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    24 Nov 2017 01:00 AM     02:00 AM

    This event repeats every week until 10/25/2020

    1. Situation
    Weekly scheduled activities for the 47th Legion.
    2. Mission
    During mission time officers and NCOs will organize group activities for the unit as a whole, coordinate the participating legionaries, and enforce uniform standards.
    3. General Instructions
    a. Special Teams/Task Organization
    Training & Instruction Recruiting  in Solo Queue Group Queue Battles Faction Warfare b. Common Uniform/Equipment
    Legionaries are encouraged to paint and decorate battlemechs to unit standard. c. Special Weapons/Ammo/Equipment
    METT-TC dependent. d. Commo
    Legionaries are to muster in the "Barracks" channel in Discord. 4. Special Instructions
    Operations night C is to be used for individual and group training.

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