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Part 2: Enlistment



It has been 8 years since the incident that brought something out in Bealin, he is 18 now and legally old enough to make some serious decisions for himself. Bealin finds himself standing outside of the army recruiting office, trying to decide if he should go in. He feels the army could provide him more control over himself, give him more confidence and provide him with the skills needed to keep the darkness at bay. After about an hour outside, a recruiting officer steps out and motions Bealin to come on in and talk. Bealin decides to go in and talk to the officer, perhaps this can help him decide what to do.


Recruiting Officer: “So I have been watching you standing out there for the last hour, looks like you’re putting some serious thought into joining up.”


Bealin: “Yes, it is not an easy choice to make. I am an only child and it would not be easy leaving my mother all by herself. My father passed away when I was very young, he died of cancer. So on one hand I feel it would be very good for me to enlist, however it may also be too much for my mother to bare.”


Recruiting Officer: “Well there is no reason for you to make this decision yourself, why not discuss it with your mother first?”


Bealin: “Because I am afraid she won’t want me to do it, even though it can really help me.”


Recruiting Officer: “I will tell you what, don’t make any decisions right away. I will give you some reading material and a DVD to watch, take these home, go over them, decide whether or not you want to include your mother in this decision and come back when you’re ready.”


Bealin: “Thanks, I will do that, I appreciate the advice. I will see you in a few days with a decision.”


Recruiting Office: “Take care.”


Well it is clear Bealin has some serious thinking to do, especially towards including his mother in this major decision. He takes all the material home and starts to read through it all. After he is done with all of the reading he looks at the DVD, then decides to talk to his mother about it, and watch the DVD with her. So they sit down and watch it together, then begin to discuss what he wants to gain out of doing this. Bealin explains everything to her as best he can, trying not to include the parts about the inner darkness he is hoping to keep hidden. His mother understands how it’s been hard for him growing up without a father around, and even though he does not require it, she gives him her consent to sign up, if this is what he truly wishes to do.


2 Days later Bealin finds himself back at the recruiter’s office, ready to sign up. The recruiter welcomes Bealin back and asks him if he has made a decision. Bealin tells him that his mother and he have both agreed this would be a good thing for him. So the recruiter begins the process and gets Bealin all registered up with the army. The next round of boot camp will begin in 3 weeks, so Bealin has until then to get everything at home in order before he is shipped off to boot camp.


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