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Part 3: Deployment



Well the time has come, Bealin's platoon has received their orders and will be shipping out in the morning. This will be the unit's first mission and one Bealin will have a very hard time trying to forget.


Army intelligence received intel on a high priority target, a very high ranking official has been kidnapped and is being held hostage in a remote location in Afghanistan. Bealin's unit is to extract the target, and eliminate all hostiles on site. Stealth is a major factor in this mission, if any alarms are raised they may kill the target before extraction. This will be a night time raid, with night vision being utilized, as well as weapon suppressors in case firearms are required. The unit will be dropped a few miles from the location and will proceed on foot. There is no information about what to expect at this compound, the number of hostiles is unknown and the exact location of the target is unknown. Once the unit has located and secured the target they will be able to call in gunship support for extraction.


0500 hits and the unit starts to prepare for their first mission, none of them knowing what it will be or where they are going. As they will not be given any details until they are en route to the mission objective. So the unit preps all their gear and heads out to the plane for deployment. While flying to Afghanistan the unit is briefed on their orders and what is required of them for this missions success. They are given some rough schematics of the compounds infrastructure to plan their approach and discuss options. Army intelligence has offered up the best possible locations they are holding the target, so these will be the first areas to check.


The unit arrives in Afghanistan at the army HQ base, from here they will be escorted to their drop off location with helicopters, the extraction gunships will be prepped and ready for the call, they will escort to the drop location where they will wait for extraction orders. The unit has 5 hours until the mission begins, they will use this time to work out any further mission details and ease any concerns unit members have.


The mission begins at 0100....


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