on a hex bar. So in six months I've come up from 315 lbs to 410 lbs! No straps either, all real grip strength. Squats have been a struggle for me. I end up working alone fairly frequently and fidget my stance a lot once I have the weight on me so I was using the smith machine as a balance crutch. Have since stopped that and am truly squatting 320 lbs with good form. I did have to reset my weight a bit on squats to get back to basics on form. I've gotten my bench 1RM up to 270. Goal is 300 lbs. I should have it in 2-3 months. Overall, I've gotten strong as fuck and am easily in the best shape of my life at 33 1/2 years old. I only started at the end of October, last year, so it's never too late to start lifting. Not only that, but the effect it's had on me mentally has been staggering. I've always been a confident (cocky) guy but when you have the physical size to back that shit up you sort of just control the area you exist in and everyone notices it. I've found it pretty empowering, actually. In fact, a month or two ago I very nearly got into a bar fight after a bunch of college bros were harassing my wife and her friends while I was in the john. I came back and they told me what happened. The bros were up in the lobby area, five of'em, and as I approached they instantly knew something was up. I chastised and berated their behavior. Told'em to GTFO and waited for the inevitable fisticuffs, going through every possibility of how this fight could go down, clutching the knife in my pocket and then... everyone of them backed down and were begging me to forgive them. ALL OF THEM. I was taken aback by it because of the shock. One bro even said, "C'mon dude, this guy could tear all of us in half." No fight was had, they all apologized to me, and left when I told them to. That was worth every drop of gym sweat and some more. Get in there and pick heavy shit up. It'll change so much more than just your body, I promise. I'll help anyone get started. PM here or on Discord.
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    The Health & Fitness Thread

    So I figured I'd start this thread to see if anyone else was/is in a similar predicament or is just interested in some basic fitness. Three weeks ago I finally got the gym membership I've been meaning to get for the past three years and thank fuck I did. Whence I last got out of the Army my fighting weight was right around 210. After I got out I kept up with weight training pretty hard for the first year and probably bulked up another five to seven pounds so somewhere around 215 is probably what I should weigh. Fast forward to last Halloween. Saw some pictures of myself of last Halloween that a friend threw up on Facebook a month ago and was basically horrified at my appearance. Had a physical a few weeks ago and I tipped the scale at 249.5. And, TBPFH, I've pretty much felt like shit for about three years now. Three or four headaches per week, pretty sedentary lifestyle, ate whatever the fuck, drank, smoked cigars, et cetera. I did not feel particularly good or energetic. Never got tested for it but I'm sure I was probably on the path to diabetes if I let it go until I was 40. So, I can't say I radically altered my lifestyle but changes need to be made. I'm just starting my fourth week at the gym. I decided that my first two months were going to be nothing but boring ass cardio. I actually don't mind cardio. I started out doing thirty minutes on the eliptical and I've progressed to forty-five minutes on the elliptical at the maximum resistance level. Today I'm going to start something new and do twenty minutes of running on the treadmill and thirty on the elliptical. Last week I introduced a fully loaded load bearing vest to my elliptical workout. Shit is heavy. I have six twenty-round mags of 7.62NATO, IFAK, fully loaded camelbak, and some other miscellaneous shit in there likes binos, compass, et cetera. The nice thing is that on the elliptical it's pretty bearable. I'm going to do my first two weeks on the treadmill sans LBV. Eventually I'll transition to my fully loaded plate carrier. On the diet side, I cut back on booze and just eat a lot healthier during the day. Lots more vegetables, obviously. At work I keep bell peppers, avocados, and some fruit on hand. I eat everything raw but only because I'm just too lazy to cook vegetables at work. I drink a shitload of those Naked fruit/veggie smoothies. At least two glasses per day. I pretty much just constantly eat at work now. Almost every hour I eat something. An apple, a pepper, a banana, an avocado, yogurt, and so on and so forth. For dinner I still pretty much eat whatever I want. I've cut out sweets almost entirely. In fact, until Valentine's dinner I had gone three weeks without eating any candy whatsoever. On V-Day I had two truffles and the wife and I split a beer float. But, the best thing to come out of all this is that with the exercise came plainly feeling better, more energy, and, most importantly, I can't eat nearly as much in one sitting. I fill up much more quickly. I never have room for seconds. I have a personal rule to never eat past 2100 unless I plan on staying up pretty late. Everything past 2100 is protein. Anyways, I've dropped an even ten pounds in three weeks. Today marks the start of week four. The most important thing about all of this is that I make my workout my top priority. My wife is also working out with me but often lets excuses get in the way of making it to the gym. For me, doesn't matter what time it is, how tired I am, how much sleep I'm worried about getting, I'll gladly be late to anything, so long as I get my workout in. I push my wife HARD and she started out in way better shape than I did. We only work out maybe a third of the time together. And I work six days a week, every week, and I take no days off from the gym though I go easy on Sunday and do the entire workout on the elliptical. One of the most helpful things in all of this is that my gym is close. Like, two blocks away close. Makes it very easy. If it were warmer I'd walk there. Come the end of week eight I plan to work in some calisthenics and weight training. I'd like to incorporate my rifle into all of this but I get enough weird looks with just the LBV on. Dorkuses in Minnesota would probably shit themselves if they saw me walk in with a rifle and I live in an area where I probably couldn't even workout with one outside when it gets warmer which is frustrating. I've found that the more military shit I can incorporate into it the higher my interest and motivation gets. I've started doing rifle drills at home post-workout So, I know this got pretty rambly and disjointed but if anyone else out there is looking to get started on getting back into decent shape Snap Fitness has an intro price of $9 for the first month. After that it's $20 or $30 or something. Getting back into it has been surprisingly easy and I'm way ready to be back in fighting shape.
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    Stopping By

    Yeah, both look great. I have no problem pre-ordering those two. Anthem, OTOH... I need some reviews before I'm willing to throw anymore money at Bioware. Are you on our Discord btw? If not here's the invite link:
  6. I'm currently obsessed with Faith No More's "Angel Dust" album. Specifically "Everything's Ruined," "A Small Victory," and "Crack Hitler." To answer your next question, yes, "Crack Hitler" is a song about a crack head who thinks he's Hitler. Genius. Jim Martin Station!
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    Stopping By

    Hey, pretty good. With all of the E3 news we're super stoked for Fallout 76, Division 2, and Anthem. Especially Fallout 76, though. We're going to push into that pretty hard.
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    From the album: Delta Shoot 2018

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    Delta Shoot 2018

    Vexillarian Odin and myself attended the Delta Shoot at Ahlman's Gun Range in (near) Faribault, Minnesota. We had a shit load of fun and repped Club 7.62NATO with an G3 and FAL.
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    From the album: Delta Shoot 2018

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    From the album: Delta Shoot 2018

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    From the album: Delta Shoot 2018

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    From the album: Delta Shoot 2018

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    From the album: Delta Shoot 2018

  15. From the album: Delta Shoot 2018

  16. From the album: Delta Shoot 2018

  17. From the album: Delta Shoot 2018

  18. From the album: Delta Shoot 2018

  19. From the album: Delta Shoot 2018

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    From the album: Delta Shoot 2018

  21. From the album: Delta Shoot 2018

  22. From the album: Delta Shoot 2018