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Found in the Lost in Space



As the broken static-y sound laced with a base metallic whoosh that overwhelmed my ears subsides, I'm left with silence. Eerie silence....suddenly I found myself trying to scream, but no sound came that I could hear. I looked around and saw nothing but could tell I was moving. I felt no breeze... heard no sounds...


"So this is what it is like to die," I thought, as the sudden realization hit me. I looked around and relaxed taking in the silence. After I listened for what seemed to be a long time, I began to think back about my life.


"Pretty sad existence I chose to incarnate in it seems. What was it that caused me to die I wonder...." as I closed my eyes. Images of my ship and crew throughout time came flashing into my head,.. all those little events that no one really too much notice of didn't seem so ordinary anymore. I smiled so broad it hurt.


My eyes sprung open, "wait, I thought to myself, I can't hurt if I'm dead" I thought to myself. I saw light coming from behind me and began to actually panic.


A slap of a firm grip took my arm, that jolted me in a terrific scare. just as my head jerked around I saw an odd lighted shape near me in the darkness that said,"I'm here Mother, wherever you go, I go...because I want to. You are family, and I see now." The dark shape pulled me closer and I recognized him in his assassin form.


I wanted to cry at the care I heard in his voice masked by the robotics. I held close to him as he wrapped his body around me wondering if he was going to stop. "If I am do die by a hand, I would rather it be yours" I thought to myself as I slammed my eyes shut tight overwhelmed and confused.


"I will protect you Mother, it will be okay. It's my turn to save you, like you did me so many times."


"So many times..." I thought confused again just as I was starting to sort things out. "I just bought a robot that I saw potential in and gave you the chance to make up your mind"


"It took many ordinary moments do that and more Mother."


"Right! I forgot I can communicate with him with my thoughts for some strange reason and told him, "That's what....


....Family is for," he finished.


Looking through the cracks between the parts that were holding me, "Do you know where....."


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