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First Appearances



This story is about a legendary arkfall hunter that I met the other night while hanging out at The Crater. It was a warm summer evening, the wind was coming out of the bay from the south. The raiders have been calm and Volge were nowhere to be found. As I walked into the bar, I noticed a few usual suspects that call themselves Legionaries. Kbob was his usual self , bunny hoping around and buying every legendary weapon that came through the door. Strydor spending his script on the new companion that just started last week, Dragonsoul flipping through the music sheets and putting requests in on K-TAM. Cable and Blueblood educating this poor cat Fei on gambling script. I'm sure those two had Fei's best intrests in mind. I.E. his script.


Before the door shut behind me I notice a small arkfall hit the hillside just above the Crater. A few legionaries sprinted out the door in search of that new arktech. Strikeman, Bealin, Blueblood, Biker, Pyro and his hoes where the first ones out the door. I went over to the other games area and asked Cable whats up with Blue wearing his hat on backwards? He replied that's just Blue being Blue. Hes a pretty cool cat. He knows his stacko when it comes to gambling but doesn't open up that much. Well unless you get him drinking a few.




After the arkfall, Blue returned and I sat down with him and had a few rounds. We conversed about The 47th, sports, weapon mods, best spots to jump vehicles, and even shared fishing stories. I have a hard time believing he fished out an orange challenger at crystal pond but will give him credit.


The one thing that caught my attention was his hesitation to talk about Madera area. He would always pause or drift away when we talked about places in that area. It was obvious something was on his mind.




I couldn't help but ask him what where you thinking about when Madera came up during our conversation. Right about then he put his hand up to his ear and I could hear some kind of message from Cavadus about a road march tomorrow night. Blue looked at me and said tha'ts what what I was thinking about. I laughed and asked the road march? He smiled and said no. My ego implant.




I had to pause and think why EGO implants have to do with Madera? Von Bauch, is based out of top notch but that is Marin? I motioned Rosie over and told her keep the drinks coming. I told her there on me. I looked at Blue and asked, Okay, What do you have against VBI? All you arkhunters have those implants. Blue tilted his head and knocked back a shot and slammed his glass down onto the bar and said save your script for tomorrow. If you buy a round for my fellow legionaries after our OPS night. Ill let you know one of those secrets VBI doesn't want you to know.


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 Anyone notice some in game material and real life instances too?   Strikeman and Pyro's hoes always being after the arkfalls?  Everyone knows Kbobs orange fetish LOL. - crystal pond?

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