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  2. Space Engineers server is stable and doing great! Join us and let the Clang begin!

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  4. Greetings MechWarriors, The Battle for Luthien has come to an end, yet no side can claim a true victory. While the forces of House Kurita and the Inner Sphere were able to prevent the fall... View the full article
  5. Greetings MechWarriors, Due to some final-hour changes to the Nightstar arm orientation and the partial rollback of previously planned Laser changes, the expected downtime for this patch will run from... View the full article
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  8. 0.4 Economy Update

    Originally posted here.
  9. Development Roadmap

    Originally posted here.
  10. The 47th is currently playing on the Bob (U.S. West) official game server.
  11. I picked up that combo, Medieval Engineers is pretty awesome, it is now much closer to Space Engineers than it was before.
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    Official Website Official Forums (currently redirecting to Steam forum) Edengrad on Steam
  13. Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT Patch Number: 1.4.132 Standalone Client Patch Size: TBA Steam Client Patch Size: TBA Please note that due to compression differences the Steam... View the full article
  14. 47th Legion on Steam

    Yea, there was a big purge of inactive people regardless of how awesome they may be
  15. Pick up Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers for 60% off over on @IndieGala this weekend! https://www.indiegala.com/store/product/medieval-engineers-and-space-engineers/59400
  16. Countdown to Release Civil War: Escalation Oct 17th Countdown to Civil War Escalation: Titles and Badges -OSIRIS- Standard Title: The Pharaoh Standard Badge: Collectors Title: The... View the full article
  17. 47th Legion on Steam

    Can't remember, is the group open or closed? Rejoin if possible. If not I'll shoot ya an invite.
  18. 47th Legion on Steam

    I got kicked from the group earlier this year.
  19. Greetings MechWarriors, We have just injected a redeem for the Tournament Supporter Pack owners for the Mech-tober Fest Daily Challenges. Any owner who achieved 3 of the 6 daily objectives throughout... View the full article
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  21. Greetings MechWarriors, Clan Smoke Jaguar has encircled the Kuritan homeworld of Luthien, with the support of the Clans they are poised to take the planet. It will not be an easy victory.... View the full article
  22. Dual Universe officially supports player organizations with a community portal. You can join the 47th Legion's official Dual Universe organization here: Official Unit Listing
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    Official Website Official Unit Listing Official Forum Official Recruiting Thread
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    Official Website Offical Forum Official Recruiting Topic
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  26. https://mwomercs.com/events View the full article
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